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Sun Rain Safari Hats

These Sun Rain Safari Hats are available with free shipping for orders over $50. Outdoor clothing.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

Coal Considered Simone Hat - Women's

Luxuriate in high-class fashion with the Coal Considered Women's Simone Hat. The authentic wool felt and playfully artistic shape give you a look that's sophisticated and light. more...

Billabong Sun Beat Summerz Hat - Women's
On sale - now $10.97
- was $19.95

Don't let summer's rays put you in a daze--take cover under the Billabong Women's Sun Beat Summerz Hat. This lightweight, paper straw hat offers easy style with an eye-catching geometrical design and a faux suede leather band, and its wide brim offers 360 more...

Columbia Wrangle Mountain Fishing Hat

Life doesn't get any better than sitting on the dock with your rod in the water, a jelly jar full of cold lemonade in one hand, and the Columbia Wrangle Mountain Fishing Hat on your head. This vented straw hat doesn't worry about too much, except maybe a more...

Outdoor Research Deluxe Spring Ring Headnet

Wander serenely through insect infested swamps, along buzzing meadow trails, through gnat-filled forests with the Outdoor Research Deluxe Spring Ring Headnet. Fabricated entirely from no-see-um mesh, this bug blocker features a patented Spring Ring metal more...

Columbia Sun Drifter Straw Hat - Women's
On sale - now $9.98
- was $24.95

The Columbia Women's Sun Drifter Straw Hat helps cover your seaweed-snarled hair as you head home after a rip-roaring day on the waves. This straw fedora has a pretty fabric band and a vented crown to keep you cool. more...

Kavu Sea Breeze Sun Hat - Womens'
On sale - now $12.47
- was $24.95

Lying on the beach for six straight hours can be incredibly rejuvenating--until you realize you've thoroughly roasted yourself. Prevent this rude awakening with the multicolored, woven Kavu Sea Breeze Sun Hat. more...

Mammut Rockland Hat - Women's
On sale - now $12.47
- was $24.95

Slip on the Mammut Women's Rockland Hat for sun protection when you play outside for extended periods. This hat features a feminine cut for a sleek look when you hike, garden, or simply enjoy a sunny day at the park. The hat's Coolmax sweatband keeps exce more...

Mountain Hardwear Canyon Sun Hiker - Women's
On sale - now $13.72
- was $24.95

The lightweight Canyon Sun Hiker from Mountain Hardwear is a handy hat to have along on any river adventure. The Canyon Sun has UPF sun protection of 50 to keep the top of your head from getting torched, and the breathable nylon fabric and mesh sides vent more...

Mountain Hardwear New Canyon Sun Hiker Hat
On sale - now $13.72
- was $24.95

The Mountain Hardwear New Canyon Sun Hiker Hat is great for those who frequent hot and humid locales when they're hiking or playing outside. This hat wicks moisture from your head with its Coolmax sweatband, and it features a dark, glare-reducing underbri more...

Patagonia Vented Longbill Cap

The size of your nose doesn't matter, despite the name of the Patagonia Vented Longbill Cap. When you need to shield your mug from the sun and the felt sombrero from your bachelor party is too heavy, this lightweight cap will deflect solar rays without ca more...

Burton Boonie Hat
On sale - now $20.72
- was $25.9

Whether you're fly fishing for Brookies or jigging for Perch, the Burton Boonie Hat shields your head from the mid-day sun with its wide-brimmed, safari style. more...

Billabong Midday Slowin Hat - Women's
On sale - now $14.27
- was $25.95

When summer's mid-afternoon rays start beating down around town or at the beach, enjoy some shade with the Billabong Women's Midday Slowin Hat. This go-with-anything summery fedora is made of lightweight paper straw, accented by a braided suede band and m more...

Carve Designs Straw Crochet Hat
On sale - now $12.98
- was $25.95

The Carve Designs Straw Crochet Hat is like getting your own personal palapa. Its large brim offers luxurious shade, and its pretty woven straw design adds some glamor to your beach look. more...

Quiksilver Original Bushmaster Hat

Whether you're hunting wildebeest on safari or just chillin' at the beach, you'll enjoy the Original Bushmaster hat with its floppy, sun-blocking brim. more...

Quiksilver Original Bushmaster Hat

Shade those baby blues with the Quiksilver Men's Original Bushmaster Hat. Whether you're hunting wildebeest on safari or just chillin' at the beach you'll enjoy this hat's wide brimmed protection. more...

Roxy Breezy Hat - Women's
On sale - now $20.8
- was $26

Cut-off overalls? Check. Bare feet? Check. Piece of grass to chew on? Check. Now all you need to complete your sexy Thomasina Sawyer look is the Roxy Breezy Hat. more...

Roxy Solar Rays Hat - Women's

Avoid huddling under an awning with the crowd at your next bbq, and make your own shade with the Women's Solar Rays Hat from Roxy. more...

