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  • A dream

    I guess that something like this would earn some respect from whalers, if refurbished properly, especially with some Mustangs on deck armed with rancid butter dispensers (or, even better, something heavier under their wings).

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    Re: A dream

    Originally posted by flighter
    (or, even better, something heavier under their wings).
    OOH, OOH, I know! Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire, right? So why not arm the planes with...


    It'll completely throw them off! They'll never see it coming! And maybe you can put a light bomber on the plane, and arm it with POLAR BEARS! IT WOULD BE SO AMAZING!*

    *this post is not intended to be taken seriously by anyone. Do so at your own risk.


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      Re: A dream

      Ummmm... I would never harm an animal in such a terrible way. But there are many other things I would gladly do :mad:

      There are some pretty useful "toys" that people from Sea Shepperd could use.

      This one can do a perfect surveillance, take photos etc:

      This one can carry a payload of up to 15 pounds (most likely droppable):

      There are endless opportunities, and all without endangering lives of either those using the "toys" or the targets.

      The use of fixed wing aircrafts (manned or not) is limited by the lack of long runways. Second model (link above) can be launched almost by hand, and can land the same way. Some larger, heavier, and of a larger endurance adn capacity aircrafts could be used only if there is a sufficiently long runway, on the deck or on land.

      All these things are, I guess, well within (financial) reach for those interested.

      And just to make myself clear: I am not talking about harming anyone, just about making certain group of people very very uncomfortable.