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Filmcompany looking for people in Antarctica

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  • Filmcompany looking for people in Antarctica

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working for a filmcompany in The Netherlands and we are doing research on the forthcoming international documentary 'Between Ears'.This will be a film by which the viewer is taken away in the discovery of the different and surprising aspects of how and why people use their mp3 players in different kind of places. You can find more info about our project on

    Our filmcompany is trying to get in contact with a person in Antarctica who is using a mp3 player. It's likely that some people take their portable players out to remote field camps where they may work for weeks at a time. If people climb Mount Everest with their mp3 players it would seem that there is every reason to expect scientists and other workers in Antarctica would have similar interests. Hearing ones favorite song can be very soothing when there is a complete absence of all other forms ofaudio/video entertainment. It's a way to feel more comfortable and less lonely for example. The mp3 player is becoming an 'emotional tool' for alot of people.

    I was wondering if someone has any suggestions how to come in contact with someone in Antarctica and who is using a mp3 player like this. I'm very interested in hearing their story about this subject.

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    Re: Filmcompany looking for people in Antarctica


    Yes people use mp3 players in Antarctica, over 20 years ago I remember walking around sometimes listening to my casette walkman as many other people did, so the technology might be new, but the idea isn't.

    It just so happens I came across this page the other day which you might find relevant:

    there are people who read this forum from Antarctica, though they rarely join in things like this - you never know, you may be lucky.


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      Re: Filmcompany looking for people in Antarctica

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your reply and for giving the link. Very interesting to read.
      Now that's some Antarctican experience to stay in a tent for three months including stretches of up to three weeks "laid up" during bad weather.
      I can imagine that a mp3 player can be a very important tool for killing some time during these moments. It must be very pleasing to listen to your own private music collection so far from home.

      I hope to get lucky indeed by finding someone in Antarctica who likes to talk a bit more about this subject. Who knows