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Calling all students...

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  • Calling all students...

    If you have been set a project or assignment on Antarctica, what was the tilte? What were you expected to produce? Your age would also be useful.

    If you have any tips for others to help them in their work, that would be even better, but a collection of titles of work set would help me target the information I need to supply.
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    Re: Calling all students...

    Aw c'mon. you all come here for answers at least tell me what you're looking for answers to....


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      Re: Calling all students...

      All right Paul, but only 'coz you asked so nicely.....
      let me see, if I were a teacher what assignment would I set my students........
      "Antarctica - A different world" to explore the differences between Antarctica and our own country/city/life

      "Antarctica - the last frontier" (real original stuff here...are you taking notes?)

      "Antarctica - the frozen wilderness" these are really catchy
      Questions I would set would be things like
      "How is Antarctica different?" comparison between icy and hot, sandy desert (Australia)
      "Why is Antarctica different?" to encourage them to explore the history of the world and its evolution etc.
      "How has Antarctica changed?"
      "What has been the cause/causes of those changes?"
      Explore environmental issues (of course) and as the unit of work progresses move from lower-order thinking to higher-order thinking through how and why questions. By this stage kids have gathered more informatin and can readily answer these questions. Finish up with some kind of presentation e.g powerpoint or encourage kids to put on a play about an "Antarctican" issue.

      Paul, am I on the right track..? Is this what you mean coz' there's plenty more where that came from!



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        Re: Calling all students...

        psr - you might find this link of some interest -
        not sure what age range they are aiming at but Key Stage 3 used to be around 13 but things might have changed since my two were at school - the youngest only left last year!


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          Re: Calling all students...

          Thank you Carrys,
          I can't wait until my kids have finished more homework!! I've got a few more than two so homework time is a nightmare!
          You're not in Australia, are you? Stage 3 here is 10-11 year's the last stage of primary school.
          Thanks for the link. It was helpful.



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            Re: Calling all students...

            No I'm not in Australia - I'm in a rather hot part of the UK though I think the whole country is sweltering at the moment. I used to work for BAS and was lucky enough to go to Antarctica many years ago - still one of the high spots of my life. Though I did not get to Halley so some people might argue that I haven't been to the real Antarctic!


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              Re: Calling all students...

              Dear Carys,
              At least you have been. When people who have visited Antarctica talk about their visit, they make it sound as fascinating and surreal.....oh well, the rest of us will just have look at the pics and sigh!! Did you have kids when you went?
              You're having sweltering heat and we are having 5 degree nights!!!! Brrrr! Is that sweltering as in 40+degrees?? LAst summer we had a 47degreee day! I hope it's not that bad where you are.



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                Re: Calling all students...

                I am 12 years old I cannot believe we got this kind of project but we have to do what we want to be when we grow up.
                If you could give me some information on what the type of job is when you study the animals in the antarctic and how your supposed to get tthaat job that would be great!
                Sometimes there's just something you can't Google.