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  • Another newbie

    Greetings from France,

    My name is Sylvie and I live near Bordeaux. I've always been interested in Polar history (among many other history topics) and the centenary year celebrations have revived my interest so that I'm reading of lot of books on the subject (I'm dreaming of being the first to write a French biography of Robert Falcon Scott but I've no time for serious research).

    Best regards


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    Re: Another newbie

    Hi! Let me welcome you until other (more senior) members show up.


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      Re: Another newbie

      Hi Sylvie and welcome to the board.

      Robert Scott has many biographies and other books written about him, Charcot on the other hand, less so, I think he needs the publicity more!

      I'd like to see a good account of von Bellinghausens voyage too, it always struck me as being one of the more interesting ones to be on - and most comfortable.


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        Re: Another newbie

        Welcome Sylvie,

        I think Paul has a good point. Whereas English is the current international language, a good account of French-language expeditions in English may be the more valuable contribution you could make to Antarctic History.

        I'd also like to see English language accounts of the Soviet and Russian experiences in Antarctica, as that divide seems more difficult to bridge - but we will probably need to find someone else for that. ;-)


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          Re: Another newbie

          Too bad I don't speak more than 2 or even 3 words of Russian

          However, I could do the Serbian translation, subject to the time available.


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            Re: Another newbie

            Odd, flighter, because I don't know more than a few dozen words in Srpski, but I can understand more than two or three words of Russian thanks to them.

            And one of the Russians I work with says he can understand about 30% of what the Bosnians on the job say.

            But that said, I really don't expect you to translate all those books....