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  • Best time to travel

    I have paid a deposit on a trip in a ship carring 108 passengers than leaves on March 1 2006. I've heard that March is a really bad time to go, that there is little wildlife around and the landscape is at is worst. Should I forget the deposit and try and get on a smaller boat in January? I decided on March as I want to be in the Amazon for my birthday in April and I don't have that many vacation days or unlimited spending money. However, it was pointed out to me that the trip to Antarctica is a once in a lifetime trip (well for most people!)
    Is there anyone out there that has been in March? or been a few times at different times, and can help me?



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    Hi Toni,

    March is not the best time of year to go really, but then there is the fact that if you've never been to Antarctica, then any time will be amazing.

    My favourite time was the early Antactic spring to early summer, September to about November as the wildlife was at its best and everywhere still clean and plenty of recently formed (=clean and white) ice and snow.

    There will still be plenty to see and anyone arriving in Antarctica for the first time will have plenty to see and undoubtedly be bowled over with the experience.

    Here's a summary of highlights from the main travel page:

    November & Early December (Late Spring / Early Summer)

    Winter pack ice is starting to melt and break up. The scenery is white, clean and pristine with pack ice and giant icebergs.
    Courting season for penguins and seabirds ? see spectacular courtship rituals.
    Seals visible on fast ice.
    Spring wildflowers in the Falklands and South Georgia.
    Elephant and fur seals establish their breeding territories.

    Mid-December and January (Mid Summer)

    Normally Antarctica?s warmest months.
    Longer days create great light conditions and fabulous photo opportunities at midnight.
    Antarctic chicks hatch.
    South Georgia and the Falklands ? first penguin chicks emerge and fur seals are breeding.
    Seal Pups visible on South Georgia and the Falklands.
    Receding ice allows for more exploration.

    February and March (Late Summer)

    Whale sightings are at their best.
    Penguin chicks start to fledge.
    Receding pack ice allows ships to explore further south.
    More fur seals in the Antarctic Peninsula.