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  • Next Job Fair

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering when the next Job fair for 2008 will be. I'll be there if I have to walk.

    A little about myself.

    I'm a multi talented network engineer/electronic engineer/programmer. I have been a long time Hiker/Camper(even in the winter) am in very good physical shape(6'2' 210 lb.of muscle). I'm used to long hours, hard work and sometimes brutal conditions. I was told by a man who got his PhD in physics at 27 that I was the smartest person he had ever met. (I told him he needs to get out more often). If it has a microprocessor in it I can make it work. If there is a bug in software I can find it. I taught myself programming at the ripe old age of 10. I have many credits from the university of Cincinnati in computer science and Electrical Engineering. I didn't finish my BS degree due to money issues(and boredom). I was a welfare kid living on the street while in school, I didn't want to borrow money so I worked a full time job while taking 17-19 credit hours of EE classes(roofing landscaping etc). I have a lot of job experience as a network engineer and desktop support.

    Also what do they mean by "Psychologically Normal" How normal are people who want to work in Antarctica?

    Thomas Stoll

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    Re: Next Job Fair


    The dates are usually released in January, when they are I'll post them in the jobs section on this board.


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      Re: Next Job Fair

      Thanks! I'll be sure to check in from time to time.