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Backpacks - Winter Packs

These Backpacks - Winter Packs are available with free shipping for orders over $50.

Prices correct at time of writing - subject to change

CamelBak Rain Cover

CamelBak packs work best when the water's on the inside and the outside and cargo are dry. This rain cover fits securely to your CamelBak pack with a Velcro closure and drawstring and will protect it from everything short of a jump in the pond. Use the S/ more...

The North Face Pack Rain Cover
On sale - now $8.76
- was $10.95

Be ready the next time you're hiking and Mother Nature decides not to cooperate. Pull The North Face Rain Cover out, slide it over your pack and show up at camp later with a load of dry gear. more...

DAKINE Heli Pro DLX 18L Backpack - Women's - 1100cu in
On sale - now $94.45
- was $104.95

Instead of waiting in crowded lift lines filled with gapers when there's fresh powder to shred, load up the Dakine Women's Heli Pro DLX Backpack and earn your turns in the backcountry. It's equipped with plenty of specialized pockets and straps to hold yo more...

DAKINE Heli Pro DLX 20L Backpack -1200cu in
On sale - now $94.45
- was $104.95

All your fancy backcountry tools won't do you much good without the right pack to carry them. Be prepared for whatever you face outside the resort boundaries with the Dakine Heli Pro DLX Backpack. It's equipped with plenty of specialized pockets and strap more...

DAKINE Heli Pro DLX Backpack - Women's - 1100cu in
On sale - now $47.23
- was $104.95

You're the type of gal who would much rather break trail, snowmobile, or heli to the summit, so its no wonder you have the DAKINE Women's Heli Pro DLX Backpack strapped to your back. This durable pack has a contoured harness designed specifically to fit a more...

Burton Sled 30L Backpack - 1831cu in

If you and your crew head out on the snowmobiles in the morning, build a kicker and session it, then head back at the end of the day, the Burton Sled 30L Backpack would be a wise addition to your gear closet. The ultimate combination of usable features gi more...

Backcountry Access Stash 20 Backpack - 1220cu in
On sale - now $60.47
- was $109.95

Need a pack that can carry your lunch, camera, and water while you're resort skiing but still carry your avy safety essentials while you're ripping it up in the backcountry? The Backcountry Access Stash 20 Backpack keeps you comfortable and your goods sec more...

DAKINE ABS Vario Cover Backpack - 915cu in
On sale - now $49.48
- was $109.95

The Dakine ABS Vario 15L Cover Backpack attached to your airbag base unit carries all your backcountry safety tools and snowboard or skis when you venture out into pristine sidecountry terrain. Designed to integrate with the ABS Avalanche Vario Base Unit more...

Rome Insurgent Snowboard Backpack - 3030cu in

Whether you're hiking beyond the resort's boundaries or heading out by sled, the Rome Insurgent Snowboard Backpack holds everything you need to get after it in the backcountry. Vertical board carry straps with EVA-reinforced side panels grip your board, e more...

Deuter Trans Alpine 25 Backpack - 1530cu in
On sale - now $107.1
- was $119

Whether you're jumping on the bike for a 30-mile cross-country ride or hiking your favorite trail systems, the Deuter Trans Alpine 25 Backpack will handle your gear. The internal aluminum support stays can be bent to precisely fit the shape of your back w more...

CAMP USA Campack Rapid Racing 20L Backpack - 1221cu in

The result of a close collaboration between Camp USA designers and top ski-mountaineering racers, the Camp Campack Rapid Racing 20L Backpack implements a minimalist design for gram-counting randonee racers. Every detail of this pack keeps weight, function more...

CAMP USA X3 600 30L Backpack - 1831cu in
On sale - now $95.96
- was $119.95

CAMP USA's all about efficiency, and the X3 600 30L Backpack is a testament to their single-mindedness. Perfect for long-distance skimo races, all-day ski mountaineering, and longer tours, the X3 is constructed from extremely light and durable fabrics, gi more...

DAKINE ABS Vario Cover Backpack - 1500cu in
On sale - now $53.98
- was $119.95

After you've checked the avy report for stable conditions, escape the crowds and venture out into the backcountry with the Dakine ABS Vario Cover Backpack attached to your airbag base unit. This durable Cover works in conjunction with the ABS Avalanche Va more...

Grivel Marbrees 20 Backpack
On sale - now $95.96
- was $119.95

Look at all that champagne powder up above you; yeah, it's way up there, but it's untouched. It looks like you're going to be doing a lot of hiking to get there, so it's a good thing you have your Grivel Marbrees 20 Backpack full of all your essentials. B more...

Grivel Marbrees 30 Backpack
On sale - now $95.96
- was $119.95

The Grivel Marbrees 30 Backpack gives you plenty of room to keep your avalanche safety gear and all your ski essentials (and luxuries) secure while out there in the backcountry; its sleek design, though, maintains a low-profile so that the weight and bulk more...

Salomon Quest 15 Backpack - 850cu in

Track through deep pow and fresh backcountry lines with the Salomon Quest 15 Backpack. This minimalist pack does away with excess weight, allowing you to skin up your favorite stash without being weighed down, yet it still offers plenty of storage for all more...

Burton AK 23L Backpack - 1404cu in
On sale - now $81.22
- was $124.95

Throughout your day-in and day-out riding, you may find yourself riding lifts, bootpacking bowls, heading out the gates for some lift-served backcountry, or splitboarding to your secret stash. The Burton AK 23L Backpack is a do-it-all snowboard pack with more...

Gregory Targhee 18 Backpack - 1098cu in
On sale - now $77.37
- was $128.95

If rather than tour the whole day away you're simply skinning at dawn for two laps or slipping into the sidecountry from the resort, the Gregory Targhee 18 Backpack has your backwithout burdening it. The Targhee 18 has a slim and low profile that isn't cu more...

Marmot Sidecountry 22 Winter Pack - 1343cu in
On sale - now $96.71
- was $128.95

Get out there with the Marmot Sidecountry 22 Winter Pack, and ride the lines that most skiers would only drool over. Durable and versatile, the Sidecountry allows you to choose between carrying your skis diagonally or in an A-frame or carrying your snowbo more...

