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Canada's seal hunt

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  • Canada's seal hunt

    These words look like something straight out of my book....on behalf of all these antarcticinians here we applaud you captain Watson!!

    03/19/2008 printer-friendly version
    Captain Paul Watson Responds to Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn
    Commentary by Captain Paul Watson
    Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
    On March 15th, Canadian Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn issued a statement applauding the seal killing celebrations in Newfoundland.

    These celebrations of the practice of inflicting violent pain and death upon defenseless baby seals are nothing new. For well over a century, Newfoundlanders have celebrated the bloodlust of the slaughter with priests and ministers praying for the ?decks of the sealing ships to be awash in blood and fat.?

    Lovely stuff, and there are a few rare Canadians who actually get off on celebrating this annual slaughter but this is the 21st Century and it?s high time that the culture of barbarism be thrown into the wake of history so that Canada can become a civilized nation.

    As long as hundreds of thousands of seal pups continue to be bashed and slashed on the ice floes of the harp seal nurseries, Canada will remain a nation of wood hewers, water carriers and seal clubbers, in other words a nation where the uneducated, the ignorant and the arrogant set the bar on morality to the level of dung on the ground.

    In this age of computers and high tech industry we actually continue to have troglodytes subsidized by tax-payers bashing in the delicate skulls of seal pups, skinning them alive and selling their genitalia for voodoo snake oil virility potions and this year they want to make the ice run red with the blood of over 325,000 seals, representing the largest slaughter of any marine mammal population on the planet.

    My comments on Hearn?s statement is below. It is supposed to be the ?Honourable? Loyola Hearn but that title simply does not fit a man who so emotionally defends pain and death to baby seals. The minister is a mass murdering monster from the point of view of a seal pup and he is a national disgrace to Canada.