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Global warming skepticism

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    Re: global warming true or false?

    In my first post in the "introduce yourself " section I opened with...

    "I'll not hide behind owt, I'm a skeptic."

    I'm not sure how that was concealing anything, it was there for all to see, if they wanted.
    Well it would of been if you had not deleted the whole post.
    I concealed nothing, you deleted it.

    If AGW was true why does it not include natural variation......

    I do discuss, it is here that flatly denies to accept or discuss anything that does not agree with your preferred hypothesis.

    As for down right rude, as I said earlier,
    " OK, fair enough, it's your site, but you've set the stage. "
    I think you missed my point.
    Let's be honest here, I'm the one who has got the thread "civil" again,
    not yourself or psr.

    By the way, as I'll no doubt be enjoying a "holiday" soon, why not copy and paste this link into a folder.
    (You do not have to follow it now - but it would help - WINK...) - (Link broken - just copy and paste it to your address bar if interested.)
    In 5 years follow the link and ask yourself, should I have discussed more.....

    Einstein - "The mind works best when it is open."
    Wise words.
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      Re: global warming true or false?

      Too right the link was broken!

      I've never heard of the "Space and Science Research Center" and it seems that neither has anyone else, this guy sums it up best:

      Looks like a hoax to me

      ...Essentially every single aspect of that website looks bogus to me. No papers or other staff people are mentioned; "Casey's" email address looks bogus, etc etc.

      SSRC has on its staff of consulting scientists, some of the world's best known experts in the field of solar physics pertaining to the research into the matter of the coming major solar minimum.

      If the above claim were true, doesn't it seem likely that the site would provide some actual names?

      Doing some Googling, I found the alleged research center's address and fax number at an unrelated website for what's supposed to be an investment company. I also found that the "research center's" phone number matches that of an attorney at an unrelated address.

      Update:Leif Svalgaard wrote:
      The ?Space and Science Research Center? and John Casey should not be relied on for valid research. I know of Mr. Casey and have checked his credentials and they are not legitimate. He has tried to recruit even me into his band of ?experts?. I would not place any value on the ramblings of the press release.

      You appear to have very limited abilities of discernment Derek and are happy to peddle any old spurious garbage that matches your preconceived ideas.

      You claim I deleted an entire post of yours - not true.

      You are at best misguided, at worst you know exactly what you are doing and revel in the rhetoric and banter regadless of truth/honesty or accuracy.

      Have a nice vacation.


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        Re: global warming true or false?

        Ahh, Derek,

        You have truly given me much food for thought.......
        "Hence I won't loose site of the bigger issue, the science"...this is your quote. Please make sure you lose and not loose site of the bigger issue.

        Well, I guess I have become embroiled in this charming exchange of ideas and literary knowledge and my advice to you is that instead of quoting dead and semi-dead people why don't you get you own ideas???? Though, in all honesty, I must admit that I was grudgingly impressed with the information and quotes you have gathered. Perhaps it is an indication of the amount of time you spend reading in order to better educate yourself in which case I should commend you on your diligence. However, would your time not be better served in a more active role? For example, being such a seemingly learned person, you could use your indoubtedly superior intellect and research skills to enhance the knowledge of those less fortunate than you. I am speaking of the masses who are in denial about the dangers of such things as the ozone layer, and environmental devastation etc etc etc. Oh! Hang on! That means someone like you! Goodness me! Please forgive the transgression. I guess you are doing your job! Well carry on. May the force be with you and all that!

        Before I forget, I must thank you Derek for providing me with a light-hearted diversion even if it is becoming a little tedious.

        Love forever and until the ozone layer becomes completely depleted because foolish people want to stick their head in the sand,

        P.S. Derek, did you know that ostrich eggs are bigger than their brains?? And that is scientific!


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          Re: Global warming skepticism

          Well I'm on the ropes!

          I do believe that global warming is real and will have long lasting adverse effects on this world!

          But in my humble research ventures I've discovered a great many things that go way beyond our ability to understand them especially when we are all fighting for special insterests and in our own ego maniacle ways we tend to take sides instead of taking action!

          We know from the fossil records and through paleo climatology, that the earth has naturally gone through it's own climate shifts and warming trends.

          In addition to this it has also undergone massive Ice ages as well as mini ice ages. For the most part all of these events took place naturally without human cause or intervention!

          But when we compare the data from then and now it is appearent that this time it is happening at an exponentially faster rate than ever in the past!

          I have no doubt that we as humans through industry have altered mother nature's natural cycles when it comes to these warming and cooling trends!

          As a thermo-dynamic engineer, I'm forced to take into consideration the amounts of particulate matter we have added to the stratosphere since the industrial revolution untill now... some things we've put into earth's atmospere will not go away for hundreds of years.

          There is a difference between ozone depleaters and green house gasses.

          Ozone depleters are hcfc's, cfc's and hfc's as well as congregate aerosols and halyne gasses that we have pumped into the atmo for decades. They break down the O3 content in the upper stratosphere hence causing more direct solar radiation to reach the earth's surface! Adding to a global ambient temperature rise.

          Green house gasses are different, they trap heat, the 2 most popular are water vapor and carbon dioxide. These gases prevent the earth from expressing the daily solar ratio of heart that it absorbs from the sun.

          In my mind there can be no doubt that global warming is real and happening as we speak.

          The only question is.... much is a naturally occuring event, and how much of it is our fault? And how long do we have untill we reach point critical.
          Have we not already arrived?

          I tend to lead toward the latter.......... we as humans are poisoning our home, mother earth, in ways our children will only be abled to know for sure!

          We should stop arguing about it, and do something!

          Question: Would you trade a certain percentage of your lively-hood, for the well being of your grand children's and great grand children's future?

          I would without a doubt.... ...but they're are people alive in the world today who would not!

          How about you?