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    After studying history for 20 years in primary, secondary and post-secondary schools; after teaching it at those same levels for another 30; and after reading and writing about it for another dozen when I retired from FT work in 1999, I had an appreciation for Niall Fergusonís Civilization: Is the West History on SBS tonight.(1)-Ron Price with thanks to (1)SBSONE TV, 4 April 2012, 9:30-10:30 p.m.

    Ferguson has an impressive
    set of credentials & did not
    really get going until I was in
    my last years as a teacher &
    lecturer. He admits to being a
    workaholic. Itís difficult to keep
    marriage & family in one piece
    when you do all the things he has
    doneÖ.I enjoyed this first episode
    of a 6 part-series in the evening of
    my life with teaching left far-behind.

    You argue your case well, with all those
    visuals, to a generation who knows little
    history. Itís a complex field history, as all
    the social sciences are; much more than
    the physical sciences, I would argue. And
    one canít predict the future on the basis
    of the past, sad to sayÖ..Thanks Niall for
    your presentation this evening in Tasmania.

    It took a year to get to us Downunder from
    Channel 4 television. I wish you well as you
    head into your last years of middle age, late
    adulthood & old age.......if you last that long.

    Slow down, Niall, and enjoy the new marriage
    you have just entered. Perhaps you can learn
    from your own personal history: just perhaps.

    Ron Price
    4/4/'12 to 6/2/'13.