Carve Designs Eyelet Sun Hat - Women's
On sale - now $13.97
- was $27.95

Reach for the Carve Designs Women's Eyelet Sun Hat when you need to shade your eyes while you page through celebrity gossip magazines in your backyard hammock or at the beach. more...

Columbia Schooner Bank Cachalot III Hat

Reel 'em in all day long in the Columbia Schooner Bank Cachalot III Hat without burning your neck to a lobsterfied crisp. This brimmed baseball-style hat features a draped neck shade and Omni-Shade UPF 50. With an adjustable drawcord and back toggle, you more...

Matix Mediums Bucket Hat
On sale - now $16.77
- was $27.95

And all you came back with was this lousy hat? Actually, scratch that, the Matix Mediums Bucket Hat is pretty sick, and totally worth a trip to Hades. more...

Sunday Afternoons Elements Cap

Designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, the Sunday Afternoon Elements Cap is a perfect choice for hiking and camping excursions. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry when you break a sweat on the trail, and the two-inch brim provides shad more...

The North Face Sun Stash Hat
On sale - now $15.37
- was $27.95

Few hats are more comfortable than the good ol' fashioned bucket hat. The North Face Sun Stash Hat is so light, you'll forget you're wearing it. The sun won't forget, though. Despite repeated attacks, its rays are rendered completely ineffective as the UP more...

Quiksilver Gallons Bucket Hat
On sale - now $15.4
- was $28

Keep the sun out of your eyes with the Quiksilver Gallons Bucket Hat. It has a reversible print so you can switch up your look when things get stale. more...

Roxy By The Sea Hat - Women's
On sale - now $12.6
- was $28

Change up your look and forgo the sporty visor for the Roxy Women's By The Sea Hat on your next beach vacation. This lightweight paper straw hat with a floppy brim still protects your from the sun, and the string band with beads and a metal logo charm add more...

Roxy Catching Rays Hat - Women's
On sale - now $12.6
- was $28

Top your noggin with the Roxy Women's Catching Rays Hat, and enjoy the shade on sun-drenched summer days. This light-colored and lightweight hat is a perfect match for your brightly-colored summer wardrobe. more...

Sunday Afternoons Traveler Hat
On sale - now $9.8
- was $28

From a hot summer day at the ball park to a tropical destination, protect your face and neck from sunburn with the Sunday Afternoons Traveler Hat. The folding clam-shell style allows the hat to fold flat for easy packing, and the hidden pocket in the neck more...

Analog Jungle Bucket Hat

Sun-baked trips to the SoCal coast and scorching adventures through the Arizona desert call for the shady style of the Analog Jungle Bucket Hat. more...

Bohnam Co. Bucket Hat
On sale - now $23.96
- was $29.95

The Bohnam Bucket Hat provides stealthy shade from the sun's blistering rays, allowing you to skate for hours without burning under the SoCal sun. more...

Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Hat

Walk for miles on the beach or through the desert while the Columbia Bora Bora Booney II Hat keeps UV rays from scorching your scalp and face. more...

Columbia Sun Goddess II Booney Hat - Women's

It's one thing to play all day in the sun but it's another thing to look like you've played all day in the sun. Avoid the telltale red cheeks and peeling nose by wearing the Columbia Women's Sun Goddess II Booney Hat and some strong sunscreen. Polyester r more...

DAKINE Wahine Hat - Women's
On sale - now $14.97
- was $29.95

When the sun's baking and you're starting to feel the effects of all those Pink Mai Tai's you drank last night, then throw the DAKINE Wahine Hat on your head, find your biggest pair of sunglasses, and seek out a nice local to take you out on their boat. B more...

Hurley Shore Cruiser Hat
On sale - now $16.47
- was $29.95

Grab your rod, tackle box, and the Hurley Shore Cruiser Hat before you roll down to the marina, hop in the skiff, and spend the day tossing back Mexican beers and battling giant tunas. more...

Mountain Hardwear Chiller Ball Cap - Women's
On sale - now $11.98
- was $29.95

Baseball caps are nice, but they aren't the techiest gear out there. The Mountain Hardwear Women's Chiller Ball Cap, however, is smarter than your average trucker hat. The Chiller's stretchy, quick-drying nylon/elastane fabric blend is complemented by Coo more...

Nixon Bob Bucket Hat
On sale - now $19.47
- was $29.95

Keep the sun off your ears and out of your eyes with the Nixon Bob Bucket Hat. more...

Rome Adventure Hat

The Rome Adventure Hat is ready to go, whether you're trekking over exposed peaks, catching rays on a sun-washed beach, or simply kickin' it around town. The hat's wide brim keeps your face from burning up in the mid-day sun and its adjustable chinstrap o more...

