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Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd

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  • Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd

    Im Angie and i work as ground crew ,for the Sea Shepherd Conservation
    Society,I live in Tasmania,which is pretty close to Antarctic,

    On Dec 1st the Steve Irwin ,will be leaving for the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary,to defend the whales against the Japanese Killing Machines.

    There are 6 japanese ships ,compared to our ! ship

    Just so you all know,Sea Shepherd acts under the United Nations ,World Charter for Nature.which entitles us and every one to defend nature.

    We are the most aggressive,determined,and effective marine wildlife conservation organisation.

    we will not rest until there is a permanent end to the killing of whales.

    Although ,some people have branded us pirates,we have never harmed any

    one.We are pirates of compassion.

    we do what govts havnt got the guts to do.

    So i hope you find me interesting.

    I was reading some of the questions and answers in the thread

    about the Southern should ask some of the Sea Shepherd crew

    im sure they would love to tell you..

    all the best

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    Re: Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd



    Thankx for all your hard work. Keep it up. The whales and SSCS need all the help that can be mustered.

    Kind Regards



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      Re: Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd

      Hi Angie,

      Glad to have you stop by here.

      We're always happy to support and publicize Sea Shepherd on Cool Antarctica.

      Is there to be a blog from anyone on the Steve Irwin? It's always interesting to follow the adventures of Sea Shepherd in the Southern Ocean, though I look forwards to the day when it's not necessary for you to be down there.

      Hi again Trevor1 are you going to be on the Steve Irwin this season?


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        Re: Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd

        I, I am Bill W. from Anchorage Alaska. I will be spending this next 90 days in and around the area doing some trout fishing, and going to Kodiak's Spruce Island for a pilgram visit with the Brotherhood of Saint Herman. New Valaam Monastery.
        Bill W.
        aka: just Anthony, IC XC + NI KA


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          Re: Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd

          Angie, what is your assignment on the Sea Shephard? I saw a special on the TV and wondered if you were among the crew...


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            Re: Hi,Im Angie from Sea Shepherd

            I have been watching the exploits of the Erwin on the tube......I must say that I am most impressed with what you are doing. Just be careful.

            I would like to join the team someday in the future...
            Again, please be careful; as far as that goes all hands be careful and blessed.
            Bill W.