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Photos & Other info available on DVDs

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  • Photos & Other info available on DVDs

    I was down at McMurdo Station for most of October 2007, and at the South Pole Station from November 2008 through January 2008. I took lots of pictures and some videos, and also collected some other information.

    I have made a collection of my better photos - from Antarctica and elsewhere - to put on one DVD. This is my general Pictures DVD.

    I have another two DVDs worth of information about the practical aspects of living in Antarctica. Photos and videos of power plants, water supplies, greenhouses, traverses, general construction, etc. Also some other information related to the same.

    If anyone here would like a copy of just the pictures DVD, or all three, let me know. I don't think the numbers will be too excessive, so right now I'm offering them free of charge.

    Just send me a PM.

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    Re: Photos & Other info available on DVDs

    Dear Alan,

    I want to thank you so much for your genorosity, taking the time and cost to send me those great DVDs! At first I thought that perhaps you should have compressed the photos in order to send them more easily, but the richness and detail of your pics is amazing, you can't really find pics like that so easily. Your attention to the structures and infrastructures is also a great perspective upon life in antarctica. Definitely a different look than what is usually available about life in the bases.

    I see what you meant about the state of the greenhouse, but in fairness to them, it seems that things were growing, it must not be an easy environment to accomplish anything, let alone grow a garden! I'm sure whoever is responsible for the effort is very proud...It does seem that the state of the art tech goes into the structures and earth sciences though, I suppose botanical research is not the focus of an Antarctic base.

    For me the real story of anarctica is the people who go there, your pictures really give me a sense of that, wheras the usual Antarctic photos are of the ice, the ice, a rock, a penguin, and more ice. The photos of Scott's cabin were very powerful, really triggering the imagination about what life must have been like for the early explorers, Brutal! I also enjoyed the photo of the folks on the plane ride down, it captured the feeling and emotions of that long trip into oblivion. Very interesting.

    Thanks Again, Ken


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      Re: Photos & Other info available on DVDs

      Yes thanks Alan for making these available - I didn't thank you publicly and so am making amends now.

      Alan has placed his pictures in the public domain and has kindly allowed me to put them on this website which I have started doing here it'll be a while before they are all up (no comment on Alan's pictures, but it is a bit of a boring job!).
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        Re: Photos & Other info available on DVDs

        It can certainly be tedious going through all those photos - I'm impressed that you are putting so many of them up on this site.

        I have been putting together some videos I made, on several video DVDs, and will be offering those as well. Some of it will be the usual fare (landscapes and such), some will not - like movies of the water and power plants, the greenhouse (is that a plant plant?), and the waste water treatment facility at McMurdo Station.

        (I'll just go ahead and send copies to you in the mail, Paul, as I get them done.)