The North Face Outsider Hat
On sale - now $16.47
- was $29.95

Ward off the sun and keep the rain at bay on your Wild-West roundups with The North Face Outsider Hat, which uses UPF-50 protection to shield your brainbucket from harmful rays, mesh panels to let in some air, and a DWR treatment to help repel water. more...

Vans Captain Fin Bucket Hat
On sale - now $23.96
- was $29.95

Float down the river on your handcrafted wooden raft with the Vans Captain Fin Bucket overhead and a cooler of "sodas" at your side. more...

Vans Checker/Vandana Bucket Hat
On sale - now $16.47
- was $29.95

Science says you can't play the trombone without a goofy lid, so pick up the Vans Checker/Vandana Bucket Hat and get your slide on. more...

Mountain Hardwear Canyon Sun Hat
On sale - now $22.36
- was $31.95

Where you're going there's no shade, no drinkable water, and a hell of a chance you'll get eaten by bird-sized-mosquitoes. Luckily you packed the Canyon Sun Hat from Mountain Hardwear. This sun hat has mesh panels and lightweight breathable nylon to keep more...

Mountain Hardwear Canyon Sun Hat - Women's
On sale - now $17.57
- was $31.95

When the sun beats down, pull on the Mountain Hardwear Women's Canyon Sun Hat. This lightweight, quick-drying hat features a wide, all-around brim for maximum protection and mesh sides for airy ventilation. The under-chin drawcord keeps the hat in place w more...

Sunday Afternoons Sunfire Bucket Hat - Women's
On sale - now $12.78
- was $31.95

Nothing will shut down your weekend faster than sunstroke, so shade yourself with the Sunday Afternoons Sunfire Bucket Hat. Brutal rays don't stand a chance against the Sunfire's three-inch brim, while a moisture-wicking sweatband makes sure you don't nee more...

Volcom Paradise Fedora - Women's
On sale - now $12.78
- was $31.95

Whether you're strolling along the shore in Kauai or gardening in your backyard, the Volcom Women's Paradise Fedora shelters your skin from the sun. Woven straw doesn't turn your head into a sweaty mess, and the 4. 5-inch brim helps shield your face. more...

Roxy Summer Time Hat - Women's
On sale - now $12.8
- was $32

Make your way poolside with the Roxy Women's Summer Time Hat perched atop your head and the Gypsy Sun dress covering your bikini. This floppy straw hat shields your face from the sun while letting fresh air freely flow across your head. more...

Sunday Afternoons Reefline Water Cap

When you're out on the water, you're highly susceptible to sunburn; luckily, the Sunday Afternoons Reefline Water Cap was designed with water sports in mind. The adjustable neoprene chin strap keeps that hat from blowing of in gusty winds and protects you more...

The North Face HyVent Hiker Hat
On sale - now $21.42
- was $32.95

The western half of Washington State is renown for wet weather, so it's a good thing you've lashed The North Face HyVent Hiker Hat to the top of your pack before hitting a trail in the Olympic National Park. HyVent 2L fabric blocks rain and breathes for a more...

Armada Dome Bucket Hat

Unless it's accompanied by the words chilled and monkey, you really don't want to be dealing with cooked brains. So, instead of frying up your grey matter this summer, reach for the Armada Dome Bucket Hat and keep those pesky rays off your noggin. With th more...

Coal Spackler Hat
On sale - now $15.73
- was $34.95

Beat the heat this summer by keeping your head shaded with the Coal Spackler Hat. The full-wrap brim keeps the sun off your face and a chin strap keeps it securely on your head when it gets windy or you're skating. more...

Coal Wilson Hat
On sale - now $19.22
- was $34.95

When your volleyball friend drifts away and leaves you on a desert island all by yourself, you'll be keeping your fingers crossed that the Coal Wilson Hat washes up on the beach to protect your deep-fried dome. more...

ExOfficio BugsAway Cape Hat
On sale - now $26.21
- was $34.95

Prepare for southwest river trips and northeast backpacking trips with the Ex Officio BugsAway Cape Hat. Made of Nycott nylon, the hat with its snap-on cape dries quickly and protects your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays while the Insect Shied repelle more...

Mammut Machu Drytech Hat

Trek through the Hawaiian rainforest and over the wet Smoky Mountains with the dependable waterproof protection of the Mammut Machu Drytech Hat. This hat features a waterproof and breathable DryTech (2-layer) membrane to shelter your head from all day del more...

Mountain Hardwear Talus Sun Hat
On sale - now $24.46
- was $34.95

John Wesley Powell would have been psyched to have the Mountain Hardwear Talus Hat to protect his face and neck from the sun's glare while floating through the Colorado Plateau. A wide brim and UPF 50-rated fabric protect you from getting burnt, and mesh more...

