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  • Friends?

    As an Arctic enthusiast i am officially asking you to pass the word on to all your friends. If this sounds like you follow the link!!

    "Volunteers Needed. No Pay. Long Hours. Dangerous Conditions. Extreme Weather. Icebergs. Confrontation with Hostile
    Japanese Whalers."

    and yes you might actually die all for free!!!!!!

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    Pirate crew?

    Hahahaha to funny. Sounds a bit harsh but worth it and rewarding.
    Wish it was more of a career. Temporary really isn't my thing.

    would i be the only one? (who is crazy enough that is)


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      Wow, now that sounds like an adventure!

      Too old, too committed myself, but for young, free, risk takers who want to get more out of life it beats washing dishes at McMurdo!


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          that actually sounds kind of fun. i'd do it if i had the time, just so i could see antarctica for free... :grin:


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            ITS THE SEA SHEPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

            pirates? to obstruct whaling
            Posted by Raven on 25 November 2005
            from the dept.
            Their ship is armed up to the teeth with anti-whaling devices. They are called pirates because they ?harass, hinder and obstruct? the whaling fleet. They take a more combative pose against whalers, seal hunters and poachers than Greenpeace.They are members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and believe that they are upholding the international conservation laws. Paul Watson, the founder, stated that sometimes it takes pirates to stop pirates.Link: the



            GO SEA SHEPARD!!!!!!!!! :grin: