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Non-scientific jobs in Antarctica

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  • Non-scientific jobs in Antarctica

    Hello. I have been browsing around the web for some time now trying to find information about job opportunities in Antarctica and quite frankly, I haven't found all that much. To not make this a very long thread let me just put it straight. I am a cook, that have had a passion for Antarctica and Arctic since I was a kid. I would die to experience it at least once in my lifetime and to combine both of my passions together would be amazing. I know that there is a very limited amount of jobs available and that most are scientific related, but still there has to be a few cooks over!

    I was simply wondering if anyone have a clue about the first steps I could take to get some information on this kind of "job opportunity". Also, I am Canadian and it doesn't look like there is much employment information on the Canadian Polar website ( ).

    I noticed that these forums haven't been much active, but if anyone passes by and have some info to share with me, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Non-scientific jobs in Antarctica

    Hi Mark,

    Yes there are jobs for cooks, all but the very smallest bases (of just a handful of people) have a cook. Your problem is your nationality however, many countries only consider their own nationals. Of those who will interview and take others, they will want you to go for interview in their own country which may be problematic.

    Given the potential personality conflicts on an Antarctic base, you will almost never get a job (i.e. never so far, but maybe one day in the future?!) by applying remotely. Face to face interviews are a requirement.


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      Re: Non-scientific jobs in Antarctica

      American and Commonwealth bases sometimes accept Canadians, but generally for skills that are harder to find. Unfortunately for cooks, there are lots of applicants for the cook positions, which means that the various programs will generally first consider their own nationals for such a position.

      Cooks also tend to have fewer chances to see much, as their job keeps them in the kitchen or close by. Occasionally they might work at a field camp in the summer, but about the only job worse in this respect is as a janitor or dish washer - which is only available at a couple large stations anyway.

      Do you have any other skills that might be useful? The mechanical trades are probably the easiest way to go, as there is less competition among those who have the skills.

      If you want to go as a cook AND see more than one base, you might do best with a private expedition - but they will have probably already given that position to someone they know.


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        Re: Non-scientific jobs in Antarctica

        Do you have any other ideas for non-scientific job (and not just for Americans...). If only political analysis about Antarctica could be conduct in Antarctica...


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          Re: Non-scientific jobs in Antarctica

          If your country has a national program, that is your best bet. Most operations in Antarctica are as part of a national program.

          Otherwise, there are occasional private expeditions and some private companies working there, but I don't know how they choose who to hire. It's probably a case of knowing the right people.

          It might help if you mentioned your skills and nationality.