Deuter Trans Alpine 26 SL Backpack - Women's - 1590cu in
On sale - now $116.1
- was $129

When you have the time, you squeeze every second out of it. On the trail that means equipping yourself with all the essentials in the Deuter Women's Trans Alpine 26 SL Backpack, which comfortably carries your essentials for a day's long trek or tour. You' more...

Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Backpack - 1830cu in
On sale - now $116.1
- was $129

When the IMBA National Mountain Bike Patrol hits the trail, they trust their gear and comfort to the Deuter Trans Alpine 30 Backpack. The Airstripes suspension system provides ample ventilation when you break a sweat during a steep climb, the internal alu more...

Deuter Freerider 26 Backpack - 1587cu in
On sale - now $109.65
- was $129

Deuter designed the Freerider 26 Backpack from the ground up to give backcountry travelers the tools they need for big days in the mountains while still being clean and compact enough to charge big lines. The 26-liter size easily handles some extra layers more...

Lowe Alpine Eclipse 35 Backpack - 2135cu in

Making decisions can be tough. Pizza or pasta? Mountains or beach? Biking or running? To make those hard calls a bit simpler, Lowe Alpine made the Eclipse 35 Backpack to do pretty much whatever you dream up, from hiking to biking to running to climbing to more...

On sale - now $71.47
- was $129.95

You've seen them by now, the pros and patrollers with their slick vest packs. Stop drooling all over things that don't belong to you and get your own Dakine BC Vest Pack. A handy pack you wear as a vest always fits and feels comfortable as the load is dis more...

Burton AK 17L Backpack - 1038cu in

If your days at the resort usually end up with you venturing through the gates in search of untracked pow, then the Burton AK 17L Backpack is your best friend. It has a compact size and design that won't weigh you down when riding, but is still equipped w more...

Backcountry Access Stash 30 Backpack - 1831cu in
On sale - now $74.22
- was $134.95

Whether your preferred method of transit up the mountain is the chairlift, a helicopter, or your own two feet, the Backcountry Access Stash 30 Backpack keeps your essential gear secure and easily accessible and has space for a puffy vest and a few snacks. more...

Black Diamond Speed 30 Backpack - 1700-1950cu in

Black Diamond designed its Speed 30 Backpack for day trips out on the mountain whether you're hiking, biking, alpine or ice climbing. Its removable reActive waist belt moves with your hips so you can bike and hike without any restrictions, and the SwingAr more...

Mammut Spindrift Tour Backpack - 1952cu in

Skis underfoot, the alpine ahead, and Mammut's Spindrift Tour Backpack make for a fantastic adventure across the backcountry. This pack's Motion V Frame system utilizes flexible aluminum stays that transfer its load across your hips without hindering your more...

CAMP USA Rapid Backpack - 1220cu in

The Camp USA Rapid Backpack is designed for ultralight skimo racing and features a host of technical features to get you up and down swiftly. Your avy gear can be stored in a separate pocket so it's easily accessible, but out of the way of your other equi more...

DAKINE Pro II 26L Backpack - Women's - 1600cu in
On sale - now $104.96
- was $139.95

Sometimes the best zones to shred are also the hardest to get to. Make sure you're ready for the long journey ahead with the Dakine Pro II Backpack. It's similar to the best-selling Heli Pro, but has a larger storage capacity so you can cram in more gear more...

DAKINE Pro II Backpack - 1600cu in
On sale - now $104.96
- was $139.95

The Dakine Pro II Backpack effortlessly organizes all of your safety and snow tools, helping you get the goods on dawn patrol missions and strenuous backcountry trips. Offering a dedicated compartment for your collapsible shovel and probe, the pack's fron more...

The North Face Patrol 24 Backpack - 1465cu in
On sale - now $115.96
- was $144.95

If you don't need the capacity of the Patrol 34, check out The North Face Patrol 24 Backpack, with room enough for all you need on a big day of sick lines. With the same indestructible Bombastic auto-airbag fabric for enduring performance in rugged alpine more...

Marmot Backcountry 32 Winter Pack - 1953cu in
On sale - now $119.16
- was $148.95

Let's face it, turns that are earned just feel better than ones that aren't--yeah, that's because it is supremely rewarding to ravage untouched snow, but there is more to it than that. Bring along the Marmot Backcountry 32 Winter Pack, and you'll have roo more...

Deuter Guide Lite 28+ SL Backpack - Women's - 1709cu in
On sale - now $134.1
- was $149

Not only does the Deuter Women's Guide Lite 28 SL Backpack save weight with its sleek, alpine-ready design, but it's built to fit lady mountaineers for ultimate comfort during challenging climbs and long backcountry tours. The women-specific SL fit, light more...

Deuter Guide Lite 32+ Backpack - 1952cu in
On sale - now $134.1
- was $149

Out on a ridge somewhere amid the whistling winds and frosty spires, you'll decide that it was a really good idea to pack up the simple, summit-worthy Deuter Guide Lite 32 Backpack for your alpine ambitions. Its clean, simple outer and overall minimalist more...

Deuter Cruise 28 SL Backpack - Women's - 1709cu in
On sale - now $134.1
- was $149

The best days in the backcountry may be the longest and most challenging, but they always yield the deepest and most legendary rewards that the mountains have to offer. For those days, the Deuter Women's Cruise 28 SL Backpack can ensure easy access to you more...

Deuter Cruise 30 Backpack - 1850cu in
On sale - now $134.1
- was $149

The longer the tour, the more rewarding it can be, but it also requires more gear to keep you safe and comfortable. The Deuter Cruise 30 Backpack features 1850 cubic inches (30L) of storage space, so you can find perfect untracked turns with all your avy more...

Lowe Alpine Eclipse 45:55 Backpack - 2475cu in

Besides bears, the worst thing to discover in the wilderness is a clunky, poorly fitting pack. Now, Lowe Alpine doesn't promise to steer you clear of Griz, but it will help you carry your weekend backpacking gear in sleek, streamlined comfort with the Ecl more...

Mammut Nirvana Ride 22 Pack
On sale - now $111.96
- was $149.95

You don't want a huge touring pack, but you do want enough space for your avy gear, lunch, a thermos, and an extra baselayer. Pack up the Mammut Nirvana Ride 22 Pack. Its V-frame transfers the load to your hips so you get the freedom of movement you need more...

Mammut Trion Element 30 Backpack - 1830cu in

Calling all mountaineers and climbers who travel smart on day trips or overnight adventures--stash your essentials in the Mammut Trion Element 30 Backpack and make a beeline for the trail. Whether you're on the approach for a tech-oriented day at the crag more...

Mountain Hardwear Summitrocket 30 Daypack - 1830cu in
On sale - now $112.46
- was $149.95

Mountain Hardwear designed the Summitrocket 30 Daypack to haul your alpine climbing essentials without weighing you down. Not only does the Summitrocket sport some serious innovation and smart features, but Mountain Hardwear had the foresight to make many more...

Osprey Packs Kode 32 Backpack - 1770-1953cu in

In bounds, out the gate, or full-on backcountry -- the Osprey Kode 32 Backpack doesn't discriminate when it comes to a day out in the snow. This mid-sized ski pack holds your avy tools and other essential equipment for short tours or shredding the backcou more...

On sale - now $112.46
- was $149.95

Even though you know it can save your life when you're in the backcountry, it's still frustrating having to wear a clunky pack when you're shredding technical lines or dropping big cliffs. Luckily, you can streamline things and lighten your load with the more...

Salomon Quest 23 Backpack - 1361cu in

Salomon's versatile Quest 23 Backpack handles short trips to the backcountry if the resort is getting to you. Carriers for skis, snowboards, ice axes, a helmet, and poles ready you for a plethora of snowy adventures from touring to mountaineering. The zip more...

Burton AK 23L Backpack - 1404cu in

If your average day of snowboarding is liable to include riding lifts, bootpacking bowls, heading out the gates, and splitboarding to your secret stash, then you need the Burton AK 23L Backpack. This do-it-all snowboard pack is equipped with all the featu more...

Gregory Targhee 26 Backpack - 1587cu in
On sale - now $143.06
- was $158.95

Gregory had the half- and full-day backcountry powder hound in mind when it made the Targhee 26 Backpack. This stable, secure pack gives you a bevy of carrying options for whatever mode of transport you choose, from skis to snowboards to snowshoes--you ca more...

Deuter Guide 30+ SL - Women's - 1831cu in
On sale - now $143.1
- was $159

Deuter designed the Guide 30+ SL Women's Backpack to be a tough, versatile workhorse for ladies who hike, backpack, ski, climb, and bag peaks. The SL Women's Fit system is designed to fit shorter back lengths, narrower shoulders, and wider hips for more c more...

Deuter Freerider Pro 28 SL Backpack - Women's - 1709cu in
On sale - now $143.1
- was $159

The Deuter Freerider Pro 28 SL Backpack gives you the versatility you need to do anything from quick laps out of bounds to full pre-dawn to after-dark backcountry tours whether you ride skis or a splitboard. In addition to multiple carry options for both more...

Black Diamond Speed 40 Backpack - 2319-2563cu in

If you're the sort of person who beats little cousin Ricky at board games by robbing the bank when Ricky's in the kitchen getting another ginger ale, you're probably also into expedition-style climbing, where you pay someone else to do all the work while more...

Mammut Nirvana Ride 30 Pack
On sale - now $119.96
- was $159.95

Mammut designed its Nirvana Ride 30 Pack to keep you comfortable while you cruise over corduroy at the resort and gave it enough cargo space for a day of touring in the backcountry. Its V-frame suspension system transfers your load onto your hips to give more...

Osprey Packs Mutant 38 Backpack - 2136-2502cu in

Icy peaks, long mixed routes, and big walls test your physical and mental abilities, but the Osprey Mutant 38 Backpack cleverly complements your alpine ambitions in any season so you don't have to test your patience as well. The Mutant's 38 liters (medium more...

Black Diamond Anthem Backpack - 1587-1700cu in

From daily side country missions at the resort to full day tours in your favorite backcountry bowl, trust your essential goods to the Black Diamond Anthem Backpack. Essential backcountry features include a quick-access avy-tool pocket, insulated hydration more...

Black Diamond Covert Winter Pack - 1465-1587cu in

Leave the groomers for the tourists, reach for your avy kit, and pack your gear into the Black Diamond Covert Winter Pack before you slide into the backcountry. Dynamically adjusting shoulder straps and a pivoting waistbelt provide unprecedented range of more...

CAMP USA X3 Backdoor Backpack - 1831cu in

Camp USA took its beloved X3 600 and made it even better, resulting in the newly improved X3 Backdoor Backpack. The tri-ripstop fabric is coated with a DWR treatment for both water-repellency and added durability. One of the simplest, but perhaps most imp more...

Salomon Quest 30 Backpack - 1900cu in

Salomon's Quest 30 Backpack is built for versatile skiers and snowboarders, and it has plenty of space for a full day out in the backcountry. Carriers for skis, snowboards, ice axes, a helmet, and poles ready you for a plethora of snowy adventures from to more...

Lowe Alpine Alpine Attack 45:55 Backpack - 2700cu in

A successful trip means more than just getting to where you need to be. It means getting there with all your gear and without injury. Lowe Alpine designed the Alpine Attack Backpack to get you and your gear to your destination comfortable. The AdaptiveFit more...

Black Diamond Axis 33 Backpack - 1892-2136cu in

Some packs sit on your back like a pillowcase full of rocks, but the Black Diamond Axis 33 Backpack rides as smoothly as a finely-tuned sportscar, thanks to its ergoActiv suspension that moves with you, eliminating hot spots and allowing for more natural more...

Black Diamond Epic 35 Backpack - 2013-2258cu in

You could be the dude who has a cragging pack, a multi-pitching pack, an ice-climbing pack, and a bouldering pack, or you could be the dude who has the versatile Black Diamond Epic 35 Backpack and makes fun of the ridiculously kitted-out guy who flails hi more...