Mountain Hardwear Vented Canvas Crusher Hat
On sale - now $19.22
- was $34.95

Put on the Mountain Hardwear Vented Canvas Crusher Hat for sun protection during a hike through the Costa Rican jungle or to look mysterious sipping rum drinks on a Tamarindo veranda. This wide-brimmed hat offers full coverage and is all kinds of durable, more...

Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap

Even if the sun is blinding, enjoy your after-work jog with the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap on your noggin. Outdoor Research constructed this stiff-brimmed hat with UPF 30+ SolarShield Fabric and gave it a removable sun skirt for total protection. The more...

The North Face Badwater Redux Hat
On sale - now $19.22
- was $34.95

Sun and sand will do whatever they can do cramp your style, but The North Face Badwater Redux Hat has a stow-away cape that'll save your neck, and laser-cut vents to stop your brain overheating. Just cinch the cord-lock up tight so the desert wind doesn't more...

The North Face Canyon Explorer Hat
On sale - now $19.22
- was $34.95

The North Face Canyon Explorer Hat has a removable back sun cape to shield your tender neck when you're hiking or paddling. Its peached polyester fabric dries quickly and is UPF 50-rated for complete protection. The tri-color nylon adjustable cording can more...

Volcom I'm Charmed Wide Brim Hat - Women's
On sale - now $13.98
- was $34.95

I'm Charmed Wide Brim Hat - Women's more...

Patagonia Bimini Cap

The Patagonia Bimini Cap shades your head from scorching in the sun as you cast for bonefish off crystal-clear salt flats. Protecting your head from the sun, this hat features an elongated bill and a full neck drape to protect your head, face, and neck fr more...

Sunday Afternoons Dawn Patrol Water Bucket Hat
On sale - now $21
- was $35

With the Sunday Afternoons Dawn Patrol Water Bucket Hat, you can play in the surf and protect your face, neck, and ears from harmful sun burn. A mesh crown provides ventilation on hot summer days and the brim's floating foam core prevents the hat from sin more...

Sunday Afternoons Offshore Water Hat

The Offshore Water Hat from Sunday Afternoons offers maximum sun, wind, and water protection when you're out on the water. A burly chinstrap holds the hat in place should the wind pick up. The Flip-Lock Brim design keeps water and sun out of your eyes. Tw more...

Sunday Afternoons Sport Hat
On sale - now $17.5
- was $35

Pop on the Sunday Afternoon Sport Hat when the sun's beatin' down and there's no cover in sight. This UPF 50 hat repels UV rays and painful sunburns. Don't be fooled by the ultralight low-profile design -- it still gives you plenty of coverage with a full more...

Billabong Midday Freeing Hat - Women's

The Billabong Women's Midday Freeing Hat provides relief from the scorching midday sun while wrapping you in chic, elegant style. Its extra-wide brim and exaggerated texturing make this an ideal accessory for upscale garden parties and relaxing by the poo more...

Outdoor Research Helios Sun Hat

Pull on the Outdoor Research Helios Sun Hat and explore the red rocks or kayak on a bright summer day. This lightweight sun hat protects your head with UPF 50+ SolarShield fabric. The Helios Hat's Coolmax headband wicks moisture to keep you cool while you more...

Outdoor Research Revel Convertible Cap
On sale - now $17.98
- was $35.95

Solve your fickle weather conundrum when you run or hike with the Outdoor Research Revel Convertible Cap. A super-convenient waterproof cover provides rain protection when a drizzle turns into a downpour, and it easily tucks away into a pocket when the cl more...

Outdoor Research Solar Roller Hat - Women's
On sale - now $16.18
- was $35.95

Shield your face from the sun's rays with the Outdoor Research Women's Solar Roller Hat. UPF-30-rated protection protects your skin, while the TransAction mesh headband moves moisture away from your skin to keep you cool. more...

Roxy Shady Days Hat - Women's
On sale - now $16.2
- was $36

The Roxy Women's Shady Days Hat turns openly chic into coyly classy by flopping flirtily in front of your face. Made from paper straw and accessorized with a delicate shell band, this relaxed hat offers your face some relief from the sun with its oversize more...

Roxy Witching Straw Hat - Women's
On sale - now $19.8
- was $36

'Tis the witching hour when you exit your house wearing the Setting Sun maxi dress and the Roxy Women's Witchin Straw Hat. With this fetching straw fedora set at a rakish angle atop your head, you'll cast a stylish spell over everyone you meet. more...

Sunday Afternoons Sun Guide Cap

Whether you're casting for trout in your favorite creek or working in garden, sport the Sunday Afternoons Sun Guide Cap for comfort, style, and reliable sun protection. The lightweight micro-fiber fabric is highly breathable and the removable cape protect more...

Outdoor Research Arroyo Bucket - Women's
On sale - now $20.32
- was $36.95

The Outdoor Research Women's Arroyo Bucket helps you avoid the annoying eye squint at the beach when you read a book or trashy mag. Its UPF-30-rated fabric helps shield you from the sun's relentless rays, while lightweight fabric makes it easy to wear. It more...

