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Hello from Derek.

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  • Hello from Derek.

    Hi All,
    I'll not hide behind owt, I'm a skeptic.
    That said I am very interested in natural processes, ie platetectonics, one of my heroes being Alfred Wegener.
    Another natural process I'm interested in is The Solubility Pump, see this post.
    I recently put this little "fable" together.
    - Eureka ?Revisited. (The untold ?discovery?)
    and would like to follow it up with a Part 2 where Archy and John talk about creating an "Antarctic" within their "bathroom".
    To do this I need to understand the Antarctic first, hence I'm here. I do not have to neccesarily agree with anyone, but I'd like to understand first and then make my own mind up. For what little that is worth..
    I've started off so obviously so as your aware of what I'm about, and that I'm here to understand, discuss, but not necessarily have to agree.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    So, now I'll wander off into the forum, and errr, ask questions...
    yours Derek.

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