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First Post, plus a request

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  • First Post, plus a request

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a webmaster of a small city's community forum in Western New York State.

    Some of our members regularly debate global warming, with some feeling that it's baloney, and others taking it quite seriously, and a lot of people that haven't made up their minds yet.

    What I'd like to do, if anyone can point me in the right direction, is to invite a scientist who lives and works in Antarctica to be a guest on our forum for a week or two and answer some questions from our members, and maybe shed some light on global warming.

    (I personally think it's true, it's happening, and somebody better do something quick)

    The members on my forum would have other questions about the Antarctic experience as well, I'm sure.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone has to help make this happen!

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: First Post, plus a request


    Realistically you aren't going to get a working scientist to post in your forum I'm afraid.

    Global warming and forums are a difficult combination I've found, on this forum and also elsewhere. The problem is that people tend to say "what about...?" and "I heard this..." and act like it's up to someone else to explain everything personally and set it all out without any personal research or effort to understand, then they will answer - "no I don't buy that..." and this is after admitting they don't know or understand the issues involved!

    This is a very thorough resource however from a well respected source:

    There's also my own explanation on this and associated pages:

    Hope this is of some help - Paul