Outdoor Research Sol Hat

The Outdoor Research Sol Hat keeps you calm, cool, and collected while the rest of your friends fan themselves or dunk their heads in the river to cool off. The Sol's wide brim, UPF-30 rated fabric, and mesh side panels ensure you don't overheat, and the more...

Columbia Insect Blocker Cachalot Hat

Paddling through the remote lakes of the Boundary Waters can be a spectacularly wonderful or spectacularly itchy experience. Minimize the mosquito madness by wearing the Columbia Insect Blocker Cachalot Hat. This baseball cap has a neck-saving sun cape, a more...

Columbia Sun Ridge II Hat - Women's

Although it's not the best choice for a formal event in the UK, the Columbia Women's Sun Ridge II Hat is ideal for taking in a mid-afternoon polo match, your first time at the Kentucky Derby, or a beach vacation. This classic floppy hat is made from durab more...

Outdoor Research Aquifer Sombrero

When the sun is high overhead and not a sliver of shade exists on the landscape, trust the Outdoor Research Aquifer Sombrero to keep you cool, comfortable, and protected from the sun. The Supplex nylon headband wicks away sweat, and a UPF 50+ rating preve more...

Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket

The Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket lives for a sudden rain shower, hiking by a misty waterfall, or white water rafting. This waterproof breathable hat with fully taped seams keeps you dry while its tricot-lined crown and TransAction headband ensures y more...

Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero Hat - Women's
On sale - now $20.87
- was $37.95

Like a shaded pond in the desert or an umbrella at the beach, the Outdoor Research Women's Oasis Sombrero lends respite from the sun and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. And while no one knows for sure how much protection you receive while resting more...

RVCA Zayla Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.18
- was $37.95

With some oversize shades, a flowy dress, and the RVCA Zayla Women's Hat, you'll look so mysterious and fashionable that the goobers might mistake you for a celebrity, or a queen, or at least someone who recognizes a good hat. more...

Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat
On sale - now $20.9
- was $38

Slide your melon into the Sunday Afternoon Adventure Hat for ultimate sun protection and hot-weather comfort. The Adventure Hat features UPF 50 fabric, and gives you a full 360 degrees of solar blockage. The Adventure Hat also boasts mesh side panels and more...

LRG Print Reversible Bucket Hat
On sale - now $31.16
- was $38.95

Go fishing in the LRG Print Reversible Bucket Hat, or turn the LRG Print Reversible Bucket Hat inside-out and go fishing. more...

Pistil Dixon Hat
On sale - now $25.32
- was $38.95

The Pistil Dixon Hat digs rodeos, picnics at the parks, barbeques, and naps under a warm sun. Paper straw gives this hat a classic style while the inner band keeps your head comfy all day. An adjustable faux suede chin cord makes sure the hat stays in pla more...

Sunday Afternoons Expedition Hat
On sale - now $15.58
- was $38.95

Whether you're paddling through the Boundary Waters or sitting in the bleachers for an afternoon ballgame, the Sunday Afternoons Expedition Hat protects your head, face, and beck from being scorched by midsummer sun. The nylon body sheds water when it spr more...

Sunday Afternoons Storm Bucket Hat

Sunday Afternoon's Storm Bucket Hat includes a waterproof shell, a wicking sweatband, and sun protection. more...

Sunday Afternoons Vivian Hat - Women's

With an afternoon tea in hand, the Sunday Afternoons Women's Vivian Hat on your head, and a pristine mountain meadow for your view, the day couldn't possibly get any better. Made with felt wool, this hat blocks 98% of UV rays, and the one-piece adjustable more...

Patagonia Duckbill Bucket Hat

Bright and sunny days on the trail can be beautiful, but it's hard to see the beauty if you're blinding by the glare. Pull on the Patagonia Dukbill Bucket Hat and protect your eyes while you're out on the trail. The hat is made of a supple and soft Supple more...

Patagonia Sun Booney Hat

Cut down glare and protect your head when you're out in or near water with the Patagonia Sun Booney Hat. Offering 360 degrees of shade and UPF 50+ rated protection, the Sun Booney will let you see better into the water, while preventing damaging UV rays f more...

Pistil Sassafras Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.6
- was $39

Slip the Pistil Women's Sassafras Hat overhead when you've had enough sun for the day. This polyester sun hat has an adjustable brim that lets you mold it to your mood, and the inner sweatband wicks sweat off your brow to keep you comfortable. more...

Sunday Afternoons Lotus Hat - Women's
On sale - now $17.55
- was $39

A properly tended garden yields bright blooms and a hearty harvest, and as long as you wear the Sunday Afternoons Women's Lotus Hat you can stay in the garden all day without overexposure to the sun's rays. It's four-inch brim in front and five-inch brim more...

