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  • 2030 beeach

    Issue 2
    May, 2006

    The new Issue of Architecture 2030's E-News is available at:

    Issue Highlights:
    -An excerpt from Edward Mazria's article "Beauty and the Beast", which will appear in the April Issue of Design Intelligence Magazine
    -A detailed look at NBBJ's Telenor Headquarter Complex
    -AIA COTE's Top Ten
    -2030 SPEAKS en espanol
    -2030 Challenge Policy Updates

    Architecture 2030 Issue 1:

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    Re: 2030 beeach

    excellent!! spread the word....the hippies are taking over!!

    Thursday, June 8, 2006

    Cities across America have just taken an historic step in addressing the issue of global warming. The US Conference of Mayors has made a commitment to reduce global warming pollution from buildings in order to protect the world for future generations.

    On Monday, June 5, 2006, the US Conference of Mayors adopted the "2030 Challenge" (Resolution #50) for ALL buildings. The resolution was put forward by the mayors' of cities from the 4 corners of the continental U.S. - Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez, Miami Mayor Manuel Diaz and Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.

    As buildings are responsible for emitting half of the green house gas emissions that cause global warming, cities are committing to implement an immediate 50% fossil fuel greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction standard for all new and renovated buildings (50% below the national average for each building type) and setting benchmarks and timelines to increase the reduction standard for new buildings to carbon-neutral by 2030 - meaning they will use no fossil fuel, GHG emitting energy to operate.

    Last week on May 31, 2006 the City of Santa Fe became the first city in the US to formally adopt the "2030 Challenge". This means that all new city buildings, starting immediately, will be built to use 50% less fossil fuel, GHG emitting energy. By year 2030 all new city buildings in Santa Fe will be built to operate without emitting any greenhouse gases.

    Additionally, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson issued his first executive order this year requiring that all new state buildings and major renovations meet the 50% fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions reduction standard called for by Architecture 2030. This is another important step in the "2030" initiative to address major greenhouse gas reductions in the Building Sector.

    The 78,000 member American Institute of Architects formally adopted the "2030 Challenge" in January 2006. As this initiative spreads across the country and around the globe, it will be the most significant movement to influence architecture and building design since the industrial revolution. Please stay tuned...

    Architecture 2030

    For a copy of Resolution #50, Adopting the "2030 Challenge" for All Buildings, see:


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      Re: 2030 beeach

      Go hippies

      This is good news actually.. thanks for posting


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        Re: 2030 beeach

        Why not just block up our mouths? How much CO2 do we breathe out in a lifetime Paul we need a scientist with a calculator please...are you busy?

        Good idea Pirates please tell Mr B'liar so he can reverse what our council is doing!

        Our local council have decided in all their ultimate wisdom to drill lots of holes in our PVC double glazed windows, why, to help with 30 years of neglect and underspending on the property's which has lead to severe damp problems with the vast maority of their housing stock. So we now have to live in a house with 8" of fibrglass heat insulation in the loft but dozens of draughty holes in the windows! Could someone please explain what vital point I'm missing about the logic behind this most irrational behaviour? They also spent a large amount of money fitting mushroom shaped ventilation pots to the roofs, why do this when the air flow in my loft will quite easily blow your hat off on a windy day? This is what I pay ?860 a year council tax for, so the council can waste it on ridiculous schemes to meet ill-thought out government targets! Meanwhile my house is more difficult/expensive to heat!!!