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What to wear with Uggs?

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  • What to wear with Uggs?

    Cool Antarctica - Ugg Boots?

    What do you wear with your Uggs? What looks good and what doesn't. Short skirts look great with the classic suede outer styles, but are less than practical for winter wear - so what do you do instead?

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    The easiest way to wear them is roll your jeans up exposing more of the boot but still having your long pants keeping you warm. The cuff you make by rolling them up should come just over the top of the boots.

    You can do this even if you can't (or don't want) to tuck them into the tops of long boots. I'va also worn them with capri pants that hang about 1-2 inches over the top of the boot.


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      Re: What to wear with Uggs?

      I wear lettermen jackets with Uggs? It looks good and fit for me you can also try.


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        birthday suit

        Uggs are HOT! I got a great pair at removed... this season. I'm not sure about a letterman's jacket, I prefer to go in my birthday suit!
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          Re: What to wear with Uggs?

          ok i will give u some examples on what to where if u have tall boots like sunsparkle or pop star then where mini skirts with leggings talk about CUTE!!!!!
          but, if you haveshort uggs like classic short, or sundance short then where light jeans tucked in ur boots! AWESOME!!!! if u have any questions please ask!!!


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            Re: What to wear with Uggs?

            they are why cute-er when they are covered in dried fish inards around the fury rim!! maybe a couple fishing lures hooked into the sides!!


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              Re: What to wear with Uggs?

              With Ugg boot you don't need to stick to the rules, you can just let your imagination go wild.
              You don't have to limit yourself, you can wear them with anything!


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                Re: What to wear with Uggs?

                everything you want :d

                i had a pair of UGG men slippers ( high) loved them.
                going to order a new pair.


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                  Re: What to wear with Uggs?

                  ok, so like every single girl wears uggs at my school and a lot of people where like those juicy soft pants, they dont have to be juicy but those soft velvetish type pants are really cute tucked into classic tall uggs! and totally comfy also people started wearing those black tights under them w/ like a long shirt...also with leg warmers showing through the top?? i dk i think it looks weird but i guess go for it