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Fishery or abomination?

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  • Fishery or abomination?

    Until about the 1960's or 70's no-one bothered much about whaling - it was considered a legitimate fishery along with others that had continued for thosands of years.

    Are we being railroaded by the environmentalists into a single way of thinking? What about countries like Japan where whale meat and blubber has always been a vital food stuff because there's relatively little farm land?

    Or are whales just too special to consider killing? - in the way that many people in India consider cattle are - should we stop killing cattle then beacuse they're right and we're wrong? Isn't that what we're saying to the Japanese?

    Then again whales are difficult to kill outright and some say they cannot be humanely killed outright and that they always suffer.


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    Blunt truth

    New here, hi all..

    Whaling has no purpose now days and only applys to people who seek profit in a disgusting manner.

    Poachers should be poached. Opps did i say that.

    Sorry i'm a whale lover just got back from an excellent site seeing adventure...


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      A Japanese whaling fleet (the biggest in a decade) has left port and is heading for Antarctic waters to catch 810 Minke whales and 10 Fin whales. Officially the whales are caught for research purposes, however many have called this a cover up as the meat is sold to supermarkets and restaurants after the researchers have completed their task.

      why the heck is this legal?


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        i believe the reason whaling is now considered so "evil" is the same reason that killing buffalo for food and skin in america also now wrong---the hunt to extinction. both animals were once considered a valuable source of food and other products such as their skins for many indigenous peoples, but when it becomes more about the money you can make off of these animals, that's when they become hunted to extinct. Japan is a world power today and they have no need for using whales to sustain their lives or economy. now the comment about India and cattle is more of a religious conviction for them. they believe in reincarnation and that ancestors could have been brought back in the form of cattle or other animals. many of these people are vegetarian, but it's about their religious beliefs--not about how beautiful or mystifying they might find that animal to be unlike many whale lovers..... :wink:


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          indeed. but there ancestors sure are tasty!! i believe vegans hold a form of superiority over non vegans. my personal belief is that if you can't maintain a vegan diet then you should have to raise your own life stock and proceed with the process yourself or hunt if you don't have the land.(like this would ever happen, due to the simplicity of the market place.) sea life is different of course in which should be monitored very closely not to over fish. killing whales is torture for is by no means a fast process.


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            AHHHH! A VEGAN! :twisted: just kidding. i find many vegans seem to have a superiority complex, like an ex-friend of mine who thought she was better that me because i was a mere vegetarian--however this elitist vegan also ate out of the trash and some of that trash was meat! but since she didn't pay for the meat, she thought it was okay..... :razz:


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              ewwwww yuk. gross


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                they should harvest there own whales then, set up big breeding pins in there own country where they could kill them, of course after they were done showing there childeren how cute and unique and endangered they are they could get out there huge harpoons and slam it into there huge heads and bodies and watch as they flop around squirting out gallons of blood!!! i declare open harpoon season on japanese whaling fleets. get out yer harpoons!!! lets kill us some whale eaters for scientific purposes.



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                  Re: Fishery or abomination?

                  Paul, until the last century no one bothered too much about the enslavement and/or extermination of a race of people. For example, the Aboriginals of Australia or the Indians of North America. It was considered a legitimate practice to wipe these people off the face of the Earth in the name of 'civilisation.' Indeed, this practice was considered legitimate on an international level for thousands of years. The fact that it was acceptable behaviour for so long is no justification. Similarly, the abuse of the sentient creatures of the sea is also unjustifiable.
                  No one is railroading you into a single way of thinking. You can think for yourself.
                  Once there were many humans who considered human flesh vital to their existence. In todays world it is not neccesary to inflict unneccesary suffering on humans or whales for food.
                  Paul, if you have spent time in the amazing natural beauty of this planet and you are unsure of whales being special then you are not in good health.


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                    Re: Fishery or abomination?

                    i don't believe pauls objective was to take a side rather to create talk about an issue for a resolve. however here are a couple speed bumps on the way to a resolution. it seems to me green peace gots yeller belly's



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                      Re: Fishery or abomination?

                      Like KK said, my initial post was not to take sides, but to create a discussion. In particular I hoped for someone who was undecided or at least not gung-ho for save-the-whales to put forward an argument.

                      For instance, the Japanese have always used whales in the most efficient manner of any whaling nation. When the British, Norwegians and Russians were boiling them up for pet food, cattle food and even fertiliser, the Japenese were using whale meat as people food and really did and presumeably still do get the most out of each carcass. For much of the time of old whaling days up to the early 1970's as far as I'm aware, whaling was a pretty important basic requirement to feed the population.

                      Now however things have changed considerably, but I'm unclear about why the Japanese want to resume whaling. The idea of tradition seems so much stronger an argument, but it seems odd in that the skills of the whalers must be so much rarer after many years when whaling ceased or continued at a much reduced rate.

                      When I first put up some whaling pages on a few years ago, I emailed the Japanese Whaling Association


                      asking to be pointed in the direction of their published research, despite asking a couple of times I recieved no reply.

                      To lay my cards on the table, of course whaling should not continue, but I do have a curiosity as to exactly why it does and why some countries want it to resume.


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                        Re: Fishery or abomination?

                        well....even with all the sea sheppards crafty tools they still get whales.

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                          Re: Fishery or abomination?

                          hats off....



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                            Re: Fishery or abomination?

                            It is now 2006 and whaling has had its time, as you know, over a period of time some things change on their own and some things need to be revisited and revised to accomendate current situations, i.e. supply and demand, taxes, political and environmental issues, ETC... I am under the impression the whales are less and less over the years. Perhaps it is time for the Japanese to change their diet, why wait till there are few whales left they may as well be ahead of the game. Of course, the importance of not eating whale would have to made very clear to them. Maybe a plan could be set in place where only on even years whaling was allowed. I would place hefty fines and licenses revoked for a period of two years on those caught whaling on an odd year. Whales could then swim about for one odd year worry-free and maybe we would have more of them.
                            I believe India has quite many cattle and how nice they are special there able to live. I don't believe cattle are on the way-out list maybe that is why we kill them to eat. If they were to become extinct I'm sure we would go without hamburgers but poor-rich McDonald's would surely go out of business.
                            Anyone or thing that is killed suffers the same result is death.


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                              Re: Fishery or abomination?

                              point taken but it's 2006 not 1830 they don't need em. the only time i would ever allow the death of a "large whale" was if there were to many of them. i think keeping them at some magical number is illogical. never kill a small whale it's wastefull.