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So what are we going to do now ??????

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  • So what are we going to do now ??????

    Well were now thirty years down the line we reduced our co2 emmissions in line with all the scientist predictions and we are now living in this wonderfully green environment whereby practically alll we use has been recycled, practically everything we consume comes from renewable resources. and are quite proud of ourselves that all the revenues we have paid have generated this wonderful environment, with one small detail!!!!!. The polar ice caps are continuing to melt, the co2 levels continue to rise, and global warming is increasing bringing about the inevitable climate change. We may have made one small error in as much as we flattered ourselves into thinking that we were significant enough to be able to control this wonderful planet we inhabit. Well perhaps if we are that good we could adjust the output of the sun or maybe stop the oceans from producing quite as much water vapour, or even purge the planet of all it stored methane and co2. Maybe not, as not only is it unstoppable, but also it doesnt generate any form of revenue, or give governments the right to try and control global resources.
    But just supposing we were so busy admiring the emporers new clothes, that we missed the fact that what was happening was a very natural phenomenum, and overlooked that this planet is actually many millions of times older than mankind, it as here long before we were and will be there long after we have departed, and guess what? it will continue to evolve and mankinds occupation will be no more of a blip its history than a ripple on a pond. No ammount of scientific pontificating (with all due respect to the scientific community) can ignore the fact that this beautiful planet created us and not the other way around, and neither will any ammount of intervention prevent it from evolving in her own wonderful way. Maybe if we want to stay around and enjoy her splendour for a while longer then our efforts would be better spent understanding that what is happening is far beyond our capability to manage, and adapt to the changing sea levels and warmer climates that will ultimately prevail.
    I will close by saying that i do believe we should live in a greener environment and reduce the ammount of energy we consume but these reasons of sustainability for future generations. But please i think it is a bit rich when the wealthy and powerful governments tell me that i am poisoning this planet by leaving a light on, whilst they continue to dump nuclear waste in her belly and pollute the oceans on a monolthic scale.