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New Study: Global Warming Caused by Sun

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    Re: New Study: Global Warming Caused by Sun

    Originally posted by Funky
    Now what bothers me is how much the western governments are lying. Why would they lie? Because there's big money to be made as long as we think the world is doomed due to global warming.
    I see it completely the opposite, Western Governements have been lying more about global warming NOT happening as there's far more money to be made in pumping and selling oil and NOT dealing with the pollution consequences. Pollution is always expensive to deal with properly and it's always cheaper to ignore than address it.

    There's also the fact that cars currently can't be converted to run on anything that we have enough of or the infrastructure to supply. Biofuels are made in tiny amounts and difficult to find if you are prepared to look for them. It's not possible at the moment for a whole country for example to convert to an "alternative" energy resource, let alone the world.

    Money to made from nuclear fuel? it's only really used to any great degree by countries that don't have much of an alternative source of energy i.e. fossil fuels. Those countries that have enough fossil fuels use them, that indicates to me that nuclear fuel is not as much of a money spinner as fossil fuels are. Much of the cost comes from the fact that nuclear waste has to be dealt with more thoroughly than waste carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels which can just be dumped into the atmosphere for now and dealt with later - there seems to be something of a theme going on here!


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      Re: New Study: Global Warming Caused by Sun

      Up to fairly recently, say, the last 5 years the big governments have indeed shunned global warming because all they could think was, "..and how much is this going to cost us"?
      Then some bright spark, whose job it is to screw millions out of the tax payer by dreaming up amazing pipedreams that everyone will go for, happens upon the idea that if you frighten the public enough then you can soak billions of extra $$ from their incomes and they won't bat an eyelid.
      So suddenly global warming in the eyes of the politicians looks like a nice little earner! Why else would they change their minds so abruptly Paul? There are many video clips on the web of politicians shooting themselves in the foot over such issues, in 1990 they think the idea is rubbish then in 1998 they suddenly change their tune and think its a great idea. These people have no principles, no morals. Their left hand is paying for a bagel while their right hand is stealing the money from the person standing next to them. Pickpockets in suits thats what politicians are. They are liars of the worst kind and when these people have such massive control over our destiny that becomes a very dangerous situation.

      Instead of turning Iraq into a bloodbath wouldn't all those "trillions" of dollars be better spent on building an alternative fuels infrastructure so we could at least make a start in the right direction? No Paul, its not going to happen because most of that money would go into researching and developing new fuel systems, whereas in Iraq, tens of millions of dollars can go missing and nobody knows where and nobody cares but the politicians are left with a huge grin of success! At present they have to make their dirty money from drugs, oil and weapons but that will change soon because they'll be able to make even more dirty billions from the new GW taxes. Greed has toppled every government there's ever been and detroyed every powerful man that ever lived but there's always plenty more to fill the empty spaces.

      As long as we keep promoting this ridiculous, make it big, make it successful, make lots of cash, make more cash, get power lifestyle, things will never change. People need to step back and look at what all this greed is doing to our society and to the world as a whole. Money needs to be taken out of the equation.
      I'm a great believer in skills sharing and it needs promoting desperately before its too late. I decorate a large house and the owner builds me a kit car. No money changes hands, it takes away the "one-upmanship" and makes everyone far more equal. Money isn't power knowledge is power, thats why the politicians need so many advisors, so lets use our collective power to beat this problem. Since when did a politician keep a promise? They should be made accountable for their actions and face the same penalties the rest of us face to make us behave and keep our promises but people are afraid of change, well I have news for them, change is coming and you aint gonna like it one bit and no amount of politicians promises are going to change that!

      You see Paul there are many and varied reasons behind my scepticism and I don't see me taking a drop in my own lifstyle while all I see around me is people continuing to lead a greedy couldn't care less existence. Like I said on another thread, evolution will sort things out, of that I can promise!