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Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial

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  • Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial

    At long last the Antarctic sledge dog memorial has been unveiled at BAS headquarters at Cambridge. Congratulations to Hwfa Jones & Graham (Genghis) Wright for their sterling efforts in bringing this project to fruition and many thanks to all who have contributed toward the cost of the memorial.

    Thanks also to the 1200+ huskies who gave so much hard work and companionship (not to mention some frustration) to the many FIDS who worked with them from 1945 through to 1994 when the dogs were removed from Antarctica.

    Huns - Stonington Island 1971-1973
    Myrna, Hamad, Nasr, Rita, Tuva, Pancho, Castro, Briggs & Morgan.

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    Re: Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial

    It looks a nice memorial - I'm on holiday at the moment so I'll go and take some pics soon when I next go to Cambridge. Better where it is than the original suggestions of somewhere in Antarctica where hardly anyone would see it, though I think another one there would be good too as a reminder of the dogs that used to be there but presuemably will never be there again.


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      Re: Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial

      CATs pull more sleds than dogs these days, so I don't have the personal connection to sled dogs that some members here do, but it is nice to see them remembered.

      Years ago I saw the statues of Taro and Jiro in Nagoya, and it appears those dogs have been remembered in several cities in Japan.


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        Re: Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial


        There is pretty good chance that dogs got to where you are first unless Amunsden stopped them short of 90 South and walked the last few yards himself!



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          An old joke but a good one, drummy - but my plans for South Pole fell through this year, and I'm at McMurdo. (I did mention that in a post, for the record, though naturally I don't expect everyone to read everything I post.)

          Here at McMurdo, I'm pretty sure penguins came first. Then people. Then maybe some ponies, and somewhere along the way some dogs might have come through.


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            Re: Antarctic Sledge Dog Memorial

            Dammit Drummond, you must remember to check where people are before you make smart-ass comments!

            I suspect you are right about the penguins, the adventurous wee so-and-so seem to get everywhere. We used to have right stroppy little Adelie which lived in the outside food pile at Stonington and would rush out and karate chop people's knees with it's flippers. Excellent entertainment value as long as you weren't on the receiving end.

            Hope the winter isn't feeling too long.