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Signy 60th Reunion 2007

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  • Signy 60th Reunion 2007

    Email passed on....

    Dear Signy Fid,

    Base H on Signy Island was formally established on March 18th, 1947, so
    it will soon be time to celebrate its 60th birthday.

    A number of Fids who recall the 40th and 50th Anniversary Reunions have already asked whether there are plans for a similar event next year. this has prompted Bill Block and Bob Burton to start making enquiries and we have already had offers to assist and/or to attend. Possible venues are Whitby, as previous reunions, or Cambridge.

    It would be a pity to leave the occasion unmarked by a reunion of some kind, so we wonder whether any of you have the time and energy to help put something together. In view of the limited time available, it would need to be started soon. It would thus be very helpful if you could indicate as soon as possible, but anyway before the end of June, whether the idea interests you and whether you would like to be part of the organising team.

    307 people have wintered at Signy, of whom 30 are known to have died. over 100 who are members of the BAS Club have been emailed and we hope to contact others, including summer fids.

    Bill Block has offered to receive and analyse responses to this note. Please e-mail him soon at; with any offers, comments, and indications of whether you might attend, time and place permitting. > You might also think of writing something interesting for Bob Burton to publish in the BAS Club Newsletter."


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    Re: Signy 60th Reunion 2007

    Ok, meeting as of 31st of August and things are starting to move.

    The venue will be in or around Cambridge, where and when to be announced as it depends on availability, cost etc.

    I've also put up a webpage here where I will make announcements as and when there's anything to say:


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      Re: Signy 60th Reunion 2007

      Hi All

      Looking forward to this, is it correct that it is on the weekending 22nd September?

      I am hoping to have digitalised some photos and slides that I took so that I can forward them on to you.



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        Re: Signy 60th Reunion 2007

        Hi Allan,

        It's the previous weekend, 14-16th of September. Are you a member of the BAS club or otherwise on the mailing list? If, not send me a private message, top right of this page with your email and address and I'll ensure you are added.



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          Re: Signy 60th Reunion 2007

          The reunion was a great success, I was sent a lot of pictures which I have put onto a cd, there are some left that can be bought here:

          I'll be putting the pictures up with captions when I get around to it, I've started with thumbnails here: