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Age requirement?

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  • Age requirement?

    I've known I wanted to spend a work season in Antarctica since my Freshman year of High School. Now, as a Junior, I see the end of my public schooling rapidly approaching, and while doing some unrelated thinking, a possible problem with my plan came to mind.

    I won't be eighteen until September of 2011, about three months after I graduate.

    My primary question is as the title, is there an age requirement for support personnel on U.S. Antarctic bases? I couldn't find anything on Raytheon's site, but then again I never can, so I bring my troubles here.

    Another question I have is when exactly do the jobs available to a person of my experience and education become available on the Raytheon jobs site? When can I begin applying for them,? Any answers would be appreciated.

    Also, just to save time, let me just say that I realize how unlikely it is that a kid with a high-school education who's never had a job is going to be selected for a stay in Antarctica, especially in this economic climate. I know my chances are slim, no need to repeat it, but aside from that, any information you may have would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Re: Age requirement?

    Age? Not sure, under 21's have been down though, so don't give up.

    When to apply? You have to keep looking at the Raytheon site, they update when they are ready. They have far more applicants than posts so do as they please and don't bother to email and let people know. It's anytime now but can vary by weeks from year to year.

    If you go to a job fair it helps enormously and if you don't get the first job you go for, keep on trying, tenacity works.


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      Re: Age requirement?

      I was 20 when I went to Stonington albeit this was almost 40 years ago now! I also remember a diver (Signy?) who was I believe 18, so there is hope. I don't believe age is too significant as long as you have the qualifications and experience sought and the right mentality and degree of maturity.
      I spent my 21 birthday party in a screaming katabatic wind at the bottom of Sodabread Slope (North east Glacier) when the tent next to us began to disintegrate. We ended up with 5 people in our tent which also sustained storm damage but thankfully held up. Experiencing 100+mph winds when you are in a tent is rather invigorating!

      Nil desperandum.