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Antarctica Videos
Long Videos

Presented for your delectation, edification and amusement, a series of selected videos on the subject of Antarctica chosen from those available from the multitudes to be found on the internet and elsewhere. Some are short, some are long, some are readily found, some are distinctly scarcer.

Long Videos - Over 10 mins


Discovery Channel, Ultimate Journeys - Antarctica. An overview of Antarctica, particularly the history of the South American sector along the usual tourist route, across the Drake's Passage to South Georgia to Deception Island in the South Shetlands, to the South Orkneys (not so much on the usual route) to the Antarctic Peninsula. Jumps around a bit, but worth a watch particularly as a first introduction.
44 mins 3 sec

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Beneath the Frozen World - Cousteau in Antarctica. I grew up watching Jacques Cousteau in the school holidays, and how I wanted to be part of the crew of the Calypso! Here Jacques and the boys go down the Antarctic Peninsula and under the ice. A wonderful movie with one of my favourite documentary makers and one of my favourite places. Buy on VHS
48 mins 51 sec

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The Antarctica and Apollo Project. A "Google Tech Talk" an illustrated lecture/talk by Brian Lintott a New Zealand historian. A good overview of the history of Antarctic exploration from the Heroic Age to the present day with some fascinating information that is not readily available elsewhere. A good review of modern Antarctic science too.


The Antarctica and Apollo project is exploring the history of heritage conservation in Antarctica and the lessons that can be taken for heritage sites on the Moon and beyond. The Heroic-era huts of Scott and Shackleton lay abandoned for decades before the US Navy briefly visited Antarctica in the late 1940s. The establishment of American and New Zealand scientific bases in the 1950s resulted in a range of interventions that have had significant impacts on the huts, their environs and associated artefacts.

Lintott is Director of the Ferrymeade Heritage Park in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has conducted historic preservation research of American and New Zealand research outposts in Antarctica and presented his findings internationally.
58 mins 59 secs

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Antarctica (1983) - A Japanese Antarctic movie with English subtitles. Based on the true story of a 1958 Japanese Antarctic expedition and how an abandoned dog team survive alone. A box office hit when released in Japan.

The Japanese name for the movie is Nankyoku Monogatari - South Pole Story. If you like dogs this is the movie for you, though it's not for the whole family as only two of the dogs survive. Remade (poorly) as the Disney movie "8 Below". This is the original and by far the best.
2 hours 23 mins

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