Element Harlow Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.78
- was $39.45

Bring out your inner beach cowboy with the Element Harlow Hat, which gives you some protection from the sun and just a hint of 10-gallon Wild West style. more...

Rip Curl Beach Walker Bushmaster Hat

When the sun threatens to ruin your sunny vacation, slide on the Rip Curl Beach Walker Bushmaster Hat, and then walk across the beach in complete comfort and protection. more...

Volcom Power Trip Bucket Hat

You don't have to fear or loathe anything anywhere in the Volcom Power Trip Bucket Hat. This all-over print fisherman-style hat shields your face from powerful desert sun and the piercing gazes of mutant reptiles. more...

Brixton Pack Bowler Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.98
- was $39.95

The Brixton Pack Hat offers a delightful fusion of bowler meets sun hat--kind of like a smoothie of vintage-inspired awesomeness. more...

Brixton Pearl Hat - Women's
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

Pearl Hat - Women's more...

Coal Considered Traveler Hat

Getting Coal in your stocking can actually be pretty awesome, provided it's in the form of the Considered Traveler Hat. Ripstop cotton and a moisture-wicking sweatband keep you comfortable on those sunny summer days, and a hidden inside pocket holds your more...

Coal Pattie Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.98
- was $39.95

Forget the '70s, get really retro and start bringing back the '20s in the Coal Pattie Women's Hat. This classically-styled women's bucket hat will keep the sun off your head this summer while you party like Prohibition just ended. more...

ExOfficio BugsAway Mesh Cape Hat
On sale - now $29.96
- was $39.95

The Ex Officio BugsAway Mesh Cape Hat features integrated Insect Shield repellent that delivers long-lasting, effective, and convenient protection, so you can stop waving your hand around your head like a maniac. The protection is invisible, odorless, and more...

Huf Copacabana Bucket Hat
On sale - now $19.98
- was $39.95

Style up your dome with the Huf Copacabana Bucket Hat. A colorful, comfortable all-cotton brimmed hat, it features a brilliant tropical all-over print for cool summer steeze. more...

Marmot Simpson Mesh Sun Hat
On sale - now $21.97
- was $39.95

Don't let your head get as burned as your toast; the Marmot Simpson Mesh Sun Hat has UPF-50 sun protection to protect your skin from harmful rays, and mesh panels to keep your noggin cool. more...

Marmot Simpson Sun Hat
On sale - now $21.97
- was $39.95

Shield your head from the blistering midday sun with the Marmot Simpson Sun Hat. It's made with a lightweight microfiber fabric that wicks moisture to help you stay dry and is highly breathable to keep you cool when the heat is on. It's also UPF 40-rated more...

Marmot Sunshine Hat - Women's
On sale - now $15.98
- was $39.95

Don't let your brain get burned when you're relaxing at the beach or pruning the begonias--wear the Marmot Sunshine Women's Hat and enjoy the sun without the rays melting your head. more...

Mountain Hardwear Chiller Wide Brim Hat - Women's
On sale - now $21.97
- was $39.95

There's no reason to lose your cool or get red in the face when paddling your canoe through the many lakes of the Boundary Waters with the Mountain Hardwear Women's Chiller Wide Brim Hat firmly planted atop your head. UPF 25 offers additional protection a more...

Mountain Hardwear Chiller Wide Brim Hat II
On sale - now $27.96
- was $39.95

From the Mojave to the Rockies, the Mountain Hardwear Chiller Wide Brim Hat II offers 360 degrees of sun protection when you're hiking though exposed deserts and high-altitude regions alike. A UPF 25 rating protects your dome from scorching rays, and a da more...

Mountain Hardwear Cooling Ravi Flap Cap
On sale - now $27.96
- was $39.95

The Mountain Hardwear Cooling Ravi Flap Cap features a UPF 25 rating to block intense solar radiation, as well as a neck gaiter to prevent neck burns when you run and engage in outdoor activities. Helping regulate and cool your head's temperature, Cool Q more...

Mountain Hardwear Downpour Evap Wide Brim Hat
On sale - now $27.96
- was $39.95

The Mountain Hardwear Downpour Evap Wide Brim Hat keeps the rain off your face when you're hiking the AT, it keeps the sun off your face when you're exploring red-rock canyons out west, and it dries quickly spray after spray when you're enjoying a long sa more...

Mountain Hardwear Raffia Crusher II - Women's
On sale - now $21.97
- was $39.95

Weed the garden, and then go crush the trail in your Mountain Hardwear Women's Raffia Crusher II hat. This wide-brimmed paper-straw hat gives you all-day sun protection and has classic, beautiful looks. Cool. Q Zero technology keeps your head airy and coo more...

