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Just another... newbie ;)

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  • Just another... newbie ;)

    Hi to all!

    I'm IT engineer, manager in a big hotel in Africa. I was born in a troubled country Serbia, and now making living by doing what I always wanted, processors, networking, etc.

    Since loooong time ago, I have this crazy idea of going to a such distant place like Antarctica. Recently I saw a movie "Encounters" (Werner Herzog) which reassured me.

    Well, I guess that, for family reasons, I won't be able to do anything in next few years, and due to my nationality even after, but we never know...

    Regards to all.

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    Re: Just another... newbie

    Welcome to CA!

    Live your dream... assuming you can get your family to agree. Antarctica is the most amazing place on this planet.



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      Re: Just another... newbie

      As almost every kid dreams of becoming an astronaut one day... Antarctica is second best (if not even better).

      Anyway, I got a baby boy on September 17th, so I guess it will take quite some time until I can even think of leaving them for some time.

      Why I want it? Difficult question. I don't consider myself a looney, but extreme wilderness and, in general, life in extreme conditions is attracting me. Hey, it may sound silly. As European, but working in Africa I am missing heavy fog as dense as milk, ice and snow, often seen in Europe... I especially enjoy taking long walks when the visibility is under 10 meters.

      Now, i am contradicting myself (not being a looney and enjoying heavy fog)


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        Re: Just another... newbie

        I work with a bunch of Bosnians - both Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Muslims - here in the U.S. They think that I'm crazy to want to go back to Antarctica, and I think they're crazy . . . for many reasons.

        You might still have a chance to go. You didn't say which African country you are in, but South Africa has an Antarctic program. I'm sure they need IT engineers.

        Besides that, there's a fair amount of international cooperation in the Antarctic. I've seen Japanese scientists, Swedish scientists and support staff, New Zealanders, Canadians, British, and even a Bulgarian at U.S. stations, and next year there will be at least one each from France and the Netherlands. Start asking around, and let us know what happens.


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          Re: Just another... newbie

          Thanks for the encouragement. It seem it will be the easier part of the effort, more difficult to deal with family issues

          Anyway, I am in Nigeria. Hmmmm... wife is a 100% Nigerian so I don't expect much understanding from that side


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            Re: Just another... newbie

            Hi flighter and welcome

            You can get over the nationalities thing if you keep at it, may not get accepted first time, but many people I know (including me) were not accepted for the first Antarctic job they went for.

            Wife? - easier to do when single, seems the biggest obstacle to me.


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              Re: Just another... newbie

              Yeah, the issue seems to be this: Will I live long enough to try, or will be strangled while asleep


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                Re: Just another... newbie

                Lol... just had a discussion with my wife... She agreed that I can go (if needed), but only if I support (and provide funds) for her shopping