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Is it real? Is it important? Does it affect you?

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    Very real and it affects me a lot

    When I was a kid living in Malaysia, I used to bike to school and wear a sweater as it was so cold. Now (not even 20 years later), I have never had a day in my hometown that I say; gosh: it is cold here...

    My good friend expat from Belgium keeps on postponing his trip to Belgium because the wather keeps on being hotter than here. He used to go in summer, now is thinking to go back end of september in order to have the temperatures he used to enjoy when he was a kid (ok, he is older than me...)

    It is quite simple here: we live in a rain forest, but keep on clearing land: resorts that used to have only fans, now need aircon or don't get visitors...

    And my naighbour who is about 50 says that when he was young, only 1 room in the house here woud have a fan. Now all rooms need a fan to start with and to sleep well, we better put aircon...

    Defenetly getting warmer and warmer here,