Outdoor Research Halo Sombrero
On sale - now $23.97
- was $39.95

Treks along the Pacific Coast can be sunny one minute and soaking the next. The Outdoor Research Halo Sombrero comes with waterproof breathable Venta fabric to shed the rain and the sun in equal measure. more...

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Whether you're trekking through the mountains or fighting your way through crowds of tourists, adventures abroad should never catch you without proper headwear. The Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat, complete with foam-stiffened brim floats, keeps the s more...

Spacecraft Bucket Hat
On sale - now $15.98
- was $39.95

The Spacecraft Bucket Hat begs to be worn when you're fishing, catching rays on the beach, or hiking down your favorite trail. more...

Brixton Antoinette Hat - Women's
On sale - now $18.88
- was $41.95

Straight from the streets of 18th century France, the Brixton Antoinette Women's Hat has a large floppy brim that'll shield you from the sun and rogue French revolutionaries. more...

Brixton Floyd Bucket Hat
On sale - now $20.98
- was $41.95

Ditch the baseball cap and class up your summer with the Brixton Floyd Hat. Cool cotton twill teams up with classic fedora style to create a hat that takes any outfit to the next level. more...

Brixton Sue Hat - Women's
On sale - now $16.78
- was $41.95

Add a little down home country flavor to your outfit with the Brixton Women's Sue Hat. more...

Columbia PFG Bonehead Straw Hat

Don't end up like those dried-up lizards you see during your desert hike, slip on the Columbia PFG Bonehead Straw Hat to keep you cool and out of the sun's harsh rays. more...

prAna Dita Sun Hat - Women's
On sale - now $25.17
- was $41.95

Dita Sun Hat - Women's more...

Brixton Gary Reversible Bucket Hat
On sale - now $24.17
- was $43.95

Work on your back cast with the fine details and ample shade afforded by the Brixton Gary Reversible Bucket Hat. The hat's reversible construction allows you to switch up your look on the fly, and the wide brim keeps the sun from obscuring your vision as more...

Pistil Mingo Hat
On sale - now $19.78
- was $43.95

Nothing says summer like a light dress, a glass of lemonade, some shades, and the Pistil Mingo Hat. This floppy paper straw hat has an inner band to keep your head comfy under the sun all day long. more...

ExOfficio BugsAway Adventure Hat
On sale - now $33.71
- was $44.95

The Ex Officio BugsAway Adventure Hat protects you from bugs and UV rays whether you're hiking, camping, or paddling down rivers. The Insect Shield repellent provides long-lasting, effective, and convenient bug protection, and its Nycott nylon fabric prot more...

Kavu Chilba Hat

The Kavu Chillba Hat sure looks funny but you won't be laughing when you're using it to bail water out of your boat. DWR coated nylon repels water and the closed-cell foam makes it float so you can chase it down the river if you drop it in. more...

LRG Boonie Hat
On sale - now $35.96
- was $44.95

Keep the relentless sun at bay while looking good with the LRG Boonie Hat. more...

Marmot Precip Petal Hat - Women's
On sale - now $33.71
- was $44.95

Prance through a field of daisies in the Marmot Women's Precip Petal Hat--better yet, charge hard on a wet rain-forest hike. PreCip ripstop nylon fabric protects you from the elements while remaining lightweight, breathable, and packable. An extra-wide br more...

Marmot PreCip Safari Hat
On sale - now $33.71
- was $44.95

If you don't want to go through life as "Leather Face," turn to the Marmot Precip Safari Hat. It'll keep the sun off of your face and the rain off of your head, thanks to its wide brim and water-repellent NanoPro membrane. If you end up flipping your boat more...

Brixton Mason Bucket Hat

Whether you're sipping beers on the beach or ripping around the skatepark, you'll want to keep the sun off your neck with the Brixton Mason Bucket Hat. more...

Brixton Tracker II Bucket Hat
On sale - now $18.38
- was $45.95

Gophers might mock you when you're wearing the Brixton Tracker II Bucket Hat, but relax; even if you get outsmarted by rodents, at least your dome won't be sunburned, and chicks dig an un-burned head. more...

Brixton Autumn Hat - Women's
On sale - now $23.98
- was $47.95

The dock is long and the sun is hot. You're going to need something to shade your eyes on the boat. Toss on the Brixton Women's Autumn Hat. No boat? The Autumn Hat looks great when you're pedaling your cruiser on Main Street too. more...

Pistil Lucille Hat - Women's
On sale - now $26.37
- was $47.95

The lightweight and packable Pistil Women's Lucille Hat will shield you from the sun without weighing you down. Made from paper straw with plenty of open-weave ventilation, this topper features an adjustable brim that can be worn flat or cowgirl style for more...

Sunday Afternoons Oregon Cloudbursts Rain Hat

The weather in the forest is less than ideal, and you have some intense backpacking ahead of you. The Sunday Afternoons Oregon Cloudbursts Rain Hat will help keep you dry and comfortable when the skies open up and pour rain while you hike. more...

