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NRP working in Antarctica story

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  • NRP working in Antarctica story

    There was a two part story (started yesterday) on the NPR show 'Day to Day'. It followed the working experience of Penelope Chilton (sp?) as a janitor at the McMurdo station. As far as getting something of an idea of what its like to winter over in Antarctica, it was informative on an emotional level.

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    Thanks for that AK. For those following the link, it's an audio file, you need to click on the "Listen" icon at top left and turn your speakers on.

    She does sound a bit of a nutter though - I didn't come across anyone who was vaguely like this!


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      Yeah I agree, she did sound...well, for lack of a better term 'out there'. But it was an interesting story none-the-less.


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        she sounds perfectly sane to me. maybe the world had something to show her, sometimes ya gotta pay real close attention, in which "out there" becomes a spiritual term. she also said she was angry when new people arrived which is strange cause there were already 200 people there. quite possibly she felt intruded upon, but then again she wasn't living in a bamboo hut. maybe deep down she really liked it there but knew subconsciously she was leaving. a sort of spiritual death / awakening. being in services myself i can see how one might drift from there objectives. interesting story thanks!!


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          OK maybe I was a little blunt!

          I do think it's a bit extreme, I wintered with 12 and 13 other people my 2 years and summer meant a maximum of 30 - usually 25, so it sounds odd from my perspective.
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