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Global Warming its always been here

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  • Global Warming its always been here

    Yes i agree global warming is a bad thing and yes we should try and slow it down . But i don't agree that we caused it , this Earth of ours has been going for millions of years without us bothering it . Now the main cause of concern for everyone is the poles melting because there melting quicker now than when records began . But what about before records began ? i mean at one stage didn't we have an ice age when all the earth was covered in that cold wet white stuff , until the mammoths and dinosaurs started driving their 4x4's about and melted it all with their goddamn fossil fuels . The poles have always melted and they will carry on melting till they thaw out completely , there's nothing we can do its just another age of our Earth . My only concern about global warming is the rain forests now I'm only joiner i didn't too well at school but one thing i have noticed is the rain forests these used to be vast and plenty and now they are all but gone . I think that these places are the last bit of real Earth forget about the poles they've already gone save the rain forest's and get them back to their natural glory then and only then will we save our planet there's a reason they've lasted millions of years and i think its cos they control our planet and it needs them . Anyway like i said before global warming is just Earth going through its next change we didn't cause it

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    Re: Global Warming its always been here

    There have always been natural cycles and always will be.

    The current warming is not a part of any natural cycle. If it is, where is the evidence? 20,000 scientists and the IPCC don't seem to be able to find it, the only people who do suggest it are lay-people and give no evidence to support the idea.


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      Re: Global Warming its always been here

      who knows what the natural cycle of this planet is ?? Things change constantley !! What i was saying is replant the rainforests get them back to their former glory any carbon will be sorted out . I mean what the f**k is palm oil anyway ? Replant the rain forests our planet will more than likely cool down , and as for no evidence where is your evidence that this is'nt the planets natural cycle mind you the ice age probably happened because all the mammoths left their freezer doors opened