Osprey Packs Kode 42 Backpack - 2319-2563cu in

When the not-so-beaten path seems endless, and the bottom of the mountains has disappeared beneath the clouds, you'll keep on going knowing that your Osprey Kode 42 pack holds everything but the kitchen sink. Avalanche professionals, ski guides, and backc more...

The North Face Patrol 34 Backpack - 2135cu in
On sale - now $135.96
- was $169.95

The largest, most featured, most capable backcountry ski-board pack in The North Face's lineup, The North Face Patrol 34 Backpack holds all your gear and then some smartly and in style. With 2135 cubic inches of carrying capacity, there's plenty of room f more...

Black Diamond Alias Winter Pack - 1831-1989cu in

The Black Diamond Alias Pack sheds all non-essential components to provide you with a lightweight, streamlined bag for backcountry skiing. This Black Diamond pack includes A-frame and diagonal ski carry options as well as a shovel pocket, but other than t more...

Black Diamond Outlaw Winter Pack - 1831-1953cu in

Whether you pulled the dawn shift on patrol or are just gearing up for a day-long backcountry tour, Black Diamond's Outlaw Winter Pack equips you with the essentials you need to stay safe and have fun outside the gates. Load up your snowboard or planks wi more...

Burton AK 31L Backpack - 1892cu in

When you're ready to leave the resort behind and head far into the backcountry, the Burton AK 31L Backpack has the features you need to survive and prosper. Whether you're venturing by splitboard or snowmobile, get everything you need for the day to your more...

Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. 15 Backpack - 915cu in

Oakley teamed up with Snowpulse to design the Snowmad R. A. S. 15 Backpack, and did so with two goals in mind: safety and simplicity. The two frequently go hand in hand in the backcountry, so Oakley made a backpack that's super easy to use, while still pa more...

Gregory Targhee 32 Backpack - 1831-2074cu in

Gregory's Targhee 32 Backpack is like a three-part harmony, where volume, features and carry convenience meld into one pleasing whole. This stable, secure pack has enough room for a full day of backcountry exploring, and it gives you a bevy of carrying op more...

Deuter Guide 40+ SL Backpack - Women's - 2440cu in
On sale - now $152.15
- was $179

Designed as the perfect ski-mountaineering pack for female athletes, the Deuter Guide 40+ SL Backpack combines every feature needed for technical climbing and skiing with an SL fit system that is completely tailored to the female physique. The Variflex hi more...

Deuter Guide 45 Backpack - 2750cu in
On sale - now $161.1
- was $179

Head for the hills with the Deuter Guide 45 Backpack, with carrying capacity for all the necessary gear for your climbing, skiing, or mountaineering expedition. Wide-ski straps for your powder boards, gear loops and attachment points, plus super-handy top more...

Grivel Freney 40 Backpack
On sale - now $98.97
- was $179.95

From frantic alpine dashes to backcoutry ski tours, trust your back and your gear to the Grivel Freney 40 Backpack. The Butterfly suspension and sliding weight distribution system allow you to comfortably shoulder heavy loads while the side compression st more...

Mammut Spindrift Light Backpack - 1830cu in

It can be tough to go truly minimalist in winter, just because of the amount of gear required to stay warm and prepared in the mountains, but the Mammut Spindrift Light Backpack makes it a little bit easier to keep things light and speedy. Made of burly r more...

Osprey Packs Variant 37 Backpack - 2100-2400cu in
On sale - now $116.97
- was $179.95

Osprey developed the Variant 37 Backpack with features any winter climber will appreciate. With crampon and wand pockets, ice tool holsters, and a three-point haul system, this pack begs to climb frozen waterfalls and glacier-covered peaks. The Opsrey Var more...

Dynafit Baltoro 42 Backpack - 2563cu in
On sale - now $116.97
- was $179.95

Dynafit designed the Baltoro 42 Backpack for ski touring, ski mountaineering, or occasional autumn basecamping with canyon side-trips. This 42-liter pack carries all your gear to the mountain, and then slims down for quick summit skin-ups. more...

Salomon Quest 20 ABS Compatible Backpack - 1340cu in

Prepare for short backcountry adventures on big mountains with Salomon's Quest 20 ABS Compatible Ski Backpack. Apart from its ABS-compatibility, the Quest's carriers for skis, snowboards, ice axes, a helmet, and poles keep you prepared you for a plethora more...

DAKINE Blade 38L Backpack - 2318cu in

When you're setting out on the skin track before dawn and not coming back to the car until the sun goes down, you need the Dakine Blade 38L Backpack to stay prepared. It has plenty of space and specialized features to hold everything you need when you're more...

Deuter Guide Tour 35+ SL - Women's - 2140cu in
On sale - now $170.1
- was $189

The backcountry yurts are calling your name, so load up the Deuter Guide Tour 35+ SL Women's Backpack and start the long skin up into the great white yonder. The Guide's designed to get you there in style, with a women's-specific SL Fit System that provid more...

Deuter Descentor EXP 22 - 1340-1590cu in
On sale - now $85.05
- was $189

Whether you prefer skis or a snowboard to help you fulfill your powder-shredding needs, rely on the quality, durability, and support of the Deuter Descentor EXP 22. This 22-26 liter pack has more than enough room to securely hold everything you need for a more...

Deuter Guide Tour 45+ Backpack - 2750cu in
On sale - now $170.1
- was $189

Deuter's Guide Tour 45+ Backpack offers internal and external storage so you can play and not leave a thing behind. A vast 45 liters (2750cu in) of internal storage doesn't even take into account the additional 10-liter storage in the lid: bring multiple more...

Black Diamond Epic 45 Backpack - 2624-2868cu in

Whether you thrive on rock, ice, or prefer to mix it up, the Black Diamond Epic 45 Backpack has got you covered. Built with an ErgoActiv Suspension hip belt that pivots around a central point to comfortably move with your hips and floating SwingArm should more...

Black Diamond Speed 55 Backpack - 3234-3478cu in

The Black Diamond Speed 55 Backpack has plenty of space for all your gear whether you're backpacking over the weekend or climbing ice or alpine for the day. Its removable reActive hip-belt moves with your hips so you can hike without any restrictions, and more...

