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"Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

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  • "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

    The Sea Shepherd boat "Ady Gil" has been sunk by Japanese whalers in Antarctica.

    While Sea Shepherd has in fact sunk some whaling ships that were operating illegally in the past, they have strived to keep their operations legal, which means that this is something of an escalation.

    Both sides, however, have taken care to avoid loss of (human) life.

    The Ady Gil held the record for fastest circumnavigation of the earth. I had a chance to visit the boat and talk to one of the crew while I was in Auckland late last October. It was quite the little boat.

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    Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

    An escalation indeed. I read on the web that SS has sunk 10 whale boats over the years though not sure how true this is?

    Shame about the Ady Gil, as much as anything a very cool looking boat.

    One report I read describes the boat as minding its own business and then being rammed but a pic shows the whale boat with a taught line presumeably to a whale with the Ady Gil below the bow about to be run-over. More transparency and less bickering would help methinks.


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      Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

      I am interested in legal aspect of both what SS does and what whalers do (to each other)... Someone must be responsible. What if someone died?! I guess next thing will be that SS obtain radio-controlled mini submarines with torpedoes or charges


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        Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

        Interesting that You Tube has pulled the video!



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          Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

          Hopefully this link will work - the video can be seen here.


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            Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

            Found the picture - my mistake it wasn't a line to a whale but a water cannon from the whaling boat being turned on the Ady Gil


            the one I saw originally must have been cropped as you couldn't see the water breaking up and looked like a line.

            I guess there's no real come-back however with both sides now using the open-ocean get-out for action taken.


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              Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

              That's such a shame...Those "research" whalers need to be put out of business, pay 'em to go catch anchovies or something...


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                Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

                It is interesting how "scientific" whalers are allowed to use extreme force to do what they want to do. At the same time, Sea Shepherd's crews must be law abiding. If not for legal barriers, it would not be a problem at all to stop any whaling vessel... pemanently.


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                  Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

                  Just arrived via CNN:

                  Peter Bethune of Sea Shepperd has been brought to court in Japan.
                  According to CNN, it may take up to 3 years to finish the trial.

                  CNN article


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                    Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

                    Sounds like typical police tactics: attack a person you don't like, then charge them with assault.

                    I would say that ramming a man's ship counts as an attack.

                    But I can see how there would be differing opinions on this, as International Law is clashing with Japanese Law here.

                    As far as I'm concerned, the relevant question is whether these whales are sentient, and there is pretty good reason to believe they are. If they are, then the whale hunts qualify as murder as far as I'm concerned, and the fact that this is a serious field of inquiry suggests that the Japanese fleet ought, at the very least, restrict such kills to actual research. If the Japanese fleet had an annual catch of 3 or 4 whales, the "research" defense might be tenable - but with an intended catch of 1000 whales it is laughable.


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                      Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

                      The "research" is into whether or not it is feasible to continue commercial whaling. There is no other scientific research that is resulting from the annual slaughter of these whales. The whaling that goes on IS commercial whaling hiding in a cowardly way under the guise of "research".

                      Selling the whale meat keeps the market alive, otherwise people get out of the habit of eating whale meat. I read a while ago that the younger people of Japan are not eating whale meat at all hardly which I think will eventually probably be the most likely thing to end the whaling industry.

                      If this "scientific" whaling didn't go on, the infrastructure of the ships would start to deteriorate, the market would dry up and the expertise of harpooners and ships captains would be lost - this is the real reason for it.

                      As for the case of Peter Bethune, I think this is a canny (and rather nasty) move by the Japanese government against volunteers on the Sea Shepherd. They know that the SS is not government sanctioned or supported and probably a bit of an embarassment to the govs of the countries that the volunteers come from. So grabbing one and keeping him in prison for a looong time will probably put others off volunteering, even if he's eventually released with no charges or minimal charges, it's the process that matters, not the conclusion.


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                        Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

                        Japan annual whale hunt 'halved by activists'

                        The ships have returned to port with just over half as many whales - 507 - as they had set out to catch.


                        "Commercial whaling has been banned worldwide since 1986 but Japan justifies its annual hunt as scientific research.
                        Meat not used for study ends up in restaurants and shops."

                        Meat not used for study - so that'll be all of it then - 507 whales worth this season, 15 tonnes for an average adult Minke means at least 2,500 tonnes of whale meat assuming 33% of meat from each dead whale - over 7,500 tonnes of whales.


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                          Re: "Ady Gil" sunk by whalers

                          It would be interesting to do a scientific research on the penetrability of ship hulls by unidentified metal objects :mad: