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  • Entry Level Positions

    I checked out Raytheon and i'm assuming most of the entry level jobs are filled rather quickly. When do openings usually post? Can you put in a resume now or do you have to wait for a positon to become available first?

    I'd be very interested in a chef/cook position, but i'll take anything to get my foot in the door.

    I'm apologize for all the questions, but thats how we learn.

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    Re: Entry Level Positions

    You'd be surprised. A lot of people apply for jobs in Antarctica, but most are not qualified for the positions that need to be filled. Competition is VERY strong for General Assistants (GAs - i.e., flunkies) and Dining Assistants, slightly less for Carps (carpenters, but they also work with metal and are general construction).

    For other jobs, if you're qualified, you have a decent chance. Even if a position is filled, they want alternates. If something happens and one person can't go, they don't want to have to start over from scratch to find a replacement. For many specialties, they have a hard time finding qualified people. I know they have had some difficulty finding qualified welders, for example.

    Last I knew (a month ago), there might be a position open at South Pole for a chef or two for Winter 2009. However, winter is quite a commitment - 9 months without access to the outside world (except internet, 9 to 11 hours per day, depending on the state of the equipment). There may also be an opening at McMurdo. Doubtful at Palmer, which is a bit more competitive, but you could ask.

    If you're qualified, ASK. The dining services do seem to value experience in French cuisine especially. The earlier you start talking to them, the better. Talk to a person, not the computer.

    Best of luck!


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      Re: Entry Level Positions

      I sent my resume and cover letter in today for 2009 - 2010 seasons and got this as a reply:

      Hello, James.

      Thanks so much for writing. You have replied to an advertisement that expired in mid-October; all of our staff has been hired and has gone to Antarctica for the austral summer season. Please reapply for a Sours Chef position in late March 2009 by sending a new email and resume. That is the beginning of the hiring process for the 2009-2010 season.

      Best wishes on your career search.

      Now this was through NANA. I'm getting married Oct. 2009 and wasn't looking to leave till after. I'm assuming that would be to late for a summer rotation over there, so i guess i'll be shooting for winter of 2010.

      Any insight or recommendations? Info on when seasons start/end?

      Thanks guys/gals-


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        Re: Entry Level Positions

        Hi James,

        Well you made contact which is the important first thing. I don't know how many people they get applying for your kind of positions, but I'm guessing not a huge number.

        Yes it's probably too late for a deployment this summer season now, although people do pull out and requirements change so it's not entirely a total end of the story for this season (probably 90% or more though).

        Get in as soon as you can with your application in March and state your availability dates. I don't know about specific dates I'm afraid, but I do know that keenness and tenacity can pay off in getting a job in Antarctica.

        Best of luck.


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          Re: Entry Level Positions

          Season dates:

          McMurdo: regular Summer season starts about late September or early October, and goes until late February or early March. However, there may be a late flight in late March, and WINFLY, the first flight to prepare for the summer season, is in late August or September. McMurdo can handle an emergency flight most of the year, but there just isn't a reason for many flights during the winter.

          South Pole: Summer begins late October or early November. Last scheduled flight is 15 February.

          I don't know the dates for Palmer, which is reached by ship in any case.


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            Re: Entry Level Positions

            Thanks very much guys! I'm determined to spend a season on the ice. I've got alot more reading / research to do so i can be fully prepared but i'm confident i'll get there.