Mountain Hardwear Powzilla 30 Backpack - 1831cu in
On sale - now $142.46
- was $189.95

No matter the occasion, you'll be grateful to have the Mountain Hardwear Powzilla 30 Backpack strapped to your back. You can attach an ABS Vario Base Unit (sold separately) to the pack for those wonderful powder sessions in the backcountry. The Powzilla's more...

Black Diamond Bandit Avalung Backpack - 671cu in
On sale - now $123.47
- was $189.95

The Bandit Avalung Backpack is Black Diamond's smallest and lightest backcountry skiing backpack equipped with the Avalung system. Ideal for just-outside-the-gate resort laps, cat or heli skiing, or quick trips from a hut, this backpack holds your shovel, more...

Mountainsmith Rain Covers

Nothing is worse than crawling into a wet sleeping bag inside a wet tent and opening a soggy book. Keep your pack dry with the Mountainsmith Rain Cover. These waterproof covers feature full-circumference drawcords, hook-and-loop closures, and integrated s more...

Osprey Packs UL Raincover
On sale - now $15.96
- was $19.95

Unless you like finding that your spare socks are soaked and your sleeping bag feels like it's full of pancake batter, cover your pack with the Osprey UL Raincover when the storm cuts loose. This four-ounce waterproof cover comes in four sizes to precisel more...

Rossignol ABS Compatible Pack

It seems like Rossignol thought of everything while designing the 28L ABS Compatible Pack. Apart from the zippered back panel for an ABS Vario Unit, this backcountry daypack also features multiple ski or snowboard carry systems, an external shovel pocket, more...

Arc'teryx Alpha FL 30 Backpack - 1404-1831cu in

Climbing single ice pitches or zipping up for a pre-work crag session doesn't require a super-lightweight, highly technical pack, but if you frequently find yourself on long, technical, and committing rock and ice routes where you need to have plenty of g more...

Gregory Alpinisto 35 Backpack - 1892-2258cu in

Whether you're heading out in search of hard-to-find mid-mountain crags, pristine fields of snow, or your favorite ice formation, carry your gear in the Gregory Alpinisto 35 Backpack. Designed to carry a day's worth of technical gear, it can also be strip more...

Arc'teryx Quintic 28L Backpack - 1709cu in

Designed for those who need to qualm their powder fix, the Arc'teryx Quintic 28L Backpack offers easy access to your gear and provides a solid, stable pack that doesn't throw you off-balance while you ski, bootpack, or sail through the air. more...

Gregory Targhee 45 Backpack - 2563-2929cu in
On sale - now $119.37
- was $198.95

You ski the backcountry for the beautiful isolation and tranquility it brings you, and the Gregory Targhee 45 Backpack keeps you comfortable in so many ways while you do it. Its Vertflex suspension system both stabilizes your load and allows the torsional more...

Mammut Nirvana Pro 35 Pack - 2130cu in

When you want enough room for all your safety equipment, a lunch, and a puffy, grab the Mammut Nirvana Pro 35 Pack. Its 35-liter capacity can handle your equipment plus some extras, and the U-Frame suspension system transfers your load for unbelievable co more...

Mammut Trea Guide Backpack - Women's - 2440cu in
On sale - now $159.96
- was $199.95

Designed for full-day alpine climbs and ski tours, the agile Mammut Women's Trea Guide 40 + 7 Backpack is perfect for mountain athletes who like to tackle a little bit everything. Mammut built the Trea on a flexible, adjustable Motion Butterfly suspension more...

Osprey Packs Variant 52 Backpack - 3000-3400cu in

The three-point haul system of the Osprey Variant 52 Backcpack makes lugging your stuff up a wall, mountain, or glacier way easy. The big volume and convenient pocketry of this winter pack make your gear easy to access, and the removable hip-belt and fram more...

Osprey Packs Kode ABS-Compatible 22+10 - 1342cu in

The Osprey Kode ABS-Compatible 22+10 Backpack accommodates an ABS Vario Base Unit (sold separately) with its detachable back panel, and it expands to give you 32 liters for longer ski trips. Features like an insulated hydration hose sleeve, and ice tool l more...

Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tightener - Small

Thanks to the Nite Ize Small Figure 9 Rope Tightener, you don't have to be a knot expert to strap a kayak to the roof of your car or get a cooler tied into your raft. This simple piece of gear from Nite Ize helps you tighten your line and tie it off in se more...

Mammut Spindrift Guide 35L Backpack - 2135cu in

Mammut equipped the Spindrift Guide 35L Backpack with everything you need for skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and alpine expeditions. Its Motion V-Frame back panel uses flexible aluminum stays for support and a thermo-molded panel for lightweight comfort. more...

Osprey Packs Kode ABS 42 - 2563cu in

The Osprey Kode ABS 42 Backpack is big-time ski-season pack with a serious trick up its sleeve--the standard thermo-molded back panel zips off and allows you to attach an ABS Vario Base Unit, transforming the Kode from a top-shelf ski pack into a fully fu more...

Oakley Snowmad R.A.S. 30 Backpack - 1831cu in

Oakley teamed up with Snowpulse to design the Snowmad R. A. S. 30 Backpack, and did so with two goals in mind: safety and simplicity. The two frequently go hand in hand in the backcountry, so Oakley made a backpack that's super easy to use, while still pa more...

Mammut Spindrift Guide 45L Backpack - 2746cu in

When seconds count, you don't want to waste any digging around in your pack to find your shovel, shovel handle, or probe. Mammut's Spindrift Guide 45L Backpack has a separate pocket with sleeves for both the probe and shovel shaft so you can quickly assem more...

Arc'teryx Alpha FL 45 Backpack - 1953-2746cu in

If you frequently find yourself on long, technical, and committing rock and ice routes where you need to have plenty of gear with you, or serious ski mountaineering expeditions where getting up is at least as serious as getting down, you need a pack like more...

Arc'teryx Quintic 38L Backpack - 2319cu in

Arc'teryx designers poured untold amounts of energy into perfecting the lowered, wide, and flat shape of the Quintic 38L Backpack. This shape specifically accommodates the movement patterns of skiers and snowboarders. Stable and predictable when fully loa more...

