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A look at the Future?

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  • A look at the Future?

    The discussions of yesterday and today are fascinating in their implications...

    The 'wave of the future' is often considered -- Alternative -- and yet usually heralds what we look back at with 20/20 hindsight as being 'hidden in plain sight' all along-- chiding ourselves how we could have lost so much time and missed it...


    --difficult to say..."

    "Always in motion is the Future..."

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    Re: A look at the Future?

    You may say--

    "What can I do?

    I am just one lone individual..?"

    A: Who was it that said "the power of the pen is mightier than the sword"?



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      Re: A look at the Future?

      "Cutting Your Global Warming Carbon Footprint"


      -- GLOBAL WARMING --

      As an Inventor-- I take the opportunity to freely offer to humanity now two "good to go" key invention ideas for having

      a very real and positive impact in both reducing waste and reducing the global carbon footprint we humans generate daily:


      Q: Shouldn't traffic lights be able to sense if you are the only one around waiting and cycle it green for you ASAP?

      Q: Shouldn't traffic lights sense you are coming 1/2 a block away turning it green for your's as the only car around?

      Q: Should we ever have to be told by a robotic traffic light to stop -- sit and wait -- wasting precious time, money, gas,

      unnecessarily blocking and slowing our momentum when there is clearly no other traffic in sight at an intersection?

      We may well be the laughingstock to people in the future that we ever let ourselves be blindly and robotically

      commanded to just sit and wait when there was clearly no conflicting traffic or pedestrian looking to cross?

      Redundant motion sensors and photosensors can easily and cheaply now be built in to sample-
      scan the intersections in all directions for any motion of traffic, any speed of approach, and any
      infrared signature or presence of any vehicle, pedestrian, runner, bicyclist, etc. and allow the
      light to cycle on behalf of the car or cars waiting, or to even hold the light on as a green longer
      on the approach of a lone car or cars when no other is clearly either waiting or approaching.

      The traffic signal would always default to the regular "normal" mode when detecting any
      greater measure of traffic activity. Being redundantly triple sensored for not missing the
      presence of any type of traffic or pedestrian-- stopped -- and/ or moving at both close
      range on up to a 1/2 mile-- and it would not be possible to fool the sensors or in any way
      allow a conflict or the system would default to the normal "dumb robot mode" as fail safe.

      A second invention also designed in is the "pre-change indicator" for drivers approaching the green light from a distance:

      Drivers approaching on the tail end of the green light will get a new feature-- an additional and simultaneous 3 slow yellow blinks near
      the tail end of the green-- while the green is yet full on-- nearing end of cycle to tip off the smart driver approaching whether to either
      let off the gas and coast, or that they will clearly make the light no problem-- saving time, gas, momentum, and even grief either way.

      Q: Should sentient free will endowed beings ever be so controlled by robotic traffic machines without smart programming?

      When this is incorporated, we will wonder how we ever allowed ourselves the cruel and unusual

      punishment of having to sit there wasting time and valuable fuel-- held hostage to mindless crossing

      signal lights waiting to cross at completely deserted intersection crossings w/ no traffic in sight...

      Requesting this now even by e-mail-- from political representatives at every level on behalf of the
      environment-- doing your part for the Earth-- loud enough and long enough and we will undoubtedly
      see these same political representatives that are looking to get in good deeds and of course notably
      gain favor on the media radar go to work with industry contacts in their districts and make it happen.

      -- A grass roots effort with people of vision making their will known is the only way constructive change takes place --

      Now single individuals may have of a potential say in the matter to clearly help tip the scales percentage by percentage.

      "Squeaky wheel gets the grease..."


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        Re: A look at the Future?

        Speaking of "squeaky wheels..."

        Here is a look at advances in vehicle technologies:

        Cutting weight, improving efficiency, and performance:


        Going Electric--

        2 Wheel Sanity:

        2 Wheel Driver Point of View Neat Demo:

        Above super efficient performance chassis fitted with Lithium Electric powering: (beats all comers on track)

        2 Wheel Insanity


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          Re: A look at the Future?

          Hi Science Guy,
          In the UK our traffic lights already have an amber light as a warning before the lights go from red to green and green back to red. Experience suggests that many drivers speed up to get through the lights before they change from green back to red thus increasing their carbon output!
          Do you think it would be any different where you are?

          Even considering the perversity of human nature we still need to look positively at any and all ideas which might help us reduce our carbon output.




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            Re: A look at the Future?


            My inventions would be allowing a free flow of traffic as much as possible without the waste that comes from pointless waiting, and without the light telling you as the main car in the vicinity to have to brake and break your momentum, waste your time, waste your fuel, and the fuel to have to come up to speed once again just because the light didn't do what a traffic cop would do and allow your own window of passage time to be a adjusted a little longer because you are the main car in the vicinity and approaching.

            The light would also turn and cycle green if you were the only car waiting.

            The addition of the 3 - 5 flashing Yellows would be for the final duration of the Green still full on-- but with the Yellow flashing slowly and deliberately during the last 5 - 8 seconds to obviate the need to be caught off guard and having to waste waste waste.

            The Yellow you describe preceding the green is something I would see as more open to be abused with people entering the intersection before traffic had cleared crossways... I would tend to still keep it so that people could prep their engines and drive to be harmonizing the RPM's up to be part of a flow of traffic instead of gunning from a dead stop caught by surprise with fidgety people sometimes on your tail pushing you to lead, follow, or get out of the way... as they say...

            I tend to trust evolving humanity to be given opportunity to evolve with freedoms-- and let the law enforcement collect revenues on those who cannot exert basic self control for the freedom that driving allows and affords the individual driver.

            The billions and billions that these will save alone means they should not in any way be with held.

            Even the quality of life issues will trigger the need to see these things implemented as the word spreads.


            If your internet connection made you wait a full minute anytime you hit the Enter key, you would soon seek a change 'eh...

            The hit i am taking personally by freely giving it to humanity at this point in history should evidence to you both my willingness to sacrifice a small future fortune for the cause and also pull aside the curtain on the possible stark realities that may have become apparent to me now that I have seen the pieces of the puzzle assemble themselves on an apparently 'real'-- physically outplaying timeline big as life...