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  • camera/asthma

    I am off to the antarctic pennisula in march and i was wondering my slr camera will hold up with the temperature. I work in a freezer warehouse most of the days, and the scanners have to be replaced every hour or so as they frezze up.
    Also anyone have any difficulty breathing? I have asthma, and the docs don't know how it will effect me being in the cold for extended periods of time.


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    Wait. You work in a freezer warehouse and you're worried about the cold?

    On the peninsula the cold is not really a factor. Water, rain, sleet, and sea spray are the problems. Your camera should be fine. Maybe bring a plastic bag to keep it dry, in case you're going ashore in bad weather. During March expect temperatures between -5C to +5C, with wind, rain and snow.

    If your asthma is under good control at home with medication, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just be sure to bring meds, steroids, or whatever you normally use. I know several people with asthma who are currently working on the Peninsula and have had no problems, but you have to decide for yourself based on your own condition and history. If you need warmth you can always go back inside the ship.


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      Your SLR should be fine, but it's worth taking several spare batteries as these do run down quickly in low temperatures. My Canon EOS300D was working happilly at -35C at Cape Royds in January, but each battery gave up after 20 mins!!

      A polarising filter is a 'must have', along with a telephoto or decent range (say 300mm) zoom lens - although during landings on the peninsula much of the wildlife will come right up to you if you keep still enough! If you can fit a tripod in your luggage, that will help as well.

      Take more film than you think you could possibly need (or if you have a digital SLR, then a laptop or portable storage drive), and a spare 35mm compact camera is useful 'insurance' just in case the worst happens with the SLR...!

      Hope you have a fantastic trip! :grin: