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Learning About Antarctica

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  • Learning About Antarctica

    Hi. My name is Michael and I live in Australia. At my school at the moment (I'm 13) in year 7 for geography I am learning you-know-what. So far I have learned about the global warming effect and Mount Erebus and have been intrigued learning about Antarctica for the past 5 years.
    Hope we chat more someday!
    Antarctic Kiddo

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    Re: Learning About Antarctica

    Hi Michael and welcome.

    I hope you've enjoyed learning about Antarctica - though beware, it has a tendency to turn into a life-long fascination!


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      Re: Learning About Antarctica

      Hey thanks mate! Antarctica is a fantastic topic and I am looking forward to privately watching March Of The Penguins, which I hear it is a good movie. This has been the best website to gain some information (I have a website of my own) about Antarctica and Global Warming.


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        Re: Learning About Antarctica

        Hey guys, can I be able to get some information about the flora, fauna and fungi groups ASAP for school?
        Thanks guys.


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          Re: Learning About Antarctica

          Hey, at school at the moment and after this will spend Geography watching about Happy Feet
          Don't you just love Geography sometimes


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            Re: Learning About Antarctica

            Hi AK,

            to your question - there's a lot here about fauna:


            Flora - I keep meaning to do this, but there isn't much, moss and lichens, a few flowering plants and a grass on the Antarctic Peninsula.

            Fungi - yes it's about rotting things slowly, but I've never seen anything like a fruiting body (mushroom). A bit of an odd question, there's probably representatives of all the main fungal groups in a quiet sort of way.

            Happy Feet! - I still haven't seen it, not sure how it fits into geography. Do you recommend it? (how old are you? what age group could it be used for?).



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              Re: Learning About Antarctica

              Oh... It's for little kids but we're studing this for the animals... after all we are learning Geography... I recommend it, it is done by George Miller, who also made the movie about Babe, the little pig, so that's good. It's an Australian movie really. It's got Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Steve Irwin.... and lots more!