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Go on a Low Carbon Diet

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  • Go on a Low Carbon Diet

    The Christian Science Monitor just published a great article on a grassroots approach to climate change called Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds. It’s an illustrated workbook that guides individuals and small groups through a 22-step program to reduce their CO2 footprint. The author, David Gershon, spent a couple of decades researching how to get people to change their behavior concerning the environment—and the conclusion he reached is: if you work with a small peer support group, you are much more likely to actually do something different. (as in, Weight Watchers/AA meets Global Warming). He created a program call “Eco Team” which got a lot of praise for its effectiveness at shifting consumption behavior. Then he created the Low Carbon Diet based on the Eco Team program to specifically tackle climate change. Apparently, they’re getting great results. You can read the Monitor article at:

    The book also has a good website with a lot of supporting material for community organizing around climate change.
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    Re: Go on a Low Carbon Diet

    I was a little sceptical about this at first, seemed like just a way to sell a book, but the website has a good deal of useful free resources too - so I've repaired the link I broke


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      Re: Go on a Low Carbon Diet

      Its all well and good banging on about saving energy and altering our behaviour but I see most of my friends and family doing that now. I already chase my children around the house switching off lights and hi-fi's and tv's that they invariably leave switched on. I drive a low emissions car gently because in the UK our gasoline is truly prohibitively expensive. How many of you americans would pay $7.48 for a gallon of gas??? No I didn't think so! Well thats what we pay and the prices have just fallen by around 15%.
      Try telling the factory owners who seem oblivious to the fact that they are wasting $1000 worth of electricity per month through leaving high powered lamps on all night throughout the factory when there are only 4 men working!
      Try telling the neighbour with the nasty attitude that he's wasting electricity by having 32 coloured light bulbs lighting up his garden and the surrounding neighbourhood. (better wear a stab proof vest for this one)
      Why should I reduce my standard of living any further when I already make what savings I can yet these buffoons are wasting vast amounts every day and laughing because they can afford to!?

      I don't need to read the book because I already save as much as I can.
      The people who waste will not read the book because they don't give a damn.
      So its a very small niche market I'm afraid. I do hope the book is made from recycleable materials!!!


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        Re: Go on a Low Carbon Diet

        A flood starts with the first drop (ancient Chinese saying I just made up).

        It's up to all of us to make the effort, we can probably make more impact outside of our own family circle than we can within it.

        What we don't know is where that effort will work. The first 99 people may make little difference, but the 100th could well own that factory and ignoring any global effect, may respond to money saving in a way that makes the other 99 fade into insignificance.

        How many people ran out and bought energy efficient light-bulbs when they first came out? Who replaced their fridge or washing machine straight away?

        It's like eating an elephant* - you'd never do it in one go, but break it up over time and you'll get there.

        * No elephants were harmed in the making of this email.


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          Re: Go on a Low Carbon Diet

          How many people ran out and bought energy efficient light-bulbs when they first came out

          A lady in the office at work was driving through the carpark on sidelights. I pointed out to her that she had maybe forgotten to switch on her headlamps to which she replied, "I'm saving electric, I switch them on when I reach the road!"
          Well at least she has the right attitude!