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Cetacean: Hector's Dolphin

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  • Cetacean: Hector's Dolphin


    A six part BBC TV Series Wild Down Under, first shown in 2003, was screened in Australia in February 2008. When I got up at 3 a.m. due to irregular sleeping patterns caused by my bipolar disorder, I chanced upon a middle-of-the-night viewing of episode 3: The Southern Seas.1 Isolated from the rest of the world for a staggering 45 million years, Australia and the wild southern seas have seen the evolution of an awe-inspiring array of strange, surprising and often deadly wildlife. I won?t go into detail but the following prose-poem focuses on one sub-species of dolphin known as Hector?s Dolphin. This mammal inhabits parts of the continental shelf near the shoreline off the west and east coasts of New Zealand?s South Island. I photocopied four pages of information about this smallest of the dolphin family and will not reproduce those details here. ?They have a total lifestyle package right at their door,? said the voice-over and ?hardship has brought out the best in this mammal.? These final words of the program made me ponder as I headed for bed at 4 a.m. ?Ron Price with thanks to ABC TV, ?The Southern Seas,? 2:55 a.m. to 3:50 a.m., 14/3/?08.

    We all get lifestyle packages
    and lifestyle packages and, yes,
    hardship can bring out the best
    and the worst in us all?or it can
    bring out a dogged determination
    with little to no glamour at all-no
    fame, no claim, no rank?renown,
    just that quiet plodding along from
    day to day with the lifestyle that
    circumstances have yielded: indeed
    this is that with profiteth thee, if
    therewith thou doest content thyself.

    Purity, independence and freedom1
    ...all in that order and so it is that
    my lifestyle package can only yield
    so much contentment and, along with
    Hector?s Dolphin, I will swim in my
    offshoot of the Antarctic Circumpolar
    Current in the Great Southern Ocean
    with that measure of contentment and
    freedom which I have earned or which
    an unmerited grace has granted me in
    these first years of a late adulthood in
    these darkest hours in the history of
    civilization when the first streaks of
    a promised dawn were penetrating my
    life with providential confirmations.

    1 Baha?u?llah

    Ron Price
    24 March 2008

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    Re: Cetacean: Hector's Dolphin

    Very nice writing. I enjoy reading your posts on this board.


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      Re: Cetacean: Hector's Dolphin

      thanks for your is always pleasing when some enjoys what I write. There would be little point in writing if no one ever enjoyed the words except myself.-Ron Price, Tasmania