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Antarctic Tattoos

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  • Antarctic Tattoos

    I came across this webpage recently:

    ...apparently there is a rising trend for scientists to get science related tattoos which I feel quite good about even though I'd never get one done myself.

    I can see the motivation and relevance to getting marked with your life's work wheras I can't see the point of a Maori tattoo or Chinese characters if you're a Westerner who has no connection at all with those cultures and probably has never had any motivation to even try and read the language.

    So I started wondering if there's anyone out there with a tattoo with an Antarctica connection? I've done some Googling but it hasn't turned up anything relevant.

    If I were to have a tattoo (but I won't - see above) it would probably be Antarctica themed as the single most meanigful experience of my life, so I'll be surprised if there aren't any out there.

    Do you have one or know of any? Are you willing to share?

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    Re: Antarctic Tattoos


    I've never met anyone with an Antarctic specific tattoo but I believe that it was more or less standard practise at Palmer Station in the late 60s & early 70s for wintering personnel to have an ear piercing and a penguin earing. A FID contemporary of mine (Miles Mosely) who was doing summer duties at Anvers Island succumbed to the temptation on the Palmer Penguin. He also found time to assist in the accidental burning down of the Anvers hut but maybe that should be in the Antarctic fires thread!



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      Re: Antarctic Tattoos

      i have a penguin tattoo on my ankle. it was my first tattoo, so i wanted something small and simple. i'm designing another more elaborate antarctic themed tattoo that i'll probably have done after i get to actually go there. all of my tattoo's are very meaningful to me. i don't get anything on me that's just spur of the moment like the chinese characters. i have runes on my arms, but i'm an Odinist so it makes sense.