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Find a job in Antarctica

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  • Find a job in Antarctica

    If you haven't already visited the jobs page, then you should do so here:

    Posting in this forum that you "are available" will achieve nothing, you need to chase the jobs up yourself.

    Recruitment tends to take place mainly from January to about May/June for the following season. So recruitment to go South in the summer season 2011 / 2012 will take place from Jan - June 2011.

    There may be a very few jobs come up after June for the coming season (i.e. from June 2011 for 2011/2012 season), if someone previously recruited is unable to go for instance, these are by their nature rare and unpredictable as to what job/s they may be.

    There are recruitment fairs, see the jobs page and also recent posts in this forum. In the USA in particular attendance at a fair increases your chances of employment greatly.

    Tenacity pays off - if you don't get the first job you go for, keep trying, it shows it's more than just a whim on your part.

    Here's a really useful post for US citizens from Alan Light who has wintered several times in Antarctica at McMurdo and also the South Pole station.
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    Re: Find a job in Antarctica


    You seem to be a very active and knowledgeable member so I couldn?t resist posing this question directly to you.

    Although I live in New York I am seriously considering attending the career fair in Colorado in April. My question for the forum is: what are my chances?

    I am 22 and currently work at a major broker in nyc. I dont know if I want to pursue a career in this particular role in finance or go on to grad school/another job. I think that a trip to Antarctica would be a perfect time to gather my thoughts about what I would like to do next, and besides: its antarctica, there will be scientists around that I can converse with, there will be interesting people like me who go to Antarctica to talk to, and finally it will give me a chance to do some real work (not just sit behind a desk).

    I am a good candidate because: I work long hours and Im used to it, Im sociable, and I can learn to do a general job rather quickly (i have cleaned bathrooms before).

    Having told you my mind set, I am curious to know what you think. I understand that it is competitive and if you tell me that my chances of getting a job are 1 out of 5, I will take the trip to the fair. But if they are anything less I do not know if its worth the trip.

    Thanks for your time.


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      Re: Find a job in Antarctica


      I can't tell you what your chances are of getting a job. My experience is in the UK (British Antarctic Survey) and what I know of the US is from communications that people may or may not pass on.

      From what I have read just now, I would say go if you can afford it. Contact Raytheon in advance and get as much information as you possibly can about what is available and what your chances are.

      You sound a good bet to me, but there's nothing like seeing someone in person and that's why they have the job fair. As long as you are physically fit and psychologically "normal" you stand a good chance. If you don't get picked this time apply again - some people go down several years in a row for a few months.

      At interview, like at any interview emphasize what you can provide for them - NOT what they can do fo you or why it fits with what you want.

      Good luck and please let me know how it goes.


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        Re: Find a job in Antarctica

        Hey guys,
        Im an electrical engineer, i love to travel to new unexplored places on earth.
        am i eligible to for job in Antarctica.
        please reply.
        thank u