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One Million Years: Political And Religious Unification

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  • One Million Years: Political And Religious Unification

    Last night I watched ?As It Happened: 1929-The Wall Street Crash.?1 I could not help but reflect on the letters of Shoghi Effendi published in The World Order of Bah?'u'll?h in 1938. These letters had a different aim and a far larger scope than his first letters to the North American Baha?is from 1922 to 1929. These letters, these communications, from 1929 to 1936 unfolded for the Baha?is a much clearer vision than they had previously possessed of the relation between the Bah?'? community and the entire process of social evolution under the dispensation of Bah?'u'll?h. This body of letters were first written eight months before just the Wall Street crash and they continued during the depression. they were finally published in 1938 as war approach and the depression was finally ending. The period was one of the nadir?s of civilization.

    The distinction between the Bah?'? community and the sects and congregations of former religions were made apparent in these letters. These world order letters established in one volume, among other things, the Baha'i Administrative Order as the nucleus and pattern of the world civilization that was then emerging. In the introduction, Horace Holley, the then secretary of the American Baha'i community wrote: "In light of the existing international chaos, these letters reveal the most significant Truth of this era, namely that the old conception of religion, which separated spirituality from the fundamental functions of civilization, compelling men to abide by conflicting principles of faith, of politics and of economics, has been forever destroyed."2 -Ron Price with appreciation to 1SBS TV, 3 July 2009, 8:30-9:30 p.m. and 2Wikipedia, 4 July 2009.

    The dominant principle of this cycle
    is the political and religious unity of
    the human species--since the great...
    dispersal, radiation, homo erectus...
    hominid....Out-of-Africa 2 million
    years ago...establishment of sapien
    human lineage, genus homo, stone
    tools, a rudimentary technology....
    homo heidelbergensis, 500,000 ya
    & homo neanderthalenis-physical
    anthropology?s branch and cultural
    and social anthropology telling us
    of clans, tribes, chiefdoms, then?
    city-states, nations and now global

    ......yes....going global since perhaps
    early explorers, say, a 1000 years of
    travel on the waters of the earth now
    overnight it?s one world on our way
    for another 500,000 years of political
    and religious unification?that?s the
    trip we are now on day by day in the
    midst of a tempest, fiery and furious.

    Ron Price
    7 July 2009
    Posted for Cool Antarctica
    "Alternative Ideas"