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well i was supposed to go but i am sat here at home

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  • well i was supposed to go but i am sat here at home

    right-o. I got to manchester airport and checked in ages before my flight, I was sitting having a coffee with the parents when my name was called. I thought my bloody cat had climbed into my bag like she did when i was packing it, so tottle off over to the customer services. The guy tells me that the "bloody southerners" have overbooked the london to madrid flight and would i mind instead of flying manchester-london-madrid-buenos aires would i fly manchester-madrid-buenos aires, so i said yeah sure.

    Got to madrid about half 8 and went straight to the gate, as i had my boarding card and had checked in already in manc. The flight was delayed till about half two. I qued up and waited and when i eventually got to the front of the que to get on the flight i hand over my boarding card and he puts it through the machiene but it was a bit crumpled so it wouldn't scan properly, so he asks me if i speak spanish and i say no so he CHUCKS my pass at me and tells me to wait to one side whilst they take everybody else through.

    Once everyone is through me and 11 others are left. 4 get to go on and then us eight are told that they are overbooked and we need to go to iberia customer services desk where they will put us on the next flight and they will put us up in a hotel. We go to the desk and i was last in the que. trhe other seven get a new boarding card and go and wait for the hotel minibus.

    I get to the desk and they tell me that i wasn't supposed to be on that flight and that i was cancelled off it by someone at british airways and that i need to ring them up and find out what was happening. This was now at four in the morning(euro time). I ring home to find out the number for BA, I had to wait to till it opens at six am (uk time). 3 more hours of waiting. I rign through and they put me throught to manchester ticket desk and i talk to soomeone who then tells me that i have to talk to someone at the BA desk in madrid airport. I go to them and tell the guy my problem. He looks me up on the computer and tells me that iberia have put me down as a no show at the gate. I ask if there is anything i can do and he apologoses and tells me to go and have a word with iberia.

    I go over and ask them why i wasnt allowed on the flight, why i was then told that i was cancelled off the flight when i hadn;t been and then what are they gonna do for me now. they tell me that i could fly at five past twelve on the 20th and land in buenos aires and twenty past eight(which i have now discovered wasn't am, but pm). I tell them that i would then miss my flghts to the bottom of argentina and then miss my boat.

    They apologse and smile at me and then just say sorry again. the polite way of saying "you're f**ked and stranded in madrid". I then realise that i can't make the trip so i decided to cut my losses and come home, The next flight i could get on was madri-mondon-manchester, and that was flying at half five from madrid and the half nine from london. I book myslef on the flight (?400) and decide that i should try and sort my luggage out, which was probably in buenos aires by now.

    I go to 4 different people at 2 different iberia desks and they are about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard. One sent me down to the arrivals lounge to the "desk" down there (those invisible desk are a nuisance), one lass decided that 00:05 in the 18/2 in actually a night flight ON the 18, so the dates don;t actually change at midnight, they change at 00:06am!

    One lass told me that they couldn't do anything and then one bloke told me to go to left baggage as he had scanned my luggage receipt and the my bag was down there. I tottle off down to the left baggage office and my bag has now also gained the power to be come invisible as both me and the security guard couldn't find it and he told me that the iberia people have probablt just sent me down here, lying to me, to get rid of me. I decided "sod it" and thought i haven't slept now in 35 hours, same clothes for 2 days and i just wanted to get home. I catch my flight back and eventually get home at half 11pm last night , 41 hours into my no sleep personal best. Messed about, stinking, tired, hungry and about ?5500 out of pocket. I need a pint!

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    Re: well i was supposed to go but i am sat here at home

    What a nightmare! I don't know what else to say - so that was your trip to Antarctica down the toilet??


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      Re: well i was supposed to go but i am sat here at home

      ya know what i always say....the bacardi keeps the captain morgan's in line, i don't drink in more but then again i don't drink any less either.


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        Re: well i was supposed to go but i am sat here at home

        You have to be kidding me. You were going to the gretest place on Earth and you lost money (BIG time!) and now what do you get? Nothing. I feel very empathetic for you.