Black Diamond Covert Avalung Backpack - 1465-1587cu in
On sale - now $168.97
- was $259.95

For a quick out-and-back skin lap or fast day tour, the added protection of the Black Diamond Covert Avalung Backpack is hard to beat. The small, classic backpack design holds the minimum--your safety tools--plus a built-in Avalung system, and the cleverl more...

Black Diamond Anthem AvaLung

Backcountry touring provides access to uncharted territory, spectacular views, a blank palette of freshly fallen snow, and uncontrolled avalanches. With the Black Diamond Anthem AvaLung Pack, you can comfortably carry gear for the day, and enjoy the added more...

Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Backpack - 1831-1953cu in

Stash a day's worth of ski touring or snowboard gear and all your avalanche safety tools inside the mid-sized Black Diamond Outlaw Avalung Backpack. Besides a uniquely comfortable suspension system and both front and back panel access, this bag boasts a b more...

Black Diamond Alias Avalung Backpack - 2014-2136 cu in

Stripped of all unnecessary features, the streamlined Black Diamond Alias Avalung Backpack provides serious backcountry skiers with everything they need and nothing they don't in a reliable and lightweight pack system. When you have the breathing tube in more...

Black Diamond Revelation Avalung Backpack - 2014-2136cu in

Organization and safety are everything in the world of elite-level backcountry skiing and mountaineering, and as such, the Black Diamond Revelation Avalung Backpack was designed to fit these principles. An integrated Avalung system extends your potential more...

Arc'teryx Pack Shelter

Before you head out on trail, make sure you stuff the Arc'teryx Pack Shelter in your pack in case you encounter a rainy or snowy day. This synthetic pack cover features an elastic draw cord for a secure fit, compression straps to reduce wind drag, and is more...

Gregory Rain Cover
On sale - now $26.95
- was $29.95

Don't be left with a soaked pack when the skies open and Mother Nature drenches your next backpacking trip with a downpour; have the Gregory Rain cover packed away and ready. more...

Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover

You have your high-tech rain gear and your waterproof hiking boots. Don't stop there--protect your pack and its contents from summer downpours with the Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover. Weighing in at only 4 ounces (size medium), the cover won't weigh y more...

Mammut Trion Nordwand 35L Pack - 2135cu in
On sale - now $235.96
- was $294.95

Before your next at-altitude adventure, load up your Mammut Trion Nordwand 35L Pack with gear and essentials. Readily equipped to do so, the Trion features a removable hip belt and ski carry. more...

Arc'teryx Khamski 38 Backpack - 2075-2441cu in

You can carry all you need for a full day of backcountry riding with the Arc'teryx Khamski 38 Backpack and do it in comfort. The double aluminum stays and high-density foam back panel keep the load stable and supported on your back. Hypercell anatomic sho more...

Black Diamond Anarchist Avalung Backpack - 2624-2746cu in

Massive storage capacity, an articulated suspension system, and a built-in Avalalung system make the Black Diamond Anarchist Avalung Backpack the ultimate choice for ski guides or hut-hopping backcountry skiers. Weighing in at just over four pounds, this more...

Granite Gear Cloud Cover Pack Fly
On sale - now $28.75
- was $31.95

Pack covers are useful, so long as they're light--otherwise you'll hem and haw over whether to bring it, and then when it rains, Murphy's Law guarantees you'll have left it behind. The Granite Gear's Cloud Cover Pack Fly weighs less than four ounces, but more...

Arc'teryx Khamski 48 Backpack - 2746-3234cu in

Refreshed and revitalized for fall, the Arc'teryx Khamski 48 Backpack is catching the eyes and interest of snow patrollers, touring enthusiasts, and backpack geeks everywhere. It also already won an ISPO award. It is lightweight and stable, waterproof and more...

Osprey Packs Crampon Pocket - 200 cu in

Congrats on getting a new Osprey Argon, Zenon, Aether, and Ariel series backpack. Make sure to protect your investment with the 200 cubic-inch Osprey Crampon Pocket. This durable pocket safely houses your sharp crampons so that they don't shred your pack more...

Swix Kilt Tri Pack

The Swix Kilt Tri Pack holds your ski boots, helmet, waxes, and tools in heavy-duty polyester safety, so you can drive to the hill or fly halfway around the world without worrying about your gear. Padded backpack straps and a top handle make it easy to ca more...

Mountain Hardwear Pack Rain Cover
On sale - now $37.46
- was $49.95

The monsoon sometimes hits while you're still on the trail, and when it does, the Mountain Hardwear Pack Rain Cover keeps your gear dry and your pack from absorbing extra water-weight. The lightweight tent material features water-resistant coatings and fu more...

Osprey Packs Daylite Backpack Attachment - 793cu in

Increase your Osprey backpack's gear-toting capabilities with the Osprey Daylite Backpack Attachment. The Daylite firmly affixes to all Osprey 'Add-On'-compatible packs and then detaches when you need a lightweight and comfortable daypack for a summit pus more...

CamelBak Bootlegger Winter Pack
On sale - now $43.96
- was $55

CamelBak's Bootlegger Winter Pack is a lightweight, low-profile pack that won't have you sitting awkwardly on the lift to avoid getting hung up by dangling straps. It's 50 ounces of hydration will have you feeling energized and ready for a couple hours of more...

Exped Cloudburst 15 Backpack
On sale - now $53.06
- was $58.95

When the summit finally sheds its shroud, you pack up the light and fast Exped Cloudburst 15 Backpack and head out of camp to bag another famous peak. With this highly packable, weatherproof roll-top stuff sack in your trekking pack, you can always be rea more...

Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tightener - Large

You don't have to be a sailor to tie a cooler into your truck or secure a tarp shelter in the trees. Just use the Nite Ize Large Figure 9 Rope Tightener. This simple tool provides a mechanical advantage to tighten your rigging and then helps you lock it o more...

CamelBak Zoid Winter Hydration Backpack

From day hikes in summer to bone-chilling mountain days in the winter, the Camelbak Zoid Hydration Pack dispenses the essentials and stores 70 ounces of your favorite nourishing beverage. The PureFlow insulated tube keeps water in its liquid state when th more...

Exped Cloudburst 25 Backpack
On sale - now $62.06
- was $68.95

After two cloudy days at your alpine base camp, you wake on the third to blue skies below an inviting summit. That's when you pull the fast and light Exped Cloudburst 25 Backpack out of your expedition pack and hustle up the peak. When it's not holding yo more...

Burton Day Hiker 23L Backpack - Women's - 1404cu in

Thanks to an awesome combination of features like a dedicated shovel pocket, hydration sleeve, and padded laptop compartment, the Burton Day Hiker 23L Backpack easily transitions from sidecountry stash-hunting to school days. And it has since the beginnin more...

Burton Day Hiker 25L Backpack - 1526cu in

The Burton Day Hiker 25L Backpack is a sleek, low-profile design that's useful for everything from school days to sidecountry hikes. The vertical three-strap board carry system and internal shovel pocket get you prepared for adventures out of the resort g more...

DAKINE Mission 25L Backpack - 1500cu in
On sale - now $41.97
- was $69.95

After a short morning powder session on the resort, take out your avy gear and replace it with your school gear in the Dakine Mission 25L Backpack. This versatile snowboard pack features a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve for your computer, while an organizer more...

DAKINE Mission 25L Backpack - Women's - 1500cu in
On sale - now $52.46
- was $69.95

The DAKINE Women's Mission Pack features the capacity and flexibility to carry your gear around campus during the week, and around the mountain on the weekend. Whether your mission is to get to classes on time, or to catch the first chair, the Mission hel more...

Roxy Tribute Backpack
On sale - now $41.22
- was $74.95

The Roxy Tribute Backpack allows you to carry your stuff on backcountry ski or snowboard treks in eye-catching style. It features a distinctive artist-collaboration print, along with plenty of functional features that make packing along and organizing you more...

CamelBak Scorpion Hydration Backpack - 175cu in

Well, you've done it, again. After a full morning of lapping the chairlift, you've officially drained you mini water bottle, and now you're left with the choice of either going without water and bonking or trying to navigate the lunch-time horde at the lo more...

The North Face Verto 26 Backpack - 1600cu in
On sale - now $63.16
- was $78.95

Instead of strapping on your heavy expedition pack on the morning of your summit attempt, just slip the essentials into The North Face's lightweight and versatile Verto 26 Backpack and leave your heavy gear at basecamp. In addition to hauling your puffy, more...

Osprey Packs Karve 6 Backpack - 370-430cu in
On sale - now $43.42
- was $78.95

Pop out of the gates for some deliciously deep turns, but do it right: with a partner and your avy gear tucked into the tight and lift-friendly Osprey Karve 6 Backpack. As you drop into the untracked powder, this small pack provides the level of preparedn more...

The North Face Slackpack 16 Backpack - 976cu in
On sale - now $63.16
- was $78.95

Ski the backcountry with The North Face Slackpack 16 Backpack. Its carry system accommodates skis, snowboards, or splitboards so you can rock the same backpack no matter what you're riding, and internal sleeves organize your avy gear for easy access. The more...

Burton Booter Pack

You ride hard. Take a backpack with you that's built to withstand a tough day of riding with the Burton Booter Pack. Made with durable 600D polyester fabric, this pack has all the storage you need to carry your gear. With a rear-entry boot storage pocket, more...

Burton Paradise 18L Backpack - 1098cu in

Reach your powder paradise with the Burton Paradise 18L Backpack. With essential backcountry features such as vertical snowboard carry and an internal shovel and probe pocket, you will have the capability to tour to your favorite stashes. Hydration compat more...

DAKINE Baker 16L Backpack - 1000cu in
On sale - now $43.97
- was $79.95

Inspired by the epic steeps and outrageous snow totals of the Pacific Northwest, the DAKINE Baker 16L Backpack offers enough storage space for all the essentials without unnecessary bulk to hold you back. more...

Burton Provision Backpack - 1220cu in

Get a school bag and a snowboarding pack all in one with the Burton Provision Backpack. It has a simpler and more compact design than most snowboard bags to give it a casual look that's fit for urban life. A vertical snowboard carry holds your shred stick more...

DAKINE Elias Elhardt Team Mission 25L Backpack - 1500cu in
On sale - now $59.96
- was $79.95

Whether you're taking pow laps at your local mountain, walking to class, or commuting to work, the Dakine Elias Elhardt Team Mission 25L Backpack efficiently organizes all of your daily items and accessories. This Elias Elhardt signature pack sports a cus more...

DAKINE Louif Paradis Team Mission 25L Backpack - 1500cu in
On sale - now $59.96
- was $79.95

Hosting a wide variety of snow and organization-friendly features, the Dakine Louif Paradis Team Mission 25L Backpack easily holds a day's worth of riding accessories, school items, and work essentials. This Louif Paradis signature pack sports a custom co more...

Burton HCSC Shred Scout Backpack - 1587cu in

The ideal pack for the campers at the High Cascades Snowboard Camp is one that is heavy duty (420D nylon construction) and can carry both a snowboard and a skateboard. The Burton HCSC Shred Scout Backpack is it. Actually, whatever you happen to be into to more...

DAKINE Heli Pro 20L Backpack - 1200cu in
On sale - now $55.22
- was $84.95

Sure, you can strap a shovel to your back and shoulder your boards, but you'll be thirsty, hungry, and freezing to death once you summit. And don't even think about bootpacking on a skin track. Pack up treats, layers, skins, and hydration in the Dakine He more...

Burton Rider's 25L Backpack - 1526cu in

These days, it seems there is a different pack for every mountain activity, whether it be resort riding, touring, or snowmobiling. Do you think it seems pointless to spend a ton of money on every single variety of pack? If you do, and you're looking for a more...

Black Diamond Bandit Winter Pack - 671cu in
On sale - now $49.47
- was $89.95

The Black Diamond Bandit Winter Pack caters to the minimalist skier or rider who prefers to get to the point. Whether you're just ducking the gates or on a morning cat or heli tour, the Bandit keeps your basic avy essentials at the ready and quickly acces more...

Osprey Packs Reverb 10 Backpack - 610cu in

The powder-y pillows await beyond the gate. Part of your crew is unprepared and needs to head back to the lodge, while you and your buddy have all the gear you need in a pair of Osprey Reverb 10 Backpacks. You were thinking, but then, you always do when i more...

Burton Riders 22L Backpack - Women's - 1343cu in

You're a woman who sends the biggest lines far past the resort boundaries, and the Burton Rider's 22L Backpack is probably the best thing you could strap to your back while you're shredding. Vertical and sled-friendly snowboard carry options mean you can more...

DAKINE Limited Heli Pro 20L Backpack - 1200cu in

Venture deep into the backcountry for untouched pow or simplify your daily commute when you're rocking the Dakine Limited Heli Pro 20L Backpack. This versatile pack can be used for earning turns beyond the resort or simply running errands around town and more...

CamelBak Snoblast Winter Hydration Backpack

Thirsty and miserable does not make for an enjoyable day on the mountain. Set yourself up with CamelBak's Snoblast Winter Hydration Pack and keep your favorite nourishing liquid safely stored inside this pack's 68oz insulated bladder. The patented Big Bit more...

CamelBak Gambler Hydration Backpack - 200cu in

Hit the backcountry this season with the essentials including your shovel, probe, skins, a snack, your phone, wallet, and keys. At just over a pound, the lightweight Camelback Gambler Hydration Pack hauls everything you need without weighing you down. Wit more...

Gregory Verte 25 Backpack - 1525cu in

When you have a lot of vertical ground to cover, it helps to have an ultralight minimalist daypack like the Gregory Verte 25 Backpack. This 25L bag weighs just 1lb 4oz, and has a removable LifeSpan foam framesheet, removable webbing waistbelt, and removab more...

The North Face Verto 32 Backpack - 1953cu in
On sale - now $79.16
- was $98.95

After two days on the mountain, the summit is finally in reach. Pull The North Face Verto 32 Backpack out and load it with enough supplies to finish the last leg of your ascent. This compressible, ultralight pack is a smart option when you want to keep yo more...

Marmot Sidetrack 14 Winter Pack - 854cu in
On sale - now $74.21
- was $98.95

While the gaggles of gapers wait in liftlines to ski the tracked-out frontside, you earn fresh powder turns with the Marmot Sidetrack 14 Winter Pack. This versatile pack allows you to carry your skis with either the diagonal or A-frame ski carry system, o more...

The North Face Slackpack 20 Backpack - 1281cu in
On sale - now $79.16
- was $98.95

When you leave the resort behind, there's no cafeteria, shop, or ski patrol to accommodate you. It's up to you to bring along whatever you might need along the way, and the Slackpack 20 Backpack from The North Face is ready. Designed to keep your avy gear more...

Deuter Provoke 14 SL Backpack - Women's - 854cu in
On sale - now $49.5
- was $99

Since that brain under your ski helmet works, you always head into the resort's sidecountry prepared; ie. after checking the avalanche report, with a partner, and with the Deuter Women's Provoke 14 SL Backpack loaded up with your avy gear. This women-spec more...

Deuter Provoke 16 Backpack - 976cu in
On sale - now $64.35
- was $99

Even when you're prepared, a quick, deep lap outside the gates doesn't take much gear. The Deuter Provoke 16 Backpack easily stows your shovel and probe within easy reach while also providing the option to attach skis or a board and also hold a few extras more...

Mammut Nirvana Rocker 20L Pack - 1220cu in

You don't need a heavy, bulky backpack when you hit up the backcountry for a day. You're set for some safe times with the Mammut Nirvana Rocker 20L Pack that has just enough space for your avy gear, skins, and a hydration reservoir. Its Contact suspension more...

Osprey Packs Kode Race 18 - 1098cu in

Osprey designed the Kode Race 18 for randonee racers, minimalist alpine tourers, and speedy skiers in the backcountry. Its BioStretch Body Wrap shoulder straps include a removable and adjustable sternum strap, a breathable mesh wrap, and front pockets for more...

Osprey Packs Reverb 18 Backpack - 1098cu in

When the powder is fresh, you don't want to be taking time out to go to the lodge to eat. If this sounds familiar, the Osprey Reverb 18 Pack is the perfect way to maximize mountain time. Sewn from 420 Dobby poly and nylon, the Osprey Reverb carries all of more...

CamelBak PowderBak Hydration Pack - Women's
On sale - now $59.97
- was $99.95

Forget about chafed shoulders and a bulky hydration pack on your back, and zip up the low-profile CamelBak Women's PowderBak Hydration Pack instead. Integrated into a stretchy and comfortable mid-layer vest, a 72-ounce bladder keeps you from going thirsty more...

DAKINE Chute 16L Winter Pack - 1000cu in
On sale - now $44.98
- was $99.95

The DAKINE Chute 16L Winter Pack conveniently carries your shovel, probe, extra layers, water, and snacks during quick sidecountry hikes or marathon days in-bounds. more...

Mountain Hardwear Snowtastic 18 Backpack - 1098cu in
On sale - now $74.96
- was $99.95

Mountain Hardwear designed its Snowtastic 18 Backpack so you can ski or snowboard short backcountry trips and bring just your key safety gear along. Its shoulder straps and back panel are well-padded for comfort, and the padding moves with your bends, cur more...

Rossignol Lap Backpack - 915cu in

Rossignol's Lap Backpack handles days in the backcountry as well as the ski resort. Features like a diagonal ski carry, pockets and sleeves for avy gear, and even a pocket for your goggle ready you for all types of snowy adventures. The Lap is hydration-c more...

Burton Splitboard 30L Backpack - 1831cu in

Forget the season pass this year and earn your turns with the help of the Burton Splitboard 30L Backpack. This backcountry pack is loaded with splitboarding-specific features for exploring new zones and seeking out untouched powder. Split-specific vertica more...

DAKINE Chute 18L Winter Pack - 1098cu in
On sale - now $74.96
- was $99.95

Just because you're in-bounds doesn't mean you don't need to be prepared. The Dakine Chute Winter Pack is perfect for deep days at the resort and quick dawn patrols in the backcountry. It has a shovel pocket for easy access to avalanche gear, and its comp more...




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