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  • Firefighter seeking information

    (taken from forum archives, I've just rediscovered! - webmaster)

    From: A Firefighter

    I came across the RAYTHEON website and saw a position open for a firefighter/EMT. I am really interested in the job, but before I commit to sending an application or resume, I would like to know roughly how much a Firefighter in Antarctica makes. If you could help I would really appreciate it.Thanks

    From: ice friend


    Check out Dan and Ivy's website: // Dan was a firefighter in 2000-01; Ivy was a shuttle driver. Dan states he was paid as a firefighter, paramedic, and officer $665/week, free room and board and trip down and back included; plus he qualified for a bonus of 10-20% at the end of the season. I'm going back in October for my 3rd season!
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    Re: Firefighter seeking information

    I tried to open the link to the site you posted on here, but couldn't get it to open. I'm a Paramedic and was curious about work in Antarctica. It seems pretty competitive for positions there. As far as science and the research that is done down there, I'd be following along and learning, but it'd be a heck of an experience in healthcare I think. I'll keep an eye out on this site to see what develops. I've read through many of your posts so far. Lots of valuable advice! I'll keep my eyes open for more.


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      Re: Firefighter seeking information

      Hi kr0ssk0untry and welcome to the board.

      The advice is as always - contact Raytheon and keep at it!

      The link seems to be dead unfortunately, I tried chasing it up, but it seems those pages have been deleted, some free hosts do this if there hasn't been enough activity for a while - pity, they were interesting and relevant.