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Government of Antarctica

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  • Government of Antarctica

    A commonly set title for a school assignment - in fact there is no government of Antarctica as it is a place shared by the signatories of the Antarctic Treaty.

    So in a sense, the meeting of the Antarctic Treaty countries is when the "government" of Antarctica gets together.

    But what do you think? Should there be a Government of Antarctica? If so who runs it? bearing in mind that no-one really lives there for long. What should the laws be and what should be the Constitution if it is to have one?

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    Re: Government of Antarctica

    Quite frankly I think everyone should leave it alone and don't even bother setting up a "government" because history will tell you over and over again that humans are a fickle, selfish lot and whoever is given the position of "president" of Antarctica will find a way to exploit it!!
    There should be a police force to keep everyone out and that's all.



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      Re: Government of Antarctica

      There is no "Government of Antarctica" in the way that we understand it in the rest of the world. This is largely as there are no indigenous peoples and no-one lives there permanently, the only habitations are scientific stations that people visit for short time periods, usually from a couple of months to just over a year.