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I got my deployment dates!!!

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    Re: I got my deployment dates!!!

    The iPod can connect to any WiFi but if there isn't much it might not even matter.
    Well I guess I might not see you but anything could happen. I'm just so excited!! I leave in a week =D



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      Re: I got my deployment dates!!!

      Alan-What do they fly in to McMurdo these days on main body??? I flew in on the 1st C-5 flight they made into MacTown, after that I think it was they still use C-5 at all???


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        Re: I got my deployment dates!!!

        Flights to McMurdo are almost exclusively C-17s and C-130s. (Flights from McMurdo to Pole are LC-130s - that is, a ski-equipped C-130, the Hercules.)

        There are exceptions: Twin Otters, Baslers, etc. - but passengers don't generally come in on those, except from field camps. Also, late last summer there was one civilian airliner - an Airbus - that was contracted to fly in and pick up a whole lot of people at once. I can't recall the story on that, but it was definitely unusual. They had stewardesses and everything.