Sunday Afternoons Cascade Hat

The rainforest exposes you to torrential rains, humidity, and hot sun. The Sunday Afternoons Cascade Hat guards your head from all of them thanks to its H2OShield waterproof breathable membrane and taped seams. Aside from shedding the strongest monsoon ra more...

Patagonia Canvas Sun Booney Hat

You'll look way better in the Patagonia Canvas Sun Booney Hat than you will with a giant peeling sunburn on the top of your head. more...

Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat

Whether you're hiking to ancient cliff dwellings in southern Utah or planning a trip to sun-soaked Spain, the Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat provides the shade and style required for the journey. A mesh crown supplies ventilation to keep you comfortable an more...

Volcom Bucket Rust Hat
On sale - now $27.2
- was $49.45

When your trucker hat is played out, pop the Volcom Bucket Rust Hat on your dome, drop your line in the water, and snooze while you wait for The Big One to bite. more...

ExOfficio BugsAway Adventure Mesh Hat
On sale - now $37.46
- was $49.95

The Ex Officio BugsAway Adventure Mesh Hat comes with a stowable mesh cape to better keep the bugs and sun at bay when you're camping. The Insect Shield repellent provides long-lasting, effective, and convenient bug protection. Its Nycott nylon fabric pro more...

Pendleton Breezer Hat
On sale - now $26.98
- was $53.95

Whether you're gearing up for a summer trip or in need of warm-weather headwear for around town, look no further than the Pendleton Breezer Hat. A hefty cotton brim transitions to mesh and then gets finished off with another piece of cotton for the top. F more...

Goorin Brothers Macey Hat - Women's

Next time you accidentally double-book yourself to meet up with two dates at the same bar, pull the Goorin Brothers Macey Hat down low over your eyes and make your escape out the emergency exit. more...

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat - Multicam

There are three things every raft trip requires: good people, good drink, and the Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat, which uses strategic vents, a moisture-wicking lining, and UV-50+ protection to help keep you cool, comfortable, and un-burned. more...

Pistil Elson Hat

Some guys wear grody old baseball caps. Actually, a lot of guys wear grody old baseball caps, but the Pistil Elson Hat is more your style. This wide-brimmed, felted-wool features a soft inner band for supreme comfort and fit. A leather outer band just add more...

Pistil Soho Hat - Women's

Walk through the streets of London or New York City on a fine fall day with the Pistil Soho Hat. This quality hat features durable construction and classic style that make it a timeless piece. more...

Outdoor Research Misto Sombrero - Women's
On sale - now $35.97
- was $59.95

Thanks to waterproof breathable Gore-Tex fabric, the Outdoor Research Women's Misto Sombrero ensures your head stays nice and dry no matter how hard it rains. This Outdoor Research hat provides rain protection that rivals an umbrella, and it also does a g more...

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

The Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero is a burly full-coverage hat designed for extremely wet climates. In Seattle, there are two types of weather. It's either raining, or it's about to start raining. The Seattle Sombrero's waterproof breathable Taslan Go more...

Outdoor Research Sunshower Sombrero

Whether you're hiking in the desert or on a mountain ridge, the summer sun never shows mercy to the ill-prepared. Keep your head, face, and neck cool and comfortable under the Outdoor Research Sunshower Sombrero. This summer sun hat features breathable me more...

Pendleton Indy Hat

Bury a trinket in the sand for 10,000 years and it becomes priceless. Bury the water-repellent 100% wool Pendleton Indy Hat in the sand, and people will say "What are you doing, you idiot? That's a sweet hat!". more...

Pendleton Outback Hat

Whether you're hiking the Sierra Nevadas or fly-fishing a Rocky Mountain trout stream, the Pendleton Outback Hat keeps you shaded and makes you look like the classic outdoorsman that you are. Made of water-repellent wool felt, the crushable Outback Hat ca more...

Outdoor Research Snoqualmie Sombrero

The granddaddy of rain hats, Outdoor Research's Snoqualmie Sombrero, doesn't just shed rain; it protects and warms your ears as well. The seam-taped, Taslan Gore-Tex crown and foam-stiffened brim help you stay dry through the worst squalls and the Gore Wi more...

Outdoor Research Force 9 Sombrero
On sale - now $52.46
- was $74.95

The Outdoor Research Force 9 Sombrero doesn't even think twice when thunderous angry-looking clouds roll in and unleash their wrath. Why? Because it comes equipped with a waterproof, breathable, and windproof Gore-Tex Pro Shell insert, that's why. more...

Brixton Alana Hat - Women's
On sale - now $33.58
- was $83.95

Soak up the sun and lounge on the beach wearing the Brixton Women's Alana Hat. This full brim straw hat with a custom button and grosgrain band helps shield your eyes from the sun so you can check out the surfers. more...




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