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United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs

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  • United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs


    As from the 30th of March 2012, Raytheon are no longer responsible for recruitment for the National Science Foundation, NSF in Antarctica, instead, Lockheed Martin have now taken over this function.

    As of October 2012, they seem to be trying different formats, the main recruitment page is now HERE, though it may move....
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    Re: United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs

    Do you happen to know if Lockheed Martin is planning on having a recruitment job fair like Raytheon used to? I have tried to contact their HR for the Arctic Program via the e-mail address listed but it just bounces back as a bad address. Might have to try through the regular Lockheed Martin HR.



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      Re: United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs

      As far as I'm aware there are none currently planned and haven't been any this year. The hand over date was part way through the main recruitment time so maybe they didn't get a chance to arrange one this year?

      It could be Lockheed martin have a different way of doing things (FB page for instance is a new idea) and won't have them or that they may have job fairs for next season.

      Which on reading through doesn't sound very helpful at all!


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        Re: United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs

        Their "Facebook" page seems useless to an individual seeking employment.
        Also, I haven't had any luck searching their main website for what you might consider "menial" labor.
        (I cook food for a living; 20 years in, I consider it a profession, but... w/e)

        If anyone has any info on Lockheed Martin's hiring practices, contact info, just -anything, please post.

        Raytheon was hard to contact, but Lockheed Martin just seems absolutely unapproachable. On purpose? Or perhaps I'm just missing some obvious link...?


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          Re: United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs

          Hi syrup and welcome to the board.

          They did have all available jobs on the FB page until recently which looked totally different to how it looks now! It seems that they are taking some time to settle on the best interface maybe.

          I've edited the post at the top of this thread to link to the (current) appropraite page, so that should help get you started. Tenacity counts for a lot, so keep plugging away.


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            Re: United States Antarctic Program - Lockheed Martin jobs


            I realize this thread a bit on the old side, but not so much relative to some of the others. I was unable to find out from the NSF website who had taken over as the support contractor. This thread led me in the right direction.

            However, I'm not able to find any job postings on the link Paul posted above. Here's a site I found through a subsequent Google search, listing the positions available:

            While I don't personally qualify for any of those listed, Lockheed-Martin also lists several "partners" in the contract, one or two of which aren't to be found on the NSF's page for support opportunities, here.

            I hope this list is comprehensive and that I've helped a bit. Now perhaps you can help me. What sorts of jobs does someone with relatively little work experience qualify for? Assume, for the sake of simplicity (and being conservative), that I am fresh out of high school with only some volunteer experience under my belt (this is not the case). Would this inexperience disqualify me for pretty much all jobs on the ice? What if my work experience is a bit longer; three years of college and two years job experience? I don't really care if it's menial.

            It seems that this "Balkanization" of support contractors to different firms holding the contract for different things is going to make the application and job search process significantly more difficult.