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global warming true or false?

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    Re: global warming true or false?

    Hmmm! Now you come to mention it what contribution have all the nuke tests had on the climate? Lots of those tests were in the oceans. Heat is lost from the ocean currents very slowly thats why the UK basks in warm gulf-stream waters from 3500 miles away, it takes weeks for that water to make its way across to us and it doesn't lose much heat on the way. Imagine the heat injected by a large underwater nuclear explosion. How long would it take to dissipate into the atmos'? Many years?? Not to mention the CO2...oops! Too late!

    A few minutes searching came up with this, interesting little snippet of info.

    The trapped methane is an unknown quantity in any future analysis too. That does worry me because its impossible to measure, so it remains one of those spooky unknown factors that could tip the balance well and truly over the edge. Hey Adriannem just think of all that comet or asteroid required just a rapid global meltdown caused by all that flatulence! It would also explain the disappearance of the ocean dwellers at the time of the mass extinction! A methane rich ocean would be a bit of a deadly environment. Would it not poison anything with gills?


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      Re: global warming true or false?

      The amount and the concentration of water in the atmosphere do matter. If the atmosphere is divided into two ‘warming’ or energy bearing mediums, more precisely water and greenhouse gases (CO2, methane, etc.), then the atmospheric humidity will have a warming capacity equal to a two-meter deep layer of the ocean surface, while greenhouse gases, a power equal to a one-meter deep layer. Practically, this means that a rise of the atmospheric temperature with 1?C must cause a drop of an equivalent amount in the upper three meters of the ocean. But because water vapor is usually in a much higher concentration at lower altitudes, its impact on the weather is much more powerful than CO2. CO2 is always equally distributed throughout the atmosphere. Their weather and temperature functioning are extremely different from ‘water in the air’. Water vapor is well above 95% responsible for the greenhouse effect; and on a foggy day, even 100%.


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        Re: global warming true or false?

        WOW! I'm impressed...once I have finished with the translations I'm certain I'll be even more impressed!!



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          Re: global warming true or false?

          Do you own research on this and look closely at the people pushing it. Also go back in history during your research and look at what occurred when we were 2-3 degrees higher than now. Also look at other main CO2 producers and determine if they need to be eliminated to save gia. Amazing how the Governments are pushing this but not showing the whole picture.

          Africa has massive CO2 producing lakes and springs naturally occurring.
          One lake exploded releasing 150million tons Per Science Channel. They
          installed a pipe in the middle to drain the CO2 from the lake. This will take 16 Years to release all the CO2 in the crater lake to keep from again exploding. The last naturally occurring CO2 explosion killed 1800 people.
          Also hundreds of Natural CO2 springs bubbling up.

          Also my favorite question to ask?
          Whats the largest energy source to heating our planet.
          Amazing how people get this wrong but its the sun. We have sun spot records going back to the 1600's, Nasa has stated the more activity the warmer our environment.

          NASA -
          Sun's Output Increasing in Possible Trend Fueling Global Warming
          By Robert Roy Britt
          Senior Science Writer
          posted: 02:30 pm ET
          20 March 2003

          In what could be the simplest explanation for one component of global warming, a new study shows the Sun's radiation has increased by .05 percent per decade since the late 1970s.

          The increase would only be significant to Earth's climate if it has been going on for a century or more, said study leader Richard Willson, a Columbia University researcher also affiliated with NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

          The Sun's increasing output has only been monitored with precision since satellite technology allowed necessary observations. Willson is not sure if the trend extends further back in time, but other studies suggest it does.

          "This trend is important because, if sustained over many decades, it could cause significant climate change," Willson said.

          In a NASA-funded study recently published in Geophysical Research Letters, Willson and his colleagues speculate on the possible history of the trend based on data collected in the pre-satellite era.

          "Solar activity has apparently been going upward for a century or more," Willson told today.

          Termites - Quote from Science Magazine

          Termite and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Facts: Termites produce more Carbon Dioxide (CO2) each year than all living things combined.

          Scientists have calculated that termites alone produce ten times as much carbon dioxide as all the fossil fuels burned in the whole world in a year.

          Pound for pound, the weight of all the termites in the world is greater than the total weight of humans.

          Scientists estimate that, worldwide, termites may release over 150 million tons of methane gas into the atmosphere annually. In our lower atmosphere this methane then reacts to form carbon dioxide and ozone.

          It is estimated that for every human on Earth there may be 1000 pounds of termites.

          On the average Termites expel gas composed of about 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane, and 4% oxygen.

          It is thought "There are 2,600 different species of termites, and it is estimated that there are at least a million billion individual termites on Earth that they emit two and four percent of the global carbon dioxide and methane budget, respectively-both mediated directly or indirectly by their microbes.

          Termites eat cellulose, but they can not digest it without the help of microorganisms in their gut. Single-celled protozoan are the primary organisms that break the bonds that turn cellulose into units of glucose, and from there, the termite can break the glucose bonds, release the energy, and give off carbon dioxide and water.

          The Science magazine reports that termites annually generate more than twice as much carbon dioxide as mankind does burning fossil fuels. One termite species annually emits 600,000 metric tons of formic acid into the atmosphere, an amount equal to the combined contributions of automobiles, refuse combustion and vegetation.

          Also food for thought:
          Al Gore
          Owns 3 Mansions
          Multiple Vehicles
          Private Jet
          On one of his estates he has a zinc mine that he allows to be mined, and the mining company has been fined repeatedly for polluting the local river with heavy metals.
          Large carbon foot print for someone who cares.

          Dig into the lifestyles of the Top Global Warming Advocates, pretty interesting. All for the top non for the serfs.

          Now can people do a better job on consumption and waste of course.
          But science corrupted for an agenda does not serve us well. Considering from 1932 - 1964 USA schools taught we were going in to another Ice age.

          Again don't listen to me or anyone else do your own research and look for the truth and listen to others carefully.


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            Re: global warming true or false?
            "One fool can ask more questions in a minute than twelve wise men can answer in an hour"
            The problem is that with the advent of technology, those fools state the questions as fact instead and with the aid of a search-engine anyone can be an "expert" without any background or appropriate critical faculties.

            Termites - global warming!

            Termites feed on wood. They release carbon dioxide from the wood in huge quantities. They need more wood. This is made through photosynthesis. This uses carbon dioxide from the air. Termites have been around for over 100 million years. They have not just started to cause global warming in the last 100.

            Increase in sun's radiation - blimey! you'd have thought some scientists might have spotted that one!

            From the same article you refer to:
            That does not mean industrial pollution has not been a significant factor, Willson cautioned.

            Willson said the Sun's possible influence has been largely ignored because it is so difficult to quantify over long periods.



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              Re: global warming true or false?

     is a conspiracy by petroleum companies to get rid of competition...get these greenies and hippies behind environmental groups to lobby the government to maintain their monopoly by not allowing the building of new refineries and constrict supply...also the uneconomical production of bio fuels...which guess what? Cost 2-4 times more, even use fossil fuels in their production and still produce CO2


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                Re: global warming true or false?

                Ok Mark - bold claims - can you substantiate this or is it just rhetoric that you think sounds good?


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                  Re: global warming true or false?

                  Global warming has not been proved to be caused by us humans. I am not saying that it is not i am saying that there is no substantial evidence to say that it is. Meteorologists cant predict reliably what the weather is going to be like in a few days time let alone what it will be like in a few decades. If you want proof about this then read the book State of Fear by michael critchton.
                  Also the ice caps have been melting for the last 6000 years how can that be to do with a human influence. Recently Anarctica has been getting COLDER.
                  There is evidence for and against global warming but i am not yet convinced of a human influence.


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                    Re: global warming true or false?


                    You know I wasn't even going to bother with a reply to that post of yours but I guess I couldn't help myself. I guess what you're saying is that we should just go on our merry way and keep abusing the earth?? Ruben, even just considering the huge numbers of people who currently call Earth home it makes sense to "BELIEVE" that YES we are doing it lots of damage! Whether you believe that humans are causing global warming or not you cannot dispute the fact that more humans are using the resources on earth than ever before and eventually something has got to give. When less informed people read posts such as yours it makes them feel better about their own exploitation of the earth and makes them lax in their duty towards Mother Nature. Unfortunately, it's always easier to ignore or misinterpret the figures to suit our minds. Your voice would serve a better purpose if it was used to fight against the causes of global warming. Something is better than nothing, and we need to be better prepared.

                    I apologise if I have offended you in any way. That was not my intention. I was merely airing my own opinions.



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                      Re: global warming true or false?


                      No offence taken.
                      I totally agree with you that us humans are damaging the environment massively but whether it is global warming is somthing else. I recently read an article arguing that it doesnt matter if global warming is true or not we should still protect our planet from pollution, deforestation strip mining etc... and reduce our carbon emissions even if there is no such thing as global warming we ARE still destoying habitas of near extinct animals so the rich among us can have a swimming pool in there back yard or to grow more food that we dont really need. Everyone should try and lead a more green lifestyle and do there bit for the environment.



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                        Re: global warming true or false?

                        Recently Anarctica has been getting COLDER.
                        Hi Reuben,

                        For the benefit of those wishing to enter the discussion, it would be useful if you quote the source(s) underpinning some of your statements, such as the one quoted above. Antarctica is a damned big place and there is considerable variation across the continent.

                        For example, there is considerable evidence from BAS scientists amongst other authoritative sources that...

                        "The west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula is one of the fastest warming areas of the planet, temperatures having risen by almost 3?C over the past 50 years."


                        From my own experience of two years at Stonington Island in the early 70s I can tell you that the ramp which formerly attached the island to the North east Glacier has retreated substantially to the point where the island is now and island again. There is also the example of the Larsen Ice Shelf on the east coast of the peninsula which has broken apart. A comparison of my aerial photograph of Stonington in 1972 with that of jenny doctor taken 30 years later (both in the Fids gallery on this site) shows the extent of the retreat. I can also quote the example of the Wordie Ice Shelf on the west coast of the peninsula. I sledged over this ice shelf in both 1972 & 1973. Where I sledged is now open water.

                        I have no problem with anyone taking a sceptical or divergent view of whether global warming is man made or not. All I ask is that you quote the source of the evidence on which you base your view, so that we can critically assess it ourselves.




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                          Re: global warming true or false?

                          Wow, what a question. First, the earth is warming so technically the globe is getting warmer, but is that a bad thing? Should we be getting warmer or cooler. I think that is the main question that needs answering. Also, should be actually be doing anything to stop it? It seems to me that everytime man steps in the try to help, all we do is ruin everything. It scares me when I hear about how we are developing technology to combat hurricanes. While I wish that Katrina and other major storms never happened, the fact that we could stop such a force would have some serious consequences.