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  • Good day every 1


    You can call me Joe, I'm a thermo-dynamic engineer. But I realize that I may be washing dishes in between fixing stuff "IF" I ever get down to McMurdo. In adition to the generalized duties, refuse management, loading and unloading materials and supplies and unclogging the toilet in one of the worker's dorms. (LOL)

    I'm glad to be a member of this site and look forward to reading all of your interesting and educational articles as I prepare for the possibility of Antarctic/sub zero employment next year.

    It is good to meet you all.

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    I'm not sure exactly what a thermo-dynamic engineer does, but the USAP needs engineers, and my understanding is that a good engineer has a good chance of being hired on - if you have the skills they need.

    It's a bit late to apply for the coming summer season, but it's still a possibility if you act fast. It will take some time for medical qualifications and all.

    You're unlikely to be washing dishes - that's a separate duty at McMurdo, and combined with janitorial duties at South Pole. For the other stuff, you'd have to be a General Assistant, a UT, a plumber, or working in waste - and I think I still missed a category - but none of those would have all of those duties. Keep in mind, during the summer McMurdo has roughly 1200 inhabitants. There's a lot of specialization there. South Pole, with about 250, has less, and Palmer, with less than 100, I think has the least specialization.

    In any case, if you are really interested go meet some people in Denver. You might even have a chance at a full-time job that happens to require you to go to Antarctica for a few months each year.

    Anyway, welcome to the forum and good luck.


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      Re: Good day every 1

      Well from what I understand ... is better to be a cross-platformed worker....
      If I can cook, fix things and do the dishes ... or if I'm willing to, my chances of getting hired are better, than if I just wanted to go and fix stuff! And I can fix anything by the way!

      Which I don't care about.. I have my own selfish reasons for wanting to go.... I can't wait!


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        Re: Good day every 1

        Hi Joe - and welcome.

        The job fairs are the way to go, but like Alan said it is close, but not possibly too late for the 2008/2009 season. The main thing is to make yourself known to the people who recruit (in a good way - no stalking!) and don't give up if you don't make it first time.

        I'm intrigued as to what your real reasons for going are? Care to share?


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          Re: Good day every 1

          hehehehe it's top secret.shhhhhush

          I've designed a way to take atmospheric samples at 10 times the rate they do it now! whereby we can compare the fossil records to modern atmo records in a time span of 30 days compared to 30 years...

          I need to get the pattent on it for myself as I'm the 1 who designed the apparatus.........

          But it needs to be tested in real time in that envirornment.....
          Than I can get the funding I need to go into production.

          Wich means i'm going to have to go down ther myself! I don't trust any 1 to do it right. (I have to do it myself!)


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            Re: Good day every 1

            Originally posted by 40BelowJoe
            I've designed a way to take atmospheric samples at 10 times the rate they do it now! whereby we can compare the fossil records to modern atmo records in a time span of 30 days compared to 30 years...
            Umm, that sounds like 120 times the current rate.

            Maybe I don't understand what you're saying, or perhaps you are joking.

            In any case, having multiple skills can be useful, especially if you will be working in a field camp. Being able to fix things is good, too.


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              Re: Good day every 1

              No jokes........

              I can make artificial Icecore samples in 30 days that we can compare to the actual fossil records and gauge the difference in the atmo between the two in 30 days!

              My invention though needs to be proved.......... therefore I have to go down there and prove it!

              And seeing Antarctica, working down there and all.......... it will be icing on the cake... I can't wait!