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Hello everyone!

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  • Hello everyone!

    Greetings everyone!

    I have a question and I'm hoping someone here can get me pointed in the right direction.

    Two years ago, I applied for a job with Ratheon as an ATO supervisor (Air Terminal Operations). I've decided to try for that position again, but Ratheon is no longer performing this function. From what I gather, Lockheed Martin is doing support roles like the one I'm looking for, but I couldn't find any details about it in my web searches. What I seemed to have found, is that air transportation coordination may be run by Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics which is part of the National Science Foundation.

    So, my question is this: if I have a military background in Air Terminal Operations and general Aerial Port/transportation/cargo loading and planning, etc., is there similar work available in Antarctica, and where would I look to find it? It's unclear to me exactly who is performing this function there.

    Any guidance?
    Thank you,

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    Re: Hello everyone!

    Hi again! I think I found the site with the postings I was looking for. There just aren't any positions that fit my qualifications...

    However, I'd love to hear about the flight operations if anyone cares to talk about it.


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      Re: Hello everyone!

      Hi Lisa, before others reply (place is kinda sleepy, hehehe).

      So what part of ground operations did yu specialise in?


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        Re: Hello everyone!

        Hi Flighter,
        I'm currently the supervisor of ATOC (Air Terminal Operation Center) at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base, NY. I'm ready to retire. So, I've had experience with ramp operations/aircraft loading, fleet services, passenger processing/services, cargo processing, cargo build-up, HAZMAT inspection, load planning, capability forecasting, data records, information control, mission control, etc. I'm very familiar with military cargo aircraft and the military air transportation system. Niagara Falls isn't a very busy airfield, but I've done several deployments that were pretty intense.

        I'm curious about how air transportation operations in Antarctica compare to what I'm used to. How many people does it take to perform all of these functions?

        A few years ago, a woman from my unit in Niagara Falls took a short tour to Antarctica and I've been fascinated at the thought ever since. Unfortunately, she left the unit and I never had a chance to talk to her about it. I kind-of put the idea on the back burner because I was going to college. But now I've graduated, and I'm ready to pursue a new dream.

        Have a nice day,


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          Re: Hello everyone!

          Sadly, I have never been anywhere near Antarctica, and due to various reasons probably never will... but then, who knows, maybe one day.

          I asked about your background because I am into flying (recreational only), so my guess was right, ground operations. My other guess is that they do need a lot of it, but the peak is during Austral Summer.


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            Re: Hello everyone!

            Hi Lisa,

            It's getting a bit late for recruitment this year, the usual time is Jan to May, though there are some jobs that come up later. You seem to have found the relevant places to look for jobs, it's a case of look on a regular basis during the recruiting season.

            I found this one: with the Australians, not sure if it is particularly relevant or if you interested in this?

            There's also regular flights in the summer months by British Antarctic Survey, a Chilean civilian company and private companies here: and here:

            While jobs are advertised directly, it can't hurt to contact them in advance and find out what their recruitment procedures are for when jobs come up.

            Good luck.