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Glad to find an Antarctica forum!

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  • Glad to find an Antarctica forum!

    I'm just a lowly tourist from America, but I am very excited to see a forum on Antarctica! Thank you to the person/people who maintain it.

    I'll be heading down on two back-to-back Lindblad cruises from mid-October to mid-November. We're scheduled to visit South Georgia, the Falklands, and the tip of Antarctica over the course of a month. My favorite hobby is photography, and I can't think of a better photographic expedition....I can't wait!

    Anyway - Hello to everyone here thanks for allowing me to join, and I hope to give some forum contributions from time to time.

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    Re: Glad to find an Antarctica forum!

    Welcome to CoolAntarctica, Poindexter.

    I'm sure you are in for a most enjoyable 'double' trip and you'll certainly get plenty of photographic opportunities, assuming the weather cooperates!



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      Re: Glad to find an Antarctica forum!

      Thanks Drummy.


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        Re: Glad to find an Antarctica forum!

        Hi poindexter and welcome.

        Sounds like a dream trip you have lined up there! One thing you might want to consider that will go against the grain.... Go out sometimes with no camera gear. I used to do this (but I had the luxury of time). Experience Antarctica without looking at it through a lens or always be thinking of how this will record as a photograph.

        The reward will be indelible images in your mind and a freedom that you appreciate all the more as a contrast.

        Please come back and upload some images here too


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          Re: Glad to find an Antarctica forum!

          Thanks for the tip. I may be an anglo-American, but I can certainly be Japanese behind the camera!

          Yes, you will see some photos here