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  • Re-joining

    I am re-joining the group as my previous membership under Jennydoctor disappeared.

    I was south for 18 months on the British Base, Rothera, on the Peninsula in 2001. My favourite pictures are still there on the Members pictures if you want more of a visual clue to what the place looked like - fire and all! I am also very fond of wildlife, which was one of the best things about being on the Peninsula.


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    Re: Re-joining

    Welcome back.

    If you like wildlife, then the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is not for you. The peninsula was a good choice.


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      Re: Re-joining

      Thanks Alan,

      I believe you are right, although I love hearing about the South Pole. I am particularly fond of the antics such as the round the world race and the 300 degree club as well as to be able to witness the week long sunrise and sunset once a year (if that was correct).

      I have managed to collect far too many Antarctic shirts etc and am very proud of my round the world race and general South Pole t-shirts. Speaking of clothing, I once remember seeing some folk from McMurdo, when I was in New Zealand, wearing caps with a polar bear on an ice floe, crossed out as in a no smoking sign. That always made me smile considering the amount of times I've been asked about seeing polar bears.

      You were also fortunate with the sun dogs etc!



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        Re: Re-joining

        I ran the Race Around the World last year.

        Well, walked it mostly. It's hard to run at 9300 ft.

        I'm hoping to go down this winter - if I physically qualify and all. Then I can see the Aurora and the long sunset and - as a birthday treat - a long sunrise. And, of course, I can join the 300 club.

        You might have liked the early Mardi Gras parade we had this past year. The weather turned suddenly cold, and for about 10 minutes a bunch of carps rode around on the back of a truck bare-chested except for safety harnesses in a temperature of about -45F (-42C). They had a lovely sign that read "You have to be tough if you want to be stupid."

        As for polar bears . . . they were selling some small teddy bears with an embroidered map of Antarctica and the words "South Pole Station". I don't know if that counts.


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          Re: Re-joining

          You'll have to keep us updated as to whether you get to go South for the winter and hopefully we get to see all the more pictures again. Just thinking of those men without shirts on has me shivering now... Funnily enough, since I've been back from the Antarctic, I am more able to tolerate the heat, which I was always so bad with beforehand. You would have thought it would be the other way around.

          best wishes,



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            tolerating the heat . . .

            Some people put off a lot of heat. Getting used to wearing lots of clothing for going outdoors, but often being indoors, might just build up a tolerance for heat.

            Any ways, so far so good on going back. I did some training in Colorado in September to learn some basics about how to deal with a fire or medical emergency, and I got to meet about one third of the people who are expected to be there this winter